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Me showing off my awesome family.
My talented brother his beautiful wife and their 4 wonderful kids.

Since I was the youngest it was almost as if I grew up being the older brother to the two oldest kids.

Now one of them (reminginton) is on his way to Florida.

I’ve never had the opportunity before to take typical MTC pictures… I guess this wasn’t all too typical. Then again I’m not too sure because I haven’t actually seen many.

 003_7S26687 005_7S26716



see all 300 pictures of concert here


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 063_7S25911  060_7S25930  021_7S25935  017_7S25996  020_7S25962


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I am looking for a part time employee.    
(Update: applications are no longer being taken, the response has been phenomanal)

THIS IS A LONG BLOG POST – Just so you know

My job at church (calling) is to be the photographer.

How chill is that?? Per’ Darn – is the answer.
Yeah sure it’s tons of work in comparison to other things… but it’s no different than what I do every other day.

I’ve had this calling starting back in 2005 in 3 different wards! In the 3 places i’ve lived… since that first time.

I don’t take quite as many as I did when i lived in my previous house… but still all my friends at church get hooked up with some great pictures at the activities I show up with a camera.





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When and where?
I am organizing a photo editing workshop for Saturday the 8th in the morning.
It will be Lightroom centered.
Pleasant Grove – conference room provided by photographer Jeremy Hall
Respond preferably through facebook
I’m organizing it through facebook.
So if you have that it would be prefered to login and comment on my status to get part of the discussion.
This way we can discuss and keep in contact for now.
I don’t want to go having to make a list of ya’ll and stuff.
Are you game?
Respond only if you’re certain you can make it saturday morning the 8th.
It will be in pleasant grove.
If you are sure you can make it and don’t have facebook I will give you more details.
There are a few more spots tentively open.
We don’t have unlimited space for everyone to sit and plugin their laptops or what not.
We’re thinking about 15
If it works well we could try it again.
BTW, Lightroom can be downloaded and used on a trial basis just fine.
Knowing how to edit is very helpful in becoming a better photographer and stuff.
How it will probably run down.
It’s an informal gathering. What are you expecting from my free generosity?
I’ll have a big screen so you can see the main computer at work.
I will spend let’s say about 60-90 (maybe less) going over my workflow and showing off absolutely everything about lightroom. We’ll then play around with our own stuff answering eachother’s questions.
We’ll be doing show and tell and giving eachother insights and sharing presets and techniques and stuff.
Towards the end i’m sure people can go when they want, but I’ll remain to the end to help and answer questions.
this doesn’t mean i think i know everything.
I just think we should be sharing our talents and I thought it would be fun.
Plus it’s much faster and effecient than helping people out individually all the time.
-This doesn’t include regular photoshop because… well that’s not what I’m good at.

See more here

One of my friends was directing part of the Provo music festival and got a hold of me to take some pictures.

So I did. I’ve done a couple of concerts and thought it was fun, and wanted to try some more.

Here are some of the highlights of the outdoor festival. Lighting at night was limited with the free outdoor festival but I made due.

Over 300 more pictures of the music festival here

There were only lights on this stage from one side, so there were a few pictures like this.

The castle stage had a much different lighting, not quite as unique.

There were also lots of pictures taken of the participants of the festival.
And lots of pictures before it got dark

The obligatory music festival picture of the kid with the mohawk

Over 300 more pictures of the music festival here

The scenery at the Tahitian Noni Gardens was great!

The shade we had at around 6-7 was great!

The bride was gorgeous, that certainly helps!

The dress was very memorable (and I’ve seen a lot)!

The mom was helpful (even helped with the reflector!

It was laid back and fun and totally enjoyable!

The bride pulled off smiley and modelish wonderfully!

I’ve picked too many of the pictures so I’m trying to unpick some to make things more manageable editing process.

But in the meantime enjoy a preview.

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There’s a business park on the border of provo and springeville with lots of grass a stream and a big pond. Also some nice weeping willows. I’m not sure what it’s called but I know how to get there.

It’s been a while since I’ve been so I took the most recent couple there.
They’ll be getting married august 2nd


Engagement shoot in downtown provo
I suggest starting early.
You have about 1-2 hours after official sunrise until the sun peaks over the mountain.
Yes it’s early but if they’re alright with it it’s a great time of the day with good lighting and empty streets.


I’ve edited about a dozen photo shoots since I last posted one to the blog.
As i mentioned previously I’ve just been making the large password protected galleries, so that won’t let most of you see what’s been going down.

But now I’m almost done with all my edits (for now) and I thought I’d take a moment to post a recent photo shoot.

Since the last you’ve seen I now own 2 new lenses.

Select Gallery

Full Gallery (Password)

It was hard to choose because there were seriously dozens that could all have been strong contenders for announcement pictures.


Before liftoff!

Making sure they don’t lift off.

A lot of people come for the bright colored Balloons…

Or for the Fire

Contained fire… sorry to disappoint.

I enjoy seeing the mass of people and the human interactions.

Lotsa pointing going on.


A couple of Notes
I walked up and down the route of the parade with my new fun lens.

Let me just tell you it’s much better than standing (or sitting) in the same spot for the whole parade.
It’s also nice to only live 3 blocks from the parade route.

ALSO… having a 70-200 2.8 makes a parade much more enjoyable.

I took a ton… but I’ll just post a couple of them here.
If you think I took a picture of you I can get you a link to the full gallery online.

I took my second camera with the wide/medium zoom but I hardly used it… I suppose it was still useful to make me look semi-important. haha

I also hung out with a friend Gordon who was shooting pictures for the Freedom Festival magazine.

Now for the FUN part… Let me tell you a STORY

Let’s start this off on a patriotic note!

Not as many flags but still as cool.

But don’t worry these kids had flags to spare.

These things were all over the place
… I meant the snapper things.
But yeah kids too!

More kids… some sat, some stood, others… they were more squatters.

And they liked to point at stuff


From the 4th of July Fireworks earlier tonight

Straight from the camera.
Don’t have time to edit… so I’m just tossing them straight online.

Here’s the deal on these pics…
Take them
, use them, just don’t abuse them.

My pictures are meant to be seen…

However, I do enjoy knowing where they go.

If you need larger… they’re stored somewhere else online, i can get you the gallery location if you want.