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My 3hrs in Death Valley
And the impending trip back there

Take the LONG WAY home

I try to take the Long and Scenic Roads.
Short Cuts mean nothing unless there are a lot of great pictures along the way.
Big Highways are often the enemy. They are what people drive on at night or because they hate photography.


Rethinking Jarvie

I think you underestimate just how many Travel Pictures I take every year. Not just slightly underestimate… but crazy underestimate.
I have driven 31k miles so far this year. I rarely drive at night and I am up at sunrise almost every time and go until sunset.
If I had simply driven straight to my locations I’m guessing the number would be closer to 25k miles this year.
I drive far out of my way to visit places.
And I fancy myself the world most prolific and experience Drive By Shooter to boot.


I can take tons of travel pictures … but paid gigs, like weddings, take first place in the editing.
So that’s what people will continue to mostly see for the time being.

These Pictures

This set of pictures represent my 3hrs I had in Death Valley when driving back from a wedding in California last november.
There is a couple taken just outside of Death Valley on the long and lonely road back to Utah.
My style is pretty different… I push myself to take pictures at all times of the day and in all sorts of less than ideal situations.
I took hundreds in those 3hrs… many of them were crap if you’re talking fine art and highly experimental and documentive in nature.

You’ll notice that when i’m “Driving through” that there will be a decent amount of pictures of the road itself.
Me and the Road bond.




(Aka The Death Trip šŸ˜‰

These pictures represent a few pictures taken on the drive home from California to Utah. It took just a few hours to drive through the Valley of Death and now one would expect I can get a better assortment if I were to spend a little bit more time.

Well as it turns out I’m gonna head over there for 3 days. That’s about 20 times longer as my last trip.


So since I’m gonna be there so long I’m thinking of what all I could do.
I wish there were a bunch of people there so I could throw in a bunch of portraits while I’m out there.
I wanna call the set the “Deathly Pictures” or “Photographers in Death” or “Barren of Life”… we’ll see.
But where to find people in such a desolate place.

Too bad there isn’t a group of friends out there.
It’s not like I’ve been included in a list or something of like 50 other photographers going from California.


Of course as far as I know it’s just me for now. I’m on a list by myself.
I mean if I were on a big list I wouldn’t want to just be just “a number” and stuff…
I’d need to be a Cool number… Jarvie insists of the coolest number available… a cool looking number full of awesomeness. number 1 Billion is pretty cool.

#1,000,000,000 – SCOTT JARVIE

What I would bring to the table

If there were people willing to come out there for a few days I could probably:

  • Take a small but good set of Portraits of every single person with some cool Off Camera Flash work.
  • I could probably even surprise them with a Jarvie Window picture or two.

It’s a photo vacation and I don’t want it to seem like work… but I do love taking pictures of people.

So bring a good outfit or two.

Make it Happen

Personally I’ll be there the 18th-20th-ish of November
(I’ll come back when I feel like it) This is like the longest i’ve staying in one area taking pictures for a long time.

Maybe there are some Google Plus people wanting to go. šŸ˜‰

You can too

So now you all wanna come!
Do it… I think the Valley can accomodate like at least 2-3 dozen people at a time!

I bet my memory card could handle that many portraits as well.

So bring your eye patches, your tutus, your frilly dresses, yourĀ Ferraris and your llamas we gonna shoot people to Death.

(One would assume the play on words would be a lot easier than it has been for me)

Let them Eat Cake

So come get your Cake… aka Portraits for all! Jarvie Windows for all… and smiles from yours truly for all.

Update: I figured it out… we should be called *The Death Squad!* — That’s rockin!!

(Below) A near bye city



(Above) This was in the middle of no where in Nevada about 2hrs outside of Death Valley


I’ve been doing this for a few years now and sometimes i’ve been more consistent than others…. but I’ve now done over 600 posts. Pretty Cool.


I had this couple come up with a spot.

They choose the house that he grew up in and that they’d be moving into after they got married. The property is pretty deverse and it’s up on the mountain side in Provo Utah.

I love taking on challenges of places that have meaning to clients but aren’t the proto-typical… but in the end this place was pretty awesome. A little more rustic and the color pallett was pretty distinct and fun.

Because it’s on the west side of the mountain we were able to shoot in shady light for a long time until the shade finally hit.


We work together as a team. I try to foster their personality and creativity and they allow me to do the same.

This way it becomes more like a day of hanging out and having fun and being creative… and Never painful pictures.

We go until the shots are gotten and we are happy.



We use what is at our disposal and they trust that with whatever we choose I will be there to make sure they get the best pictures possible.


I try new things that I don’t normally do… like the shot below. Because the lighting was just right and the idea seemed appropriate for them.



