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For those who take pictures in Utah County you’ll recognize these two locations.

But even with the popularity of these places it’s about photographing the personality of the couple so it’s them that should shine through in the locations and not the places.

And hopefully I brought a new approach to a common location.

If you’ve seen my engagement pictures before you also know that I don’t take these pictures simply so they have 1 picture for their announcement. I want them to have lots of pictures expressing their many moods, I rarely think of the announcement when I’m out there taking pictures. I do however make sure they look at the camera for a good portion of the pictures so that they can use one or two for the pictures in the announcements so that grandma can see the fiance’s face.

View the full gallery online.


A Fun Experience

I’m happy that we did this.
What did we do? I did a presentation about photography to the hair school one week and came back the next week and did a photoshoot for them.

It just thrills me that everyone was so darn excited for the pictures.

It worked out well doing it as part of my Bootcamp experience because I had 4 photographers able to come along and take pictures.
There were often dozens of girls waiting for their pictures to be taken… I had to work fast and efficiently to get everybody in. It would have been fun to have a little more time to set up really great scenes… but I actually loved the challenge of the way it went down.
Those other photographers will share some of what they did on this day in a few days in a post about what they learned.

Other Schools/Groups/Etc

If you have a similar situation like this I’d be more than happy to consider how to make it happen… best month for it is July.

I’m inclined because of exposure and it’s really nice when they’re fun cute girls too. Cuz they’re fun to be around and one day they’ll get married and so will their friends. haha

While a lot of what i did was just getting through the mass of models, I did have some moments to pose some more fun stuff.


These are just some of my pictures to see the rest of mine and pictures from the other 4 photographers go here… there are over 1200 pictures.

To see them in chronological order go here

 0002_7K06563 0020_7K06943 0031_7K06332 0037_7K06413

I’m pretty happy with all the headshots I did. The lighting was just perfect for it. It was way overcast (even rainy) and yet it seemed to work really well. I think the key was being in a darker portion of the orchards and then catching what rays were coming down through and lighting the people up. Reflector right below the frame of the pictures.

 0052_7K06851 0058_7K06960 0060_7K06994 0080_7K05911 0144_7K06474

For them I’m pretty sure it was about doing hair (and makeup) prior to the shoot.

This is what it’s all about. And it wasn’t even my idea… they came up with it! And I went along… I didn’t mind at all. haha


K first off when the lighting doesn’t change much throughout the show you start to get a little creative… so I shot through some red fabric that was hanging over by the vip lounge area.

The last set I did at this venue was pretty epic being able to have some good access and use some unique lighting… but this was great show because it was challenged me in other ways.

Contrary to all the light you see in the picture above most of the show was lit by only a couple of light bulbs surrounding the artists. (Like below)


I’ve run into John Allred at several other shows I’ve taken pictures of in the past. Finally after all these years I got time to make it to one of his own shows.
(good thing it was two days because I was originally gonna hit the first night)


The velour is a great place to take pictures in my opinion. I guess I haven’t been to hundreds of spots but it’s one of my favorites so far.

Even with this unique setup that they did with this show being off the stage it worked well.


Most of the pictures were taken with my new 85mm f/1.4 lens and yet I still had to go pretty high with my ISO and low with the shutter speed.

(If anyone see’s a 50mm f/1.4 I believe i left mine there the last time I did a concert. I know… sad day :(

The setting was not one where I could get away making my radio controlled lights seem like they were part of the light show… since there was no light show.

 013_7K03114 030_7K03108

I guess it also makes it moody when you take pictures through random fabric… like this one above… it did help to make the bare light bulb look a little cooler.


I told him that the pictures would therefore be a bit more grainy and moody… he said he’s down with that.
I think lots of people have to default to a grainy moody look for lots of concerts simply due to limitations of their cameras… But I hope that I added great ideas, composition and used the lighting to my advantage… in ways that set these pictures apart.

BTW the pictures are all taken with my backup camera the D7000 which doesn’t handle low light quite like my normal camera the D700 – but it was nice having that challenge and seeing what it could do when in a pinch.




