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“If someone says the editing images isn’t that important, it’s because they aren’t any good at it.”

Present Project

I’m doing some work on some of my old pictures.

For those who know Lightroom I’m taking all my multitudes of catalogs from years past and combining them. The goal is to have 1 catalog for each of the years from 2004-2007 maybe 2008 as well.
Since now my images have moved from HardDrive to HardDrive back from the days I was using 80gb HDDs to 200 to 500 to 1tb to 2tb to now there’s 6-7tb on my Drobo – so I had to first reconnect the folders in these old lightroom catalogs.

So while I was going through them I was realizing how much better I could make these images now days.

Keep in mind these were already edited.

How things have changed

  • two big changes Lightroom has made in the quality of images. For Nikon cameras they have a profile that has been the foundation of my look for my pictures as far as colors -> VIVID and then they updated the process version.
  • So I’m updating the images and it brings a whole new light to the images.
  • Another big change is a big beautiful 30″ monitor that shows colors corectly.
  • Obviously I’m also a tad better these days in the editing and a lot more picky and perfectionist on things.
  • I also use the brushes in Lightroom a lot more, for darkening edges and sharpening and softening.
  • Lots more attention to correct skin tone.

This post

So I took 7 images and did a before and after. Before shows how they were edited back then… and how I’d edit them now.

Actually I’ll show the newer version first.

Again keep in mind the changes aren’t huge since the images were Already Edited.

ReMaster Images Sell

If a couple prints an old wedding image from SmugMug they will be edited like so. So even though they all own print rights… they’ll get an added value out of this.

If someone wants me to re-edit their images in bulk I’ll do it at $1 per image. Which is a special deal for now to see how it goes. And when I see how long it really takes and how desirous this service is I’ll change the price to where it should be



 _DSC6475 _DSC6475-2

Skin tones! And recovering some bright areas.

 _U110135 _U110135-2

I did some funky stuff back in the day… Now I just like really nice solid edits… good quality colors etc. (Not that this new edit is perfect… but mucho better)


More contrast, darker darks and happy times.


 _DSC5048 _DSC5048-2

Difficult color situations like this.

Not huge magical changes… just lots better stuff.

Should I do more posts like this?


I’m talking about tons of editing… fast editing.
A computer for tons and tons of editing with fastest speeds possible.
Not a computer that will be used from time to time to edit.
Because if you have other pressing needs for the computer then your decision might differ.

My solution isn’t for the pretiest or the most user friendly… I’m talking effeciency!

Fastest, most powerful machine to run Lightroom or Photoshop. = Saving Time

Winner = Hand built PC for serious editing

If you want the fastest machine possible (at the moment) for picture editing you’ll have to stick with a PC for now.

-Good news is it will be abt half the cost (Roughly $3000 less)

-You’ll either need to set it up yourself
OR – Pay someone a couple hundred to set it up.
Still much cheaper than a Mac by several thousand.

Price has a lot to do with my consideration… so if several thousand for a similar powered machine isn’t a concern… by all means go Mac.

I don’t like store bought PCs

Thing about PCs is that stores sell cheap PCs or sell the good ones too expensive.
(Not an efficient move)
The PCs in stores aren’t that good… companies trying to make a buck on shoddy stuff. Therefore the whole PC system gets a bad rap.

And I must admit Macs are great for people who don’t know much about computers and have no desire to learn. But they just aren’t as fast for the same cost… and the options are way limited in comparison. (Stick with them for laptops)

Get a really great one set up by someone

Like i said just pay some techy friend to set it up…
or I’ll find you a techy friend to set it up for you.
Spend the couple hundred you save by buying hand selected parts and pay someone.

My old PC vs New MacBook Pro

I have a brand new MacBookPro for traveling but it’s way way slower than my PC. (1 yr Old quad core)
But laptops are small and convenient and great for travel. I don’t expect to use it all the time, just travel… that’s what it does best.
Why mac for laptop – macs don’t have a huge price difference when it comes to the higher end. I think it was only a few hundred more than the HP and it was smaller and had better battery life. The mac laptops are great…

BUT… For serious editing – use a desktop with real power

But come on, don’t use a laptop for editing if you do lots.
If you edit just a bit… it’s ok, by all means… get a laptop and plug it into a monitor and use a mouse.


Top of the line PC can be built sub $2k (w/o monitor)
(See details below)

Throw in a dell or a mac 30″ monitor and then you’re loving life, you’ve saved several thousand by going PC why not.

MAC = $5549  (w/o monitor)
8cores 2.6, 2 video cards, 2HDs
(NO FAST HD option like an SSD … at least not from their store… so you’ll need to get one of those somehow and reinstall OS)

So yeah it’s a fast machine I can only imagine, perhaps due for an update… but it’s nice.
They really don’t have a lesser version I would recomend unless get the 4 core instead of the 8 core.