I put my bright style of colors and contrast into my work

 010_7K05398 009_7K05393

These are both pictures for THEM and for the many people that they will be sending announcement to. So we need to see who they are and the interaction between them.

I get Close ups

 019_7K05961 043_7K05889

Or Scenic Pictures

 063_7K05619 034_7K05731

And I get humorous pictures that are very them

 057_7K05441 023_7K05975

 047_7K05965 013_7K05990



I encourage creativity. I don’tĀ stifleĀ it by acting as if only the photographer knows anying.

You Like sunflowers… well your image might not work, but let’s roll with it and do something a bit different with the same theme.

 005_7K05791 015_7K05747

Love has many sides to it… among them are tenderness and joy


And as you can see they can be done in the same places


I also get solo shots

 049_7K05232 038_7K05847

And As you’ve seen… Even a good mixture of B&W choices



Because sometimes it takes me a while to get completely done with edits and then work on several blog write ups I’ll just do a short sneak peak of some of the pictures that i’ve already put on facebook for people to peak at… that I suppose maybe people here on the blog would like to see.

Yes like I’ve said on the last couple of these… I hope and plan to revisit this wedding later down the line and write some info that future clients and aspiring photogs will find appealing.

For now just take a look at the pics and see more in this gallery (There will be many more when I get back from travels and able to edit them)



 007_J7S2572 006_J7S2567





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 016_J7S3989 015_J7S3927


 013_J7S3887 012_J7S3881


 017_J7S4037 018_J7S4100






I love photography.
I’m addicted to photography.
I don’t just take pictures because people pay me… I just like it.
I take picture “Even when I don’t need to”


  • I enjoy people smiling when I do a good job.
  • I like smashing expectations.
  • I like having a camera in my hand.
  • I see the world wonderfully seeking the ways to make the world and the people look at their best.


Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

(Above is a picture from a wedding… done 5yrs ago)

Oh how times have changed.

Back in 2005 I did my first wedding. By september of 2005 I was doing the 3rd? wedding… i think. My prices were a bit lower (and by a bit I mean the geo metro vs. steam roller comparison) But you know I’m a bit better (queue similar comparison)

Now and then

It was funny to edit an egnagement shoot I took this week compared to re-selecting re-editing pictures from 5yrs ago. I end up with more useable and awesome pictures in a simple engagement shoot than a full day wedding.


(Above – from engagements Done this week August 2010)

The thing is I never had complaints… not even back then. They always seemed to be very happy with what they got. Most all of them are still great friends and follow the blogs and communicate on facebook. They know the deal they got back then, back when they were poor college student and 300-500$ for a wedding was a the extent of their budgets and I was the right man for the job.

What changed

Photographers will often cringe looking back at what they did so long ago… and try to convince people they’re not the same person.

  • What I’m doing is going back and saying maybe it’s not what I’m doing now but… a big part is the finished product…
  • I didn’t have the lighting set ups i do now… Flashes or Reflectors
  • I didn’t have bunch of Ā $2k lenses i do now.
  • I didn’t have assistants.
  • I was using a D70 a kit lens 18-70 3.5-5.6
  • There was no bluring of the backgrounds and I think this was even before my big purchase of a 50mm f/1.8
  • Oh and did I mention the experience of 140+ weddings

But what can I do about it now??

Well I teach simple quick edits in lightroom to vastly improve pictures. There was no Lightroom when I did this wedding… the first Beta of lightroom even came out after this.

We can’t redo what we did 5yrs ago… but we can re-edit.

What do I have at my command now?

  • A calibrated Monitor 30″ to improve my ability to really see the picture.
  • I can focus on color quality of which the d70 vs d700 nikon has come a LONG way
  • Using an old 17″ screen back in those days compared to my 30″ now I can really tell which pictures are in focus!!
  • Lightroom can help me cheat back a bit of in-focusness into pictures.
  • D70 had lots of noise so tadah the noise reduction of LR3
  • I now know if the colors were butt ugly how split tones desaturations and even convert to B&W can help.
  • Did i mention I can do all these things and re-edit a full wedding in a fraction of the time it took back then.
  • Doesn’t hurt that I’m editing much mucho less pictures. Partly because I’m just choosing less and because I had less good pictures from weddings back then.

I know many are just skipping to the before and afters and skipping all this write up. But keep in mind these aren’t a before editing after editing… these are the finals that I gave them back in 05 probably editing on photoshop elements

Oh and keep in mind I’m re-editing JPGs

How do I feel about the past?

Ask me if I’m proud of what I did in 2005…. Do it… ask me?

Yes… yes I am. For what I had and the training I had, the equipment, the times of day I had to shoot. The situations… I rocked it! They certainly got their money worth. They were taking a big gamble on me and it turned out alright for them. All of them… I’ve always charged less than I could have. Which made the gamble and the investment a bit easier to bare.