Concerts are fun… but, I’m still a full time wedding photographer

I love doing wedding photography. I make a living at it.

However concert/band photography is a lot of fun… it helps stir the creativity deal with difficult lighting situations and stretches the photo-skills (if done well)

So I told a past groom that I’d take pictures of his Brother’s popular band when they came through town. Heck I owed them one since taking pictures of their band 2-3 years ago is what got me the wedding gig in the first place.


I consider my photo-hobbies to be landscapes and concerts… I love doing them but am not presently looking into making money at them.

 001_J7S3346 120_J7S3254

Concert Photography Requests

I’m more than willing to do more concert photography.

Under following condition.

1. They must actively want me there… (unless it’s a band I really really love)… a simple “sure you can come” isn’t enough. I want them to know that I’m there and appreciate it.

2. We trade music for pictures. (Meaning if I have future projects that need music I get to use the music in said videos, or websites) that kind of trade… probably be good to actually have the digital files to listen to and stuff.

3. I get really good publicity out of it.

4.  If either #1, #2 or #3 isn’t the case then I’ll take money.
(Heck I’ll take money anyways if they insist … but most small bands aren’t rolling in it if you know what I mean :)

5. It’s often a last moment decision based on what I want to do that week. Unless of course I get paid in which case I’ll for sure set aside the date.

If you really like a band tell them I might be willing to come and see what their level of interest… you can be my manager for the day. See if that gets you a free ticket or at least more access with me.

I’m not saying I’m jumping into this as a profession… but I do enjoy it and wouldn’t mind doing a lot more.


 004_J7S2966 072_J7S2963

While the band waited backstage I took a couple of pictures of the group together. (I think this one is pretty fitting of them)



OK so the above photographs are of Eyes Lips Eyes – They started in Utah… but now they are based out of southern California


Another group from California made their way up… Chasing Kings.






I was doing group pictures during this other band but got back for a few.





OK let’s end with a few more of the main band and reason I went that night.






To see more go to the gallery

As far as the Bands are concerned they are allowed to use these pictures on Facebook … go to the Gallery and Rt Click and save and upload to facebook.

OK so how do people feel about slideshows on blogs?

Yes before you say anything this won’t work on flashless-apples (of which I have some myself… sad day)

But it could be cool… but you’re the readers so let’s hear it.

Now if this is received well I can make these posts so much faster and easier.

The thought is you can just watch the pictures roll by until you’re done…because the whole gallery will often be on them.

This is a new thing for me… I’m not sure how long SmugMug has had the feature.

So what shall I show off first? How about parade pictures?

Yes there is an emphasis on NuSkin pictures since they were the clients for the day.



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 001_7S29776 006_7S29802

Kind of the typical items in the list of bridal details are Veils, Shoes and Flowers

 005_7S29834 043_7S29652

But too often missing is a fun hat. haha

Yes not too many can pull it off.

 014_7S29764 004_7S29732

These pictures were taken early last year… I was assisting a friend. I was busy on another wedding the day of this brides wedding. Even though I got to show up at the wedding for a moment since both were at the same location.

 045_7S29632 083_7S29820


(Above a picture that I should have printed up bigger)

Well I went and did a bridal show… I think the last time was like 3-4yrs ago… I can’t even remember it. It was before I was any good.

You might think me crazy but I actually had a lot of fun. Never mind my aching sore feet by the end. But it was really fun to talk to all those people. I kind of just took the time to joke around have fun and meet people. I suppose it made it nice that I wasn’t trying to sell anything there at the show.


I pretty much was collecting information to send them my new fancy brochure. I had a few printed copies but I’ll be delivering things electronically in PDF form.

If you’d like to see the booklet of pricing and information riddled with pictures just let me know and i’ll email off a copy. It talks about me, my prices, travel, books, print costs, associate wedding photography with a bunch of testimonials scattered throughout.

Time for me to compile the information and get to sending them their information.


Oh! Did I mention that the Jarvie Window made an appearance for a couple hundred pictures and was a pretty big hit. I’d say the same percentage existed where 20% of the people didn’t like it and about 80% of the people thought it was the coolest thing ever. Plus this way I can re-attach a face to a name of all the people I talked to. I also go to see their personality when they were getting their picture taken with the jarvie window. I’ll gladly take all the bride and grooms with great personalities.


