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When you are more relaxed and let people feel like they are a part of the creative (pose selection) process they come up with fun interesting poses that work for them. (Right)
They know the typical poses and put their own flare on exactly how to execute the old classics (left)

Then usually I’ll come up with fun ideas based on them and all what’s going on. I see the baby just standing there looking up so it’s a perfect opportunity to involve the parents holding hands and walking past their daughter. (middle)

Changing up the groups is pretty typical. It’s just a matter of angle… these two pictures were taken in the same location.

It’s a staple of my photography and anyone who’s been in front of my camera for a photoshoot will know I have two main commands… “Look here” and “pay attention to each other” I try not to get too specific and let whatever happens happen.

Here’s a link to the full gallery online.

For those who take pictures in Utah County you’ll recognize these two locations.

But even with the popularity of these places it’s about photographing the personality of the couple so it’s them that should shine through in the locations and not the places.

And hopefully I brought a new approach to a common location.

If you’ve seen my engagement pictures before you also know that I don’t take these pictures simply so they have 1 picture for their announcement. I want them to have lots of pictures expressing their many moods, I rarely think of the announcement when I’m out there taking pictures. I do however make sure they look at the camera for a good portion of the pictures so that they can use one or two for the pictures in the announcements so that grandma can see the fiance’s face.

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In One Week

NOTE: Each title is a Link to the FULL gallery

I believe in stretching yourself to such a limit that all the rest of the time everything’s a cake walk.

See how far you can go. I found out I can do 48 shoots in one week.
All fine until I’ve almost went crazy sorting them all then editing 3000 pictures in the last 3-4 days.

This is a long and yet very fun post… like 48 mini-posts all wrapped up into one.

See 48 pics with 48 links after the jump


Schedule is set – Now booking

This should be the best year ever of my free charity shoot… I’m excited get ready to schedule your spot (starting tomorrow/Friday)

If you’re interested please read through the full blog before asking questions, if not simply enjoy the pictures at the end. :)

 2007-09-21 3Girls-_U113262
Everyone should be just about this excited for this opportunity!

How to Book a time for the charity shoot?

Booking will officially start tomorrow (Friday)

Send an email to

see the online calender for openingsClick here and go to OCTOBER 5th through 10th

we are taking pre-bookings for those that participated in my survey last week.
And my interns have a days head-start to invite their friends to the shoots for the days they’re in charge of.

There should be plenty of spots available up to 60 canyon spots and more than enough Studio time.
I will help with scheduling but I am not in charge of scheduling.
If you send the email it will get to the right place… maybe even doing a comment on the post will work… but no guarantee.

To double check you are official make sure your name is on the online calender.

The schedule is now set

Every day mon-friday 10am-1:30pm = Studio shoots in North Lehi

  • CANYONS = Fall Colors
    • Monday 3-7pm = Little Cottonwood canyon
      • White pine trailhead parking lot – it’s 5.5 miles into the canyon -.5 miles before snowbird
      • Here’s a link to the google map
    • Tuesday 3-7pm = American Fork Canyon (At the summit parking lot area)
    • Wednesday 3-7pm = Big Cottonwood Canyon (Silver lake area)
    • Thursday 3-7pm = Provo Canyon (Sundance/Alpine loop area)
    • Saturday 3-7pm = Provo Canyon (Sundance/Alpine loop area spot #2)

Yes a FREE photo shoot from yours truly…

Hard to believe this is the 3rd year of my yearly tradition of shooting pictures for FREE

But I’m excited to do it again and have some new changes to spice it up a ton!

I’m going back to my roots like the first year and doing a Fall Colors theme.
Last year I did a week long of studio shoots and I’ll also offer that during the week as well.

So here’s the deal for those who don’t know.

I do quick shoots all week long for FREE … which for no financial gain on my part.
My way of saying thanks to my friends. Thus the charitable part.

The Charity

But last year I started a new tradition of taking donations which were given to a charitable organization.

The organization will be FFHE (Family to Family Humanitarian Expeditions)
It does a lot of great work in Mexico for families in need and also affects the lives of those that go on the expeditions

Check them Out

I also end up donating a week to shoot for this organization in Mexico.
Here’s some pics from the expedition from last year.

i will note that some of the cost will go towards some equipment needed for the shoots


In any case… this post is to announce that the event will be held from Oct 5th to the 10th

We are not scheduling quite yet but you can help to give us get that together.

The theme is FALL COLORS + Studio

Which canyon would you prefer (we’ll do all of them just need to see demand)

  • Provo (Sundance) Canyon
  • American Fork Canyon
  • Little Cottonwood Canyon
  • Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Other Canyon
  • Studio

Which Day

Monday through Saturday

What time

10-2 (Studio) or 3-7 (Canyon)

Minimum donation

I’ve found over the years that those paying nothing do not seem to appreciate the offer
Plus it goes to a good cause.

