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This is my 50 thousand word essay about Susan

If the hypothesis of this essay is not clear and has not been proven by the end of the essay… then I give up on photography.

 0125_8D10225 0101_8D10070


 0105_8D10695 0268_8D10679


 0113_8D10409 0108_8D10452

 0107_8D19800 0106_8D19795




The Jarvie Clan is pretty good looking people!

Here are my brother and his kids. The two oldest are college age.

The rest of the pictures are located here



 0107_8D15716 0103_8D15711



(Originally written and posted by Scott Jarvie via Google+)

Yesterday one of the stops here in Tokyo was a popular park near Shinjuku station where thousands of people were gathered to see the cherry blossoms and have pic-nics.

About the couple
Jennifer and Tipp work for Google and are doing a sort of exchange in Tokyo for the year but will be back by the end of the year for their wedding in the Bay Area.

About the picture
I was doing a lot of my typical close up shots when Jennifer challenged me to try getting a shot that had tons of a tree. Well that proved difficult for a few reasons… the major one was that almost every tree was swarmed by dozens of visitors and doing a wide angle meant much more chance of getting someone else in it. I even thought it’d be impossible at first… but I kept searching for something. I took a bunch of other pictures with an attempt to get something but I didn’t enjoy the style of the picture and this one happened because the clients didn’t walk to the place I was thinking to try next. Well it was a great thing because when I saw where they were standing I knew in an instant the type of shot that would work… and it was nothing like I thought when I was originally given the challenge and perhaps nothing like they had envisioned. But it certainly tells the story of the cherry blossoms and puts them right in the thick of things.

I think the moral of the story is that it’s alright to let your clients give ideas and take them and roll with the challenge. Hopefully they are challenges and not specific requests because that can be pretty limiting to creativity. Don’t give up too easy… I might have thought the challenge pretty impossible given the circumstances but the only thing I really needed was to be more creative. Good thing I was able to stumble upon the solution.

More photo-shoots around the world
Yes I’m excited to do a few more out of the country photo-shoots this year and I’m hoping lots more come my way. I don’t charge for wedding travel so this is a real possibility.
Now engagements is a different story.
Because the location and the time of the year was so enticing I was willing to schedule in this trip to do the engagements at no extra cost but that of covering my expenses. Part of that was because it was later notice and I didn’t have anything scheduled between two Saturday weddings anyway. It was a lot of traveling to get here and it was a long photo-shoot that would make the most in shape person pretty tired but it was very very fulfilling and fun.

(Guest writer Keri Neal) Images by Scott Jarvie



Many of you know I’m very active on GooglePlus (my profile)

I’ve added these pictures on my business profile as well so you can comment on them individually.


I very quickly perused the thumbnails of 4000+ pictures and picked out about 50 pictures I thought would be nice to show off from the event, just to wet the curiosity of those wanting to see pictures of the event.

I organized a 3 day photowalk for many of the GooglePlus photographers and we went to this event for 2 days. I’ll write more about that event as well as post lots more pictures from the event.

For now… Enjoy the pictures: (See them here as well)

In the comments let me know which one I should talk more about and I’ll put it up on GooglePlus and Facebook




 0007_7363944 0008_7363948

(Above) The organizer



Characters Welcome



It was short and sweet and yet I got so much done. I was able to take pictures of about 15 groups of people.

From families to couples to individuals.

Groups ranging from 1-7ppl

To see all the pictures see the highlights first gallery OR the by shoots chronological gallery


 0100_7363818 0101_7363763

1. Engaged Couple


 0105_7362959 0106_7363105

2. An Individual

 0123_7362944 0124_7362946

3. A Family


 0110_7363030 0144_7363037

4. A Random Family I don’t know


5. A couple and their cousin

 0191_7363262 0216_7363394

 0114_7363388 0113_7363370

6. Married Couple

 0134_7362976 0150_7363055

7. Sisters



8. Random Highschool kids


 0187_7363243 0185_7363240

9. Random College Students


 0227_7363422 0231_7363429

10. Boyfriend Girlfriend

 0244_7363471 0241_7363461

11. Another random family


12. Newlyweds


13. Past Wedding Clients



14. Myself (setup by me and then taken by Jon Barker)

 0118_7363693 0282_7363704

15. A couple



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 0165_DSC5586 0164_DSC5571

The other day I did a post about using a ridiculously large and expensive lens. 600mm f/4

I used two other expensive lenses that day… like this one the 200-400 f/4

It’s also a big lens but not near as large.

It’s actually a lens I’d consider buying if I had the money. The range is perfect.
I have the 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 and the next step seems like it’d be the 200-400

I thought it focused fast and had nice sharp images.
I also didn’t have to walk 100ft away to get a person in the picture… but if I wanted I could zoom into 400 and walk a pretty good distance away.

I can also see myself more easily shooting it hand held… though a mono-pod would make it easier to get in focus pictures and not get too tired.

 0028_DSC5805 0186_DSC5831

I ended up bumping up the ISO from time to time when I was shooting in darker environments because I was shooting hand held portraits.