I got a bunch of amazing prints done in a rush through Bay Photo and they did not disapoint! The Metal prints were talked about constantly. I happened to like the thin wrap that I chose on canvas the best (BELOW)… but the metals were still the talk.


I got a fancy fancy album and made it 60sides…. and dang it was heavy… like 20lbs or something. Chuck (an associate/student) designed it for me and he also did a couple of books of his own.


(ABOVE) I got this one in metal and it looks like it’s glass that’s how cool the metal is.

It was hard picking which pictures but I had up only 15-20 pictures but when it’s all said and done that was more than most other people and mine were all large 20×30 so I had a lot of pictures up.


(ABOVE: Another Metal Print choice)

So which picture did most people comment about?


Hey I suppose I’ll keep using the picture that everyone always comments on. It’s not always their favorite but it does often have the most impression and usually the question is… “where was that taken at” they love the location at least. that place would make a killing in Utah just for people to get the chance to shoot there.

Bridal Show

Seems like people have so many things to see that it’s really kind of hard for them to feel like they can stop for long and chat. Usually 2-5 minutes, but I was talking so fast I was able to say everything in that time anyway.


there seemed to be a lot of students from the area who would be getting married in different locations, so it was nice to have the hawaii wedding pictures up and the california stuff. Telling about the next hawaii wedding, the france wedding and the canada wedding also helped. I kind of wish I had a picture of the Alaska wedding because then I could have pointed it out as well. (BELOW)




Haha you thought it was going to be the city. Tricked you.
They call him Boston.

 005_DSC2042 003_DSC2107

He asked for some pictures and I saw that I did his shoot just a month or two before I started using smugmug… so I went back through his pictures and uploaded them to SmugMug.


 002_DSC2104 001_DSC2104

I also re-edited his pictures some because I’ve certainly improved a bit in the last two years.

It is a good exercise for me and the student-interns to go over some older less essential pictures and play around on them.

Shall I Re-Edit your pictures too?

So I guess the offer is open to other people… if I took your pictures a while back and you’d like to see them re-edited let me know.

I’ll bump you up higher on the priority list if you’re interested in Buying prints of them as well… or at least if you’ll show them off to everyone, yeah but probably more so if you want to buy a couple prints 😉



EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.

So this is part of the story of my jump into Photography as a career.

A big part of that was this couple.
I had no intentions to doing paid jobs.
I had bought the D70 with no intentions of making money.
Megan asked if I’d do their engagements… I looked at it as something fun to do.
If they didn’t turn out I told them (and we both understood) that a Real photographer could easily do them.

I can’t even remember which picture they originally chose on this shoot.
The photo shoot was in March of 2005 if I remember right.

Below was the result… above is picture i just re-edited yesterday. (A treat for the couple)

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.

(Above) – In fact this is better than the original edit… i think I edited the above one a year ago.
Would be interesting to see all 3 versions I’ve edited.
The first editing program i had 5 years ago was photoshop elements

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.

(ABOVE) – As you can see I’ve re-edited a bunch from the shoot.
Like i have my whole career I’ve always taken TONS of pictures.


Their wedding was 4 years ago. Wow how the time passes.

When other friends found out and saw what I had done for this couple they started to jump on the band wagon.
I had some natural ability, i was easy to get along with.
But probably the most exciting thing was that I cost almost nothing… haha
$300-400 i think was the first couple weddings. (I offered to do the wedding for this couple for free of course)
I stayed under $1000 for a while


Looking back my way of interacting with the clients hasn’t changed too much.
I think it started off great since I took pictures of so many people I was very comfortable with first.
I was able to continue that for the years down the line. As I just learned to make the subjects my friends while I took the pictures… so i could goof off and have fun and connect with them.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.

I don’t think I would have even considered the picture below years ago…
But the re-edited one above looks rather fun edited.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.

Looks almost as if I had just taken this picture.