So would everyone be willing to donate a minimum of $30
This is not only a charity for a good cause this is a charity for YOU so I don’t want to exclude those that can’t.

So the questions are is $30 acceptable and secondly what would a short shoot be worth Donating for you?


I will do another post when i get a few minutes and announce how to sign up for a shoot spot.
They will fill up fast and I will let those doing the survey get first choice

Send survey to or just respond here.

I will also post pictures of previous years.

One quick note is that I won’t be doing any wedding shoots for Free and the time periods will be somewhat limited to fit everyone in.

Last years many people showed up to do family shoots, roommate pictures, individual shoots, model pictures,

BE Creative!! I wan’t this to be fun… it’s your chance to do shoots you wouldn’t have done if you had to pay $500 to get done.


These two got engaged at this park which is next to Bridal Veil falls.
Not necisarily this spot exactly, thought that would have been fun to have seen.


At the end of the night we went to vivian park.
It was already a bit late so we just did a few here.



This is probably the first time I’ve taken pictures with bridal veil falls in the picture.
There are only certain parts of the falls I really like, so it’s hard to take pictures of. But at night it becomes a lot easier because all you see is the whiteness of the water on a dark background, haha

 010_7S42290 006_7S42651 024_7S42583 027_7S42615

To view the full gallery, go to



On new years eve day morning we went up the canyon to take some pictures.
Just remember to wear some good shoes and you should be fine :)

We did the Aspen Grove area and then went down to Vivian Park

Full Gallery – Highlights First

Full Gallery – Chronological



 022_7S22516 023_7S22523



 009_7S22443 004_7S22293

 010_7S22295 011_7S22306



See more here

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Just trying to show off some stuff from back in June

Here’s the first shoot I did with my new 70-200 2.8 VR


I did two photo shoots for them recently

They liked the first set I did so much they wanted more. And she was sick for the first one so she wanted some while she was feeling better.
She also figured since I was doing a book for their reception and she was making a slideshow that some extra pictures for it all would be nice.
I think it went quite well
Thanks to Allyson for assisting on this photo shoot.

See the Gallery
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The next day we went to thanksgiving point and took pictures for her bridals.
I get to post them because I know he’s seen her in the dress… because he came along.
I’d like to thank Dawnee who assisted on this photo shoot.
Thanksgiving point has lots of spots all over the park it always makes sense to get a golf cart and be nice to the people at the desk so they can let you stay after the front desk is already closed so you can get great lighting.
We kinda went overboard this evening and took Tons of pictures… but she loves them a ton so I suppose it works.

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Example Bridals

Examples Engagement



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In a search for more colorful photos,
and because I enjoyed their presence so much on the previous occasion,
we went out in search of some more bridal pictures.
(The lighting was horrid and yet we found a couple of nice spots and some fun pictures.)

_dsc5050.jpg _dsc5069.jpg _dsc5045.jpg

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A special thanks to Misty’s sister Autumn for being a great help and delightful company.






dc_u115041.jpg dc_u115014.jpg dc_dsc4694.jpg dc_dsc4767.jpg

Open Gallery

Full Gallery

Their wedding is December 27th, we did bridal pictures (and pre-wedding couples pictures)
We went to the same canyon that i did the other 15 photo shoots last month…

Well the leaves have all fallen but it seems that even so it just makes things a little more challenging…
and that makes it fun.

Props to the couple, her sister and cousin for staying out in the cold for a couple of hours and helping misty maneuver in her dress in the middle of a forest.






No matter how much you play with the pictures afterwards the pictures still retain the unique colors and lighting of the time of day/place and season that you took them.

I look forward to their wedding in December.

_u114499.jpg _u114515.jpg




_u114449.jpg _u114531.jpg _u114567.jpg













Four great shots in one evening…
it was bang bang done…
But everything turned out great, and I got lots of shots of each group.


Look at the limited galleries or request to see the larger full galleries,
with some of the goofy and fun pictures.




Megan & Sean’s Gallery


_u113889.jpg _dsc2992.jpg


Anna & Sam’s Gallery


_u113862.jpg _u113879.jpg


Cari & John’s Gallery
_u114136.jpg _u114114.jpg


Adrienne’s Gallery
Caroline’s Gallery


_u114060.jpg _dsc3012.jpg




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Megan & Sean
Anna & Sam
Cari & John









White Family Portraits
+Erin Bourgeous (Sister)







Laurel Teuscher Portraits




Stuart Family Portraits






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White Family


Stuart Family