Below in order the pictures were taken at 1/250 , 1/160 and 1/80 … not too shabby eh?


 0004_DSC5733 0013_DSC5744



I had a feeling it would be an enjoyable Saturday and it was. Good times were had by all, it was Fun.

And we also got some OK pictures out of it. haha

We took a little adventure to Antelope Island (in middle of the great salt lake) with the Cooper sisters.

I knew them because for years Kristina has been commenting on my blog and her sister Stephanie has been getting into photography. Years ago I even offered to re-edit some of Kristina’s bridal pictures.

 027_J7S2928 010_J7S2934

I love shooting for fun… aka… being around good people and shooting  just for the joy of it.

Often I’d have a lot more fun taking pictures than not… at any activity or party I’d probably be having more fun with a camera in my hand. I interact better, I still socialize. On one hand I know what I’m doing so much that it doesn’t stress me out at all and on the other I do enjoy figuring things out, so even if it is dificult lighting I prefer a good challenge.

However lest we misunderstand what shooting-for-fun involves

When is photographing “for fun”?

  • When it’s more about the social interaction than the pictures.
  • When at any time I can put the camera away and no one would complain.
  • When there are no high expectations to complete.
  • When we’re smiling, laughing and having a good time.
  • When people are happy I’m taking pictures of them.
  • When they’re grateful.
  • When it doesn’t cost me money.
  • When I can edit as few or as many as I want.

When is it work?

  • When I have to put aside part of my schedule in advance.
  • When the pictures are going toward an expressed purpose.
  • When someone requests a photoshoot.
  • When there is a higher level of expectation.
  • When I have to work hard in the way they believe I should.
  • When I start getting lots of instructions.
  • When people are not grateful but still expectant.
  • When I’m not only the shooter but the creative director.
  • When they start saying “You’re the photographer, you tell us what’s best”
  • They want me to give them free prints or print rights (and digital files)

A possible third option

  • There seems to exist another option “Shooting Work… For Fun”
  • It’s when I offer a gift or do a special like my yearly “charitable shoot” and say people can come get pictures for no cost or donate to charity.
  • It seems to hit many of the “for fun” areas and some of the “work” areas.
  • Expectations do exist but while money is not being exchanged the level of gratefulness is higher.
  • In these cases I am the one that offers the shoot. (requests on their end are limited)
  • OR they come up with the ideas, cutting down my work
  • more complicated than that… but you get the point.


And just so you know… this shoot qualified perfectly for a “For Fun” shoot.

I mentioned I’d be willing to do such a thing upon hearing all 3 sisters would be in town. I set up my own level of expectation which did include they’d pay for gas and stuff.

Notice I didn’t say much about how much time something takes me. Nor money.

  • Both of those things might change levels of expectation and how fun something is, but it isn’t a determining factor for me about work.
  • A “for fun” event usually isn’t paid for in advance but the expenses might be paid for, or a voluntary gift given after.
  • Also it might take up a lot of time. Our outing lasted most of the day on Saturday and I spent many many hours editing. It was still fun… and I got some good portfolio pictures out of it.

They were perfect “customers” for a “for fun” event. We weren’t in a rush, they offered to buy my food even, they were enjoyable to be around.

I didn’t feel like doing OCF (off camera flash) so I didn’t, I went back to my roots and just dealt with the mid day, sometimes cloudy, bright day.

Going Through Pictures

I had them come pick through pictures knocking down the original 750 pictures down to 250… then I went through them and selected ones I wanted to show off.

Having them come go through the pictures was part of the fun for me… one of the things I enjoy most about photography is seeing what people think and how they react. Having people go through the originals isn’t something I do a lot, but when I feel they have a strong positive opinion of my photography I don’t mind them seeing behind the curtain so-to-speak. And when I’d enjoy them being at the office for a little while. It does help limit my work… though often it takes up more of my time… but it’s more enjoyable.

 013_J7S3246 099_J7S3251


 040_J7S2787 038_J7S2780



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This is Sara – She’s my sister. We were both visiting the Fam for christmas so I did a photoshoot.

She lives in Mesa Arizona and works for ASU

She’s done photography a whole lot longer than me. She continues to do it part time.

We call eachother and talk photography all the time… a lot of where I’m at is because I had a consistent and great sounding board to all my ideas over all these years. So a great thanks to her.

It’s her birthday today and it’s a good oportunity to finish up the edits and post these pictures.

I took a bunch more but this is what I’ll grace the blog with today.

Her photography can be found on her BLOG and her WEBSITE

Also you can see where ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHERS did a highlight on her

As a side note I am JarvieDigital because she claimed JarviePhotography just a bit before me… and it’s been great!

 001_J7S4467 003_J7S4507

I didn’t use my typical off camera flash option this day instead I used my big 15×15 LED panel. This was one of the first times doing it and I know people have asked for a write up on it… but that’ll need to come later.


 018_J7S4549 022_J7S4396



She really wanted snow… so the ones of the snowy ground and the above one with the flakes falling are perfect.