I’m also glad I had a great looking couple to start off with… i think that made things easier.
I didn’t feel pressured to come up with tons of ideas. They knew it was my first time… they approached me!

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.EVENT DESCRIPTION: Engagement pictures for Megan Bourgeous and Drew White taken in various locations in Provo.

Dang JPGs are so much harder to edit… this took a while because on JPGs the colors are so closely connected… you can’t seem to edit the contrast and blacks without screwing up the colors.
I’m still not completely satisfied with the tones but am liking the trees in the background.


Megan if you’re reading this,  the originals of these new ones are online if you’d like to save them and have them.
Also I’ll be doing another Charity Shoot this fall… you’re invited… it’s on me!


I bet it would be interesting to go through and edit the pictures from my old jobs!
Probably a little fun…. but in the end I’m sure I don’t have the time.

There’s a business prospect in there somewhere… haha


What should I think that many of the brides I’ve taken pictures of have actually turned to pursuing photography as a profession or at least a involved hobby.
I think it’s pretty fun.


I hope to write a few more posts reviewing the past… i think it’s fun.
Was it helpful?
Any questions about the first couple jobs or that part of the history.
Many know the rest of the story of how I started getting into photography… I’ll get to that. When things around JarvieDigital start to slow down.


I took these a little over a month ago… thought I’d share them.
The pictures were picked by my PA Adele.


 011alaska-81 003alaska-356

I did this photoshoot with a lightstand. Usually I have an assistant there to hold lights.
But this made me consider the location of the of camera flash a little more carefully since I’m kinda lazy.



To view the full gallery go to


The creation of the first annual Jarvie Game

Aka JaG  – “Jarvie’s Awesome Game”
View bottom for details on game

A chance to win super duper prizes

BACKGROUND (Yesterday)

I went on a photowalk yesterday.
I was around of a lot of awesome photographers, plenty of seasoned professionals.
But there were also a few photographers who were new to the game.
Some were brand new… having bought a new DSLR camera a week before and in one case the day before.

I have taught a lot of editing workshops recently.
Lightroom editing stuff: For beginners, intermediate and advanced.

But it’s been a while since I’ve taught actual photo skills and camera tech knowledge.
How to take better pictures stuff.
I did some yesterday and I remembered how fun it was.

You can ask Suzanne and Steph about it… we did an unorganized 2-3hr session back when I first met them.
I used to do it all the time for friends years ago when I wasn’t so busy.

I want to do it again. But I don’t want to charge and I want people to earn it.

THEREFORE >> Workshop

I think I want to do an all day kinda photo workshop thingy.
There are other winning options for those not needing or can’t make it to a workshop

If you would like to know more…
see the rest of the post to learn about the prizes and how to win




 002DSC_5723 001DSC_5720

 004DSC_5849 005DSC_5852


 009DSC_5622 007_7S47391

 012DSC_5835 013DSC_5840


 015_7S48156 003DSC_5604



Taken last night at the Stadium of Fire in Utah.

Full Gallery Here









I mean well I suppose you can pose it.
But sometimes life is just even more exciting.

Sometimes your Dad’s Sister’s Daughter’s Husband just happens to be at another cousin’s daughter’s birthday party on a sunday afternoon and driving back home on a Harley and deciding it’s a little cold so he’ll put on his mask.

Seriously not one bit my idea… all his!

One small problem to overcome

And my memory cards are ALL full!!
So I quickly delete one and have exactly ONE shot to get it down.

And that folks is the story!!

Life happens and it pays to be there and be ready!! 


She’s married now so I can show off her bridals – Check out the full gallery

 001_7S29776 002_7S29773

 003_7S29767  006_7S29802  008_7S29783  016_7S29759

 004_7S29732 005_7S29834

 021_7S29870 022_7S29856

 017_7S29743  027_7S29829  019_7S29922  032_7S29813


 035_7S29748 047_7S29600

 048_7S29595  045_7S29632  033_7S29810  079_7S29832

Here’s a couple to embarrass her sisters… if that’s possible


 066_7S29878 065_7S29882

 069_7S29872  067_7S29876  103_7S29704  115_7S29657