Aint such a bad strategy to under charge and overĀ deliver. After all I owe my career and lifestyle and dream job to the trust that these couples put in me. That and the 15hrs a day for 5yrs straight.

Should you pay for something like this now?

Would I hire someone for $300 for that level of work now? No way! The cameras are soooo much better… the color quality alone is crazy better. The amount of training available to people just 5yrs later… they better be tons better than that.

plus there has been 5yrs of a constant influx of better photographers and lots more good hobbiests. That that level doesn’t cut it for 2010 even for free. But for 2005 people were pretty happy with that stuff. And as we’ll see the framing and moments and stuff were still there. Not perfect but they were pretty snazy.

But dang that D70 had terrible colors (reminds me of the canon 50d bad) and that lens wasn’t sharp… but then again I was shooting at some high f-stops.

Imma gonna show some side by sides now… I’m about doneĀ reminiscing.

Deciding why they were the way they were.

These pictures almost look like I had started shooting RAW but hadn’t figured out that RAWs absolutely have to be editing because it’s required… whereas JPGs are already edited by the camera software. So I don’t think I knew how to handle working in raw quite yet.

That being said I’m not even editing the RAWs since I can’t find them. But I do have the JPGs so It’ll be a bit different to edit them.

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

(Above … the original of the same picture at the beginning of the post)

ORDER: New edit, (sometimes BW), Original Edit from 2005 (at the end)

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

To go through all old pictures and present re-edits of the pictures go here

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

 0152005-09-03 (Stell - Wedding)-DSC_0777 2005-09-03 (Stell - Wedding)-DSC_0777

Some more edits after the break



The purpose of this post is to inspire people to take pictures wherever they want. Old stereotypes be damned.

Baker is what many might consider one of the Ugliest towns in the United States, boring and hot. Good for gasoline and some fast food. So I was excited to shoot some engagement pictures there. The couple traveling with me seemed to think I was just being goofy and playing a joke, (understandable) so we only took a few.

(Above) This is just outside of Baker… the mountains are certainly nothing out of northern Utah… not the typical vision of beauty. But it makes it strong and unique. Yeah I wish I had shot for more than about 2-3 minutes. I also wish it wasn’t 100 degrees.

 007_J7S6850 019_J7S6820

What’s the most distinctive thing about Baker? The tallest thermometer in the world.
So I convinced them to get out for a minute or two and shoot here in the middle of an ugly, empty, hot and dirty parking lot.

Looking back the iconic aspect of having the thermometer is cool but I’m such a fan of the colors and the sky. Made laying down on the burning hot ground worth it.

 040_J3S4146 041_J3S4166

Underneath a billboard for some shade… hoping to get the trailer park a bit more in the scene. I should have stoop up high on something to get more of the scenery.

The colors of this place are distinct in the pictures… you can’t really tell it’s late morning and almost 100 degrees. I actually like the way the color of this place is mid day.


 001_J7S6781 003_J7S6782

OK so we stopped several locations during our trip and this was mid morning outside of st. george off of some random street. The color and light was amazing when we passed by but we hit another location first and so we didn’t get back for about an hour. easily my favorite pictures of the event… even if I was excited about trying to make Baker look good.

I’ll do more spots in baker next time.



Ok ok so it’s not exactly molten lava coming down a mountain… but it was once upon a time.

You should just be happy I wasn’t cheesy enough to title it “Whole Lava Love” – (Though I wanted to)

Anyway… expect a few more posts on this wedding. We did wedding pictures at the Kona LDS Temple and on the way to the resort we stopped in the middle of no where and took some fun pictures. It was like going to the salt flats for something totally unique, but obviously it’s not salt and we weren’t there at sunset, but where we were at sunset was pretty amazing and those will be coming… when I get back to Utah. Ā I leave Hawaii tonight and will be back in utah tomorrow. I have 3 weddings next week, so it’ll be busy.

