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I hear too many stories about photographers postponing photoshoots due to weather.

A few I can understand but a majority I also understand but am against. I think they’re missing out on big opportunities.

In many of those cases they just need to educate and push the clients into understanding why rainy day pictures are so great.

I guess it also takes a photographer that is ready and able to handle any weather and any lighting situation and make awesome opportunities they come accross.

I now have like 4-5 umbrellas and I think I’ll be keeping my eye out much more in the future.

In some previous posts you’ll see some more umbrella pictures too.

I think there are a fair amount of clients that seem to feel more comfortable with a prop. It gives them something else to interact with.

You can view the full gallery online here.

I’m pretty happy about this picture… I hope the rest of you all appreciate it as well. I’ll give you some background and perhaps turn it into a learning experience like I tend to do.

For those in Utah you know all about the wet winter and wet spring we’ve been having. This was a temporary waterfall that was running quite heavy just along side (and under) the road up the alpine loop. Meaning that the waterfall only exists this time of the year.

Allen and Alisa will be getting married Mid-June in DC. These are a small portion from their formals taken that day… which also included lots of different locations and started off with a first look. I’ll post more of those locations and pictures later.

But for now let’s see these awesome pictures.

We saw the waterfall, I hit the brakes and I got out of the car and started setting up. My intern set up a soft box and we got me an umbrella since it was raining pretty hard. I stuck it down the neck of my shirt because my intern had to hold the flash while i took pictures. Anyway, I got the scene all scoped out and set up and I had the groom stand in for a couple test shots.


Once I got the lighting all set I had her get out of the car and we took a couple of pictures. It was hard to communicate because it was so noisy with the waterfall and I was standing pretty far away.