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So what do you think? Should I quit the Wedding Photography business (Day Job) and jump into the big bucks of Political campaigns {sarcasm}? Specially the non-incumbent ones that don’t have the big funding?

Well as much as I enjoyed yesterday… which I did a lot. I think weddings are actually a lot more exciting adventure and are more apt towards exploring artistic avenues. I’ll be sticking with weddings for now. That and travel photography.

See the Full gallery here

I have (i think) a good aptitude and personality for a political photographer and the realms of photojournalism it touches. After years as an All Day wedding photographer the days aren’t even that long. I shot 8-5 for this campaign today along with plenty of editing to get done. Par for the course, except it appears post-process stuff is even a bit faster because I don’t feel inclined to any “fancy” edits.

Meeting the great fun people and creating even stronger connections that even at most weddings is very appealing. The challenge of making something repetitive (like speeches and rallies) and greetings and pomp look new and to bring originality into it is an interesting challenge that I do happen to like.

However in the end of it all I have my guess that campaign/political photographer is kind of like an area of service, something I’d like to feel is beneficial to Scott Jarvie the citizen and probably isn’t in the cards for JarvieDigital the creative photographer. That being said I bet you, you’ll see a lot more political type pictures in the months to come, when I can fit them in. I believe it will really help to hone my skills. It will also help me to be around more of this stuff and get me a nice education about our government along with lots of great connections.


Me adding a little spice to the campaign rally.

(Above) Lots of different photo ops and ways to make the day/events look very special and historical.

(Above) I was able to play around with 3 flashes on radio trigger and what all that meant and how to position them around the room.

(Below) This was an interview by a NYTimes reporter


WARNING: LONGGGG yet Informative Post

Part 1 : Keeping the camera Clean & About Festival

Part 2 : A run down of the events & how to approach as a photographer


I’m including on this informative post new pictures or new edits on old pictures.
So I guess we can say we get to see some never before seen footage from last year.


Lots of interest

Well it appears there is enough interest when i posted my last blog
I think Holi: Festival of Colors will be well documented this year.
Please respond to let me know what you think of the information I provide in this Book-Post


Since the post was too long I had to divide it up into Two parts

Part 1 : Keeping the camera Clean & About Festival

Part 2 : A run down of the events & how to approach as a photographer

What to expect and Do – A picture story

  • I got there 1hr early last year.
  • Lines for the colors prior to the event are very long… but those aren’t the lines to get into the event… just to buy bags of colored flour.
  • I got a feel for the surroundings
    I took pictures of the animals.

Lines for colors can be very long but that doesn't mean you need to wait in them... that's just for buying color