 002_J7S9719 001_J7S9711



I have a lot of pictures on SmugMug which gives me peace of mind in case something ever happens to my SmugMugPro.Luckily nothing has
I have a lot of pictures on SmugMugPro which gives me peace of mind in case something ever happens to my DroboPro.
Because I could use a cool program and download the images.
Luckily nothing has ever happened to them and I’ve never needed the pictures because of something bad going wrong. If I did need them I could re-download them from SmugMug for my clients. I did however once need the pictures while on the road away from the computer.
MANY TIMES i’ve wanted to put them on facebook, not just one or two but most of the album… I used to rt click on each picture… then I learned it was much faster to drag and drop into an album. Now i’ve learned it’s much faster to use a program that’ll download them for me, like all at x2 size and then upload to facebook.
Why get them from SmugMug? Because it preps the pictures to look mighty nice on facebook which is known to have problems… it also puts my watermark on, which saves me tons of time.
What’s out there
I have always used AlbumFetcher which works perfectly and only works for Windows. I haven’t used RapidFetcher which I’m told is cross platform.
SmugMug Downloader Review
But I tried out SmugMug Downloader which is a Java app – so I’m assuming it’ll run on both mac and windows. It looks nice, it seems simple. But it’s lacking a ton of functionality. I wonder if they’re just gonna keep it simple or make it more robust and usable?
For one: I have a client needing their pictures like right now for a political campaign. This program requires a password which I’m not going to give to a client. I also don’t see where to select the size pictures you want to download. Which makes it so it doesn’t help me out.
Organization can only be sorted in 3 ways and one of them is not date gallery was created. So for someone with almost 1000 albums of pictures yeah it makes it hard.
But I will say kudos to trying it out and making it look nice. I would hope there are some people out there with some good use of this program.
For now if you’re on Windows Album Fetcher is pretty complete.

I have a lot of pictures on SmugMugPro which gives me peace of mind in case something ever happens to my DroboPro.Ā Because I could use a cool program and download the images.


Most people often have a lot of things they say they’ll “get back to” when they have the time.
Well I’ve got tens of thousands of those things.

And right now I’m getting back to a few thousand of them… from May of 08 when I drove down to Caliornia to do a wedding and proceeded to spend a week traveling around California.

I went through several deserts, including mojave, anso borego and death valley.
I went to the san diego vild animal park.
Traveled up the PCH all the way to San Fransisco.
Visited the Salton Sea.
Spent some time in the Sierra’s including Yosemite.
And made lots of other random stops along the journey.

I will proceed to edit them nice and show them off over the course of a few posts.

The first set is from the first couple of days.
Gallery Here

 012_DS21082 015_DS21231

(above) Some Highlights from wild animal park.

 002_DS20780 009_DS20829

(Below) I can’t even remember the name of this place… I don’t think I owned a GPS for my camera at that time either.
Big sand dune.




More of the Wild Animal Park

 014_DS21152 040_DS20974


 013_DS21094 012_DS21082




I did two weddings in Alaska this year… on the first trip I went up to Denali National Park.
These are the pictures I took.

I know i’m gonna put a bunch here on the post … but there’s some really fun stuff on the Full Gallery
So go there


This was pretty darn cool when the bear walked past us.
Yes we were in a car, we’re not crazy and I don’t own a super telephoto.


I kinda chased this guy around for a while.




Denali is all about Mountains and Animals i’ve decided




So apparently this was an exceptional time to go. It’s not usually this clear. (So they tell me)
Maybe clouds would be fun sometimes but I guess it’s fun to go in abnormal situations.



I titled this recap post “Just across the street”
Because that’s where these pictures were taken.

By the time I flew in, rented the car, went to the condo, went and got some late lunch/dinner and bought some groceries It was now to late to travel somewhere to do sunset pictures… so I went accross the street!
What I’m trying to say is for less than the cost of a hotel room there are nice condos for rent in super nice locations.
The search for a good place paid off.

But I thought about calling it “Be ready and Wait for it” because that’s what happened.

To see all the pictures from the small Day 1 Recap go here

I had a great moment when with about 30 seconds notice I noticed something that was going to happen.
I quickly got ready and waited for it. When it happened it happened fast and there were no do-overs.
In those 5 seconds you had to hope all those years of learning how your camera functions best pays off.


The thing is you fire off a dozen or more pictures and then you can’t really decide which one is the best, because the subtle differences offer something good for each.

But when this moment is happening in a flash (pardon the pun) it’s this weird rush of excitement.
Subdued and peaceful, you feel like you want to shout out Yes! but no one is around, and well you don’t want to jinx the pictures anyway.
So it’s a quite victory. Plus you know you didn’t make the event happen, you just happened to be there.


Yes indeed Thanksgiving Day is already upon us in Hawaii!


I got about 500 shots off at those zombies and quite a few of them landed. Here are the results.



So I went and shot Zombies

Here are the results.

To see them all (as I get them done) GO HERE

 001_7S41971 005_7S42123

 003_7S42077 007_7S42234

There were a lot

Whatever became of the old farmer and his pitchfork?

(SEE tons more after the jump or on smugmug)


 059_7S21356 098_7S21547 023_7S21377 042_7S21754 075_7S21421 084_7S21472 097_7S21533

Even half way through november in Utah there is still al ittle color around.
The cities… but it’s still not in abundance… you have to really work it :)









 005_7S29978 028_7S29908