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Helpin’ out

I’m writing this because I’ve had many people ask me what kind of camera I suggest… more or less they’re asking what do I need to get into photography (pro or not)

So this is some of my advice and where I’m coming from

The Beginning

About 5yrs ago I jumped into photography. 6yrs ago I was dinking around with a Casio 4mp point and click in Europe and recognized how much I liked it… and then others gave me confidence by telling me they liked the travel pictures I took.

Out on a Limb

Then I went out on a limb and put a DSLR on a CC as a poor student and someone else went on a limb and had me do engagement pictures… then a bunch of other crazy people went on a crazier limb and had me photograph their weddings.

I had no formal training, I had no mentor, I hadn’t read books, It was just this year I started looking at other people’s photography blogs.

But hey it worked for me… in fact I’m even proud of all of my weddings, even that first year. I mean I could run circles around that version of me from 5yrs ago with one hand tied behind my back and a canon camera (haha)

An advantage

I think all along I kinda cheated… I had a bit of both worlds… I loved buttons and I came from a family of artists.

And I think many of you out there have similar advantages… you have a good eye for pictures. (The way to figure that out is if you really really like my work)

You come from an artistic background and that goes beyond photos… creativity is more than pictures… a dancer or painter or musician has creativity that Can spill over into other forms of art.

The Geek and the Philosopher




I bought a small camera (A Canon G10) and the corresponding Underwater Housing.

I’m in Mexico at the moment at a nice resort.
It’s on the beach and has a nice pool.

I’m whitewater rafting on friday, I couldn’t think of a safe way to bring along a DSLR on this event… So i tested out the camera today.
A DSLR underwater housing would be cool but it costs well over 1000 and wasn’t readily available and certainly not in time for the trip.

I bought my camera and housing from pictureline the day I left for Mexico.

Plus some other considerations were that I wasn’t going to have many opportunities to use it and I tend to upgrade cameras so which camera do i buy it for? (D700? well it’s already hit over 150K clicks and is ready to be replaced just as soon as there is an upgrade)



Might I add having the small camera has been nice for certain situations.

It doesn’t make any noises making it even more sneaky for times when you didn’t want people to know.

It’s more acceptable in certain situations such as malls or airports or other places they look down on my big cameras.

And the obvious is that it can fit in my pockets (bigger guy pockets)


It’s fun!

I can see how a Snorkler or Diver would have a ton more fun!

Small cameras are frustrating sometimes. The lag from when you hit the button.
Frames per second…. yeah right. I can take fast shots for nothing!

I wanted to take pictures of the waves rolling in and it was frustratingly slow.

Timing means so much in photography, difference from a good shot to a great shot!

The biggest test was passed… no water got in!

I couldn’t hardly tell i was shooting through an underwater casing, until I was out of the water and the beads of water were on the glass rolling down. Kind of a pain…. maybe there’s a trick.

 004-IMG_0254 013-IMG_0185



This is our huge Gulf of Mexico waves, i think this one topped out at 6

6 inches!!


The second monthly UPES will be help tonight at 6pm at the Draper Pictureline store.

Directions: Exit on 123rd south in Draper …. Go West a little over a block and turn lft (south)
177 W. 123000 S. Draper Utah

Time: 6pm – 7:30

Please sign up on the FLICKR group

    • You will be able to keep tabs of all the future showdowns
    • See that month’s theme
    • And sign up to compete


Last month we had a great showing and we were able to learn a lot to Iron out the wrinkles in the setup of the day.
It should go much more smoothly and faster tonight.

I hope to see you all there


You will be benefited to learn lots of editing techniques by 8-10 photographers as they spend 20-30 minutes editing a set of pictures (everyone gets the same pictures.)

We will then review all of the different versions of each picture and the spectators will vote on their favorites
We will be able to crown the champion and spend a few moments on each winning picture.


Last Month David Daniels took home the “crown” and he’ll be there tonight to defend his title.

We will also ask him to show off some of his editing for a short presentation.

Winner by you.

More info about the Event – after the jump


To join the UPES group on Flickr go here

The plan is to set up a seperate Blog for this monthly competition.

To highlight pictures and have guest contributors talk about how they reached certain results.

When I get a couple moderators for said blog helping out and assigning other photographers to get that done I’ll do the wordpress install and get that Blog going.

But for now I’ll use my blog to show the winners of each picture.

The winner this month was David Daniels

The event took place at the Pictureline in Draper

Original-_MG_2832 by you.Winner by you.

Original-4O9O3026 by you.