Mac is $3000 dollars more and isn’t technically quite as fast. (Not sure how it compare honestly)
But it is prettier and the Mac/OS is nice for many people.

But let’s face it… you’re using Lightroom and Photoshop not finder or laucher all day long.

Seriously I’ll find someone to build it for you


i7 8cores, 12gb ram, SSD fast HD with several 1.5TB HDs, best video card or two for up to 4 monitors, full tower, best MB with tons of toys.

Crazy fast for Lightroom editing.
Add in a 30″ monitor or a couple of regular size ones.
I recomend always having a couple of monitors

Oh and if you play games on the side… You’ve pretty much built the ultimate gaming machine

Yet another reason to get a PC for editing?
Fusion IO is coming out with their incredible new pro-sumer HD and it’s a PC device!
And no longer do you have to spend $3-$10K to buy one!

This next entry is from a photographer I met recently. He’s never been one of my workshops and he actually teaches lightroom where he works. So not only is it a fresh perspective but it’s a pretty knowledgeable viewpoint


What types of photography you do: Urban Decay, Landscape/Scenic, Portraits, Travel/Lifestyle

Vist Him Here>>: &


I recently did a workshop at PhotoCamp Utah
We discussed in a short 45 minutes how to increase the effeciency at which we edit.

In preperation for the class I asked 4 other photographers at all ranges of ability to submit their WORKFLOW

Each Day – See and compare

I the next few days I will post each of these workflows.
You will be able to see the differences and similarities.

Submit your own

If you’d like to contribute please write up your workflow and we’ll add it.

We will start with my present workflow.

Scott Jarvie


Email from a follower:
Hey Scott! Since we first talked last year I’ve been keeping up with your shoots and studying them to see what the difference is between yours and mine. Because your’s have a completely different look to them! And they’re totally awesome by the way!
Besides general style of shooting, I’ve realized it’s the color and feel to the picture. So I have a couple questions!
First of all, what camera(s) do you use? What lenses do you use most often?

Do you use Photoshop or Aperture? I’m looking into getting Aperture and wanted to know how it is compared to Photoshop but I don’t know anyone out here who uses Aperture on a regular basis. Also, do you shoot in RAW or jpeg?

One thing I loved about all your pictures is the super RICH color. What do you attribute that to? Is it your camera (beyond just correctly exposing the image in the first place), image format, what you do to it after, etc? 

Thanks Scott!


Scott Jarvie
I shoot in RAW which gives me the leniency in Lightroom to minimize shadows
I develop the picture with more contrast and usually aim for a generally brighter picture.
Believe it or not I usually don’t make changes to saturation controls.
When you up contrast it usually punches the colors anyway.

Mostly it’s the camera and the lenses and the way i shoot. Which is usually a low aperture like 2.8 or less and often with a thrown out background.

I have used everything from the d70 up to the d700
right now it’s the D700
Which means I’m able to go pretty high in ISO

So i already mentioned it but I use Lightroom
I teach it too.
But that’s hard when you’re living out of the state.
But the last one i did was recorded and perhaps I’ll put it online so more people can see.

But RAW definetly lets you pull out shadows and also a big part is it lets you up contrast without affecting the saturation too much.
Because on JPG you up contrast and I’ve seen that it messes with the saturation of the faces and stuff in a way I don’t like.
Plus JPGs have a pretty high contrast already… but it isn’t really a style of contrast I prefer.

Hope that helps to answer the questions a little bit.
I’m gonna throw this answer on my blog so more people can see and hopefully learn something knew.

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NOTE: The PimpMyPicture project has been moved to it’s own Blog – Visit it Here

There have been many submissions but they will be at the other location

I’ve started a neat project where I take OK pictures and spend a minute and Pimp them = Make them better.

See First Edition Below

So go ahead and send a couple in and I might choose yours and edit it and send it back…
I’ll probably also do a post. To show how cool it was.

Whatever you want… including wedding stuff if you’re married and your uncle did your pictures or something. haha (Just make sure you’re allowed to let me edit the picture)


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This idea just recently came to me.

To “Pimp” in today’s slang can mean: “very good, excellent; COOL, AWESOME.”

It’s kinda like the famed series Pimp My Ride… But Pictures.

Since I’ve edited so many tens of thousands of pictures
And I’ve gotten to the point where I can do several powerful developing edits in sometimes less than a minute.

I thought I’d start a series where I’ll take submissions from time to time and edit them quick like and give back to the submitter. Something fun and nice and to keep me on my toes.

I require that they be owned by the submitter and that the original photographer be OK with it.

I pick and choose who and how many and the time frame… basically it’s totally at my discretion.