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OK so I did a post on this photogenic couple back the day after I took their pictures. I finished up about 35 pictures real quick and released them… but… I had another 100-200 in mind to edit up and give the happy couple.

So I edited them and then I was saying to myself I should post some more. Then I uploaded them wrong and had to change the order of the gallery to chronological (which I usually do as a secondary gallery viewing) and so I thought why not post theese pictures in chronological.

The point of these posts are for future clients to know what I’m about and what to expect for their photoshoots… AND for photographers to see how another photographer operates.

So you’ll see the progression of places and how I use the places and how light changes and how we interact. I might have put in a couple dozen pics into this post but there are still over 100 I didn’t put in. So check them out if you really want to see it all.

K I tried to put more of the newer pics into the mix this time for those who still remember the last post. (Which I doubt people will remember them all)

I really love the one on the bottom right… but it matches the other one so we put it more into a sequence for this post.

 050_J7S3751 002_J7S3753


Above and below should show you how big a difference the choice of lens can have on a location.




I think these two (below and above) really tell a lot about these two whom I know very well… they are fashionable minded and they met eachother dancing.



While yes I admit the other 2 pictures competing in this set are pretty dang snazzy and worthy of consideration for the most standoutish of them all.

They did a good job of connecting the couple to Louisiana and the locations were beautiful.

However I think we should consider this one as edging those guys out… here me out.

So while those other pictures connected us with meaningful locations this picture connects us with another meaningful location more personalized to her family. It’s her brothers restored old 19th century house in Louisiana. Everyone in the family is in love with the house and rightfuly so as it’s pretty amazing. So I took a couple of the features of the house and made them work for the pictures like doors that seperate the parlor from the dining room.

This also connects us to their unique and creative personalities. They are both very artsy as she’s a graphic designer he’s into photography and they both love indie music. Come on you can just read their personality from this can’t you?

OK I admit to compete against the previous 2 days I might have to cheat a little and put in a couple other pictures to really tell the story. So add in the two below in combination for today.

They told me at the beginning that they aren’t fans of the pictures of all the photographic displays of affection (meaning kissing) that people have in pictures they send to people. No over the top stuff… that it wasn’t them. So we found creative ways around that (like the balloon in their engagement pictures and now the door obscuration)

Anyway that’s my story… a little bit of quirky unique kinds of fun picture with more personality.

 173_J7S6287 176_J7S6298

Like this picture? Well let’s take a step back to show how we got there.

The family mentioned very briefly “the log”… so i said well let’s run with YOUR idea (since I don’t have to sell you on it.) Well that’s what I was thinking at least… that they’d be involved in the creative process and we’d come up with pictures that they didn’t just feel they could have gotten at a studio… but something they were involved with.

Prior to the picture below we had done some full group(family) pictures on the log and then we started breaking it down a bit into groups and that’s where we pick it up below.

To get to the picture above we must understand what happened below.


We did the full family, then just the boys and then we got just the girls sitting on the log.

I separated them for a shot because I wanted them to be all their own personality … 3 individuals in the picture. Then later have them interact to show the personality between all 3.

Then I see the one girl and how she chose to sit… a little bit further… enough that the way her dress was out and on the log caught my attention.

I told the other two to leave … probably my exact words something like “get out of her picture now” said with a big smile so they always know it’s said with love. haha

…and then I took this picture below


Yes I took the way she chose to sit and the way her dress was and exaggerated them out a little bit and then her hands went down from off her knees and it was just perfect.

But then I thought well that’s a good one of her… but how about just the two little girls without the mom, opposite sides of the log.

They don’t need to match the way they sit nor have their arms in unison in my opinion (though I might throw one variation in there like that.)

Then as the two sisters sat far apart it was time to see what life would bring us.


I’m sure it was just some simple random command or encouragement… “get close to your sister”, “hug your sister”… something like that they’d both understand.

Who went to who… it didn’t matter… I was ready for anything. Maybe it’s fun psychology to see that it was the little girl moved over and how she moved over and how the big sister reacted.

This is a family… this is personality… this is love.

 075_J7S0543 130_J7S0544

Obviously not a pose I could think of on any given day: with her leg practically straddling the log and the other sister awkwardly leaning over and giving a choke hold hug. But these are kids not yet reformed in poise and haven’t studied the delicateness of interaction of hundreds of movies. They just do.

It’s the fluidity of the events, yes there is plenty of direction being given, where we were wasn’t entirely a fluke, who we chose for the log wasn’t either, even getting them together wasn’t either.

But in the end it was their own photo shoot, entirely different than any other and reflecting of their personalities.


You can’t Pose real emotions

You can’t Pose real smiles

You can’t Pose real love

You can imitate these things with your posing.



You can enable them to happen.

You can put them in the situation where they can let it happen… for real.

How someone stands brings out a feeling, where they put their hands, how close they are to the other person, even their environment, the backdrop, the people watching, the lighting, your distance from them… will all be in the mix of the feeling you’ll get from the picture.

So yes the poses do play a part but you can’t think of them as what creates emotion… but as what enables them to make it happen for real.

You put them in positions where emotions blossom (to use a nature metaphor)


Perhaps one of the reason i’m known for bringing out someone’s real personality in pictures is because I don’t set time limits… we aren’t racing against the clock and they don’t view me as an hourly worker. I’m a friend. They trust me A Lot. And with those two concerns out of the way and their comfort with me they can focus on what’s important their interaction with eachother.

“Look at me, good, now look at eachother. Good. Now have a moment” That’s pretty much my shtick. I don’t care what their idea of “a moment” is, I want it to be something that just happens between them. Something that’s their own. I’m putting them in situations where the real them can come out.

I’m not here to carefully place mannequins in MY scene… I want to create a beautiful and meaningful scene around my couples. This is for them… not me.

I can grasp the difference of what a forced or fake smile is like. Even when some people’s real smile looks like a fake smile, that’s fine… that’s them. I give them the situation where they smile or laugh because something really makes them smile or laugh and catch that. We can tell.

Sam (The Groom in these pictures) really wears his emotions and therefore his expressions on his sleeves as the saying goes. Its easy to catch in his joy and excitement. They both interacted well together. We didn’t take pictures for 2hrs because I didn’t get good pictures for the first 30 minutes but because there were moments later on where they learned to let go and feel comfortable and explore beyond the normal interactions they had done the first 30 minutes.

Some positions they were more comfortable than others. Like at night when we couldn’t see them at all… I just said you guys are in charge of your faces because I won’t know until the flash lights you up and I look at the pictures later.



 002_J7S4063 018_J7S3983




They picked out this cool spot and had me come out… it fits them well and we all had a ton of fun.




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