This is our mother… a nice mother daughter shot

And below our completely normal father. haha


 038_J7S4361 045_J7S4471 046_J7S4477 028_J7S4468 026_J7S4450


Well last I left you was similar pictures through a door, through windows and we all enjoyed the unique pictures (I hope)

This one does the same but adds a unique element that I think connects the couple… Music.

When I first talked to them Music came up… they found me because I took pictures of his Brother’s band.

They love their (primarily Indie) music and at least he’s always listening. So putting them at a piano is perfect in my mind.

So take everything I said in the last post and add this aspect to it  to make an even better picture.

Also the connection between the two in the BW is nice!


I am happy to note that while I stood way down the hall that the pop up flash was able to trigger the SB-900 flash located in the white box that would flood the room with some extra light.

Though some might consider the next picture the best of them all I will remind you that this is the only one that connects you with that aspect of music in their life.


This is the 4th year that i’ve taken a week out of my schedule to do pictures without charging. In the last 2 years I’ve had people donate to a charity.

This year I wanted it to be about simply giving back and not having to deal with money and stuff.

So I have opened it to past bride and grooms, then when they grabbed some spots to other past clients and if people find an opening my philosophy is “Why Not” so they can book themself a spot as well.

For random friends (As In: Not-Past-Clients) I’d prefer to keep it to Individuals or groups of roommates because those are the more appealing and interesting photoshoots.

But here’s the link to see the calender

So I don’t mind taking the pictures at all it’s great fun… the shoots are all short like 20 minutes and it’s in fall color. It’s pretty low stress, specially when it’s fast and free.

However discs and stuff like that has not been an awesome experience in years past so this year it’s all going on SmugMug and they can deal with it from there. They can add galleries on FaceBook and use things on blogs but if they want to print they’ll order them online and if they want the file they can order them online as well.

I’m happy to be doing it this way as it makes doing these free shoots more sustainable. And well maybe I’ll make a dollar or two which when spending a week and doing 50 shoots I suppose I’m not opposed.

But I’m not going to push prints… in fact I don’t care if they buy any at all. Because to me this is my week to give back and just make people happy.

Specially this year where it’s about saying thanks to past clients for helping me to get here where I am now. Which is busy and happy in the best profession ever.


OK so I did pictures for 5 families (small and large) and then 5 other individuals. They were all photographers. It was a workshop.

And since I spent so much time and effort there talking about where I place people and why and how to find and use locations and bits about lighting and assisting.

I think I’m going to take a break and just have you look at pictures and not talk to much about it.

If someone has a question about a particular picture or two I’ll gladly turn it into a post about how, why and where and things like that.

For now… enjoy an eclectic mix of 10 shoots taken on tuesday.

 5_J7S1399 5_J7S1421


 5_J7S1489-2 5_J7S1487



The Wedding Photographer going Commercial

Who am I? Scott Jarvie the Wedding and Travel Photographer

That’s how I introduce myself.

Meaning: that’s what I tell people I do…. weddings and lots of travel photography. I don’t put a lot of the travel stuff on this blog anymore and leave it to the Envision The World Blog and even then I haven’t had a lot of time to get those pictures worked on and edited. So mainly we see a lot of wedding pictures and the corresponding sessions that come with that like engagements, bridals and formals.

Recent History

So recently I did a photoshoot for a hair and makeup studio out on the salt flats (See this post with their pictures included or this full gallery)… this is more of a commercial type shoot but it was still primarily dealing with people and that’s something I know how to do. They liked my style (from what they saw on the website) and they were very happy with the results. In fact not a day after I published their photoshoot one of their clients came asking about a similar photo shoot.

The Style

OK so I do mainly weddings and I would say that my style is as follows

Personable A pleasent interaction and real experience and an approachable feel to the pictures (Friendly)

Personality – Capturing the real aspect of the people and the overall feel of the event

Emotion – Doesn’t matter which kind just want to allow and document REAL stuff

“Ideas for my models”

I tell people that my pictures are what the person is + lighting … there aren’t models for my ideas these are ideas for my models, all with a Jarvie-esque look… which is bright, clean and dynamic

How I work


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 032_J7S8398 033_J7S8436

From this same wedding I did a post about photographing downwards from upwards positions. Well it’s very easy when the subjects are much shorter than you.

One good consideration is that you can find cleaner backgrounds for the pictures (like on the right picture)

There’s something about having someone tilt their head upwards like this… they often come up with great expressions naturally.

Remember the things you make them do will effect the emotions coming from their face… ergo the look you get.

This was from a wedding reception in California on the 3rd of July this year and as usual taken at the lowest aperture of the lens 2.8 usually.


Thought it’d be fun to have her mess around her hair a bit.

I mean I can’t do that too often with the brides… so I suppose it’s something new.

This was in between wedding and reception as we went to In-N-Out to have lunch.

See more pics of Angela Laura and Me on our mini photo walk and workshop

 014_J7S2656 001_J7S2632


Before the messy hair


 003_J7S5679 004_J7S5420