Tied for win by you.Tied for win by you.
Both tied for Win


Albion Basin photowalk

Saturday 5AM (Tomorrow)
Find more information on flickr page , Blog Page

Ann torrence is leading us up to a beautiful spot early early in the morning.
This promises to be an awesome trip for only those tough enough to get up that early and hike.

I don’t have any trouble waking up and I love mornings, so I plan on being there.
Small groups like this make for a great way to get to know each other… hikes are specially great.
No one should be able to use the excuse that they have a wedding going on at that time of the day, you don’t come it’s because you’re not tough enough. haha J/K

Bring your best toys but I’m assuming we should pack light for the hike.

I’m still deciding what to bring. One camera and a couple lenses.
14-24 for the great panoramic views. 70-200 in case some critter needs to be shot and the 24-70 because I’m buying it today.
And maybe even the 50 1.4 because it’s so light anyway.
I’ll also get to try out my super lightweight carbon fiber tripod.

So i guess I’ll be trudging along with all that stuff… but oh well… I’ll probably convince someone to shoot with the 70-200 for part of the hike.

Ann Torrence says:

“Nautical twilight is when we need to be working out compositions, to be ready for things to start to color up by civil twilight.”

“Then after sunrise, as the sun races across the valley, you can track with it to do flower portraits, or trundle up toward Secret Lake (about a 1 mile hike). Possibility to see moose, perhaps closer than you’d like.”

Albion Basin scouting trip by anntorrence.
Photo by Ann Torrence

Find more information on flickr page Blog Page

Photographer BBQ

Tuesday 6PM

Further information can be found at the event page on Facebook

Jeremy hall is the great organizer.
He plans in advance and always has a great turnout… if he can’t do it really well, he doesn’t do it at all.
He is the master organizer of Utah’s highly successful PhotoCampUtah (P.s. sign up to be notified about PhotoCamp 2010, we’re gonna plan an even bigger better one this next year)

It’ll be at his house, bing some food and mingle without the pressure and need to take pics.
Of course there will most certainly be a lot of us being geeky and talking techy.

Photo Editing SHOWDOWN

Facebook event page

This wednesday at 6pm the gloves come off when up to 10 local photographers compete at the Draper Pictureline

177 w 12300 Draper Utah

They will be editing the same batch of photos and then the audience (which is guaranteed to be standing room only – so come and expect to stand)

We will all vote on our favorites and in the end crown this month’s champion.

There is still time to sign up to compete as most people just want to watch.

It will be a great learning experience and I will be presenting the pictures at the end and using it as a teaching moment. Showing what the photogs did to achieve their results.

Send Pictures
We will be accepting pictures for use in competition. If you’d like to see your picture edited in about 10 different ways send them to me
They must be in DNG format and not already edited. That’s about the only requirements.

JaG Conclusion

Facebook event page or official blog post describing in full, the event

The Jarvie Game is a competition, primarily to win a workshop, and it will be concluding early next week and the winners will be announced.
The competition is in the form of a game that ends Tuesday at Abt Midnight

There are over 50 people competing for several options of prizes, foremost among them is an all day long photography workshop.

The person with the highest point total in this game is awarded an automatic spot.
Then up to 8 other spots will be given, some at random, some to those who’ve competed well.

There is still time to enter, winning the most points will most likely not happen now, but at least get yourself in this drawing.
Even if you don’t need a photo workshop. Other prizes include a 1 on 1 in lightroom training or a 20×30 print etc…

Assisting Opportunities

As a note primarily for JaG competitors

There has been lots of response to past assisting opportunities on weddings and other related jobs.

In this next week there are several more available.
Those with high points in the Jarvie Game will be given more consideration

I will be accepting people to assist in the following

Tonight(Friday) bridals – 6:30pm
Tuesday – wedding – 3pm- 7
Thursday = Bridals  – 6:30
Friday = wedding – most of day
Saturday = Wedding – most of day

Respond on the Business page on facebook

Need more persuasion the Utah photographic community is among the best in the world??

We just had a Strobist group meetup at the great Salt Lake where a lot of people showed up.
A couple weeks ago with the World Wide photowalk there were over 5 photowalks in the Northern Utah area, with full capacity on a couple of them
There are a couple consistent groups who meet on a weekly basis.
There are great stores like pictureline and pixels who serve the community well.
Lots of photographers who share quite a lot.
The first PhotoCamp here was way way sold out and over 300 people came. When 200 were expected.
Probably great percentage of photographers in Utah than any where else.

And I’m here… so take that.