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Well while I did take a bunch of pictures of just the couple the event was an Engagement Party, like a reception but prior to the wedding for those in a location that won’t really be able to make it to the wedding.

Anyway I got lots of group pictures and pictures of her friends and family.


This is her best friend that came along for the trip.


Here’s most of the group for the engagement party. There were more but this si who was there during picture time.

 037_J7S6115 038_J7S6124

I believe this is a niece





Haha, everyone will have varying opinions on the picture above. I like it.

 063_J7S5440 062_J7S5438

Her dad made the trip over from New Mexico. He’s a talker, so this is him doing his thing.




His parents made the trip over from Utah. They were chatting and I was sitting so I made them look over at me and smile.

Flooded the room with a flash



 165_J7S6252 167_J7S6254

They had the engagement party at her brother’s house. So this is her with her brother in front of his amazingly beautiful old house.


A good friend and awesome photographer David Terry asked about the lighting and settings in a picture of mine… so while I was in the midst of writing Blog Posts I thought I’d quickly turn it into a blog post… cuz why not?

So if you have a certain picture you’d like to hear the story on let me know and I might do it.

The Settings

For those that didn’t know some things you can learn about how I took the picture right on SmugMug – I leave the info enabled for you to be able to see my settings. (Scroll over the picture and click the blue “i” as in information.)

I’m gonna go check it it says I was at 8 seconds

OK so the idea was that there were people roaming around and it was a little dark so i wanted a long exposure. The tripod was in the car and lets face it I was a tad lazy at that moment… I mean I was all the way upstairs. But I was able to set my camera on the railing in such a way I felt it wasn’t gonna move much.

I did longer shots but most of them were much shorter. I kept making the aperture much smaller to get longer exposures (f/10) I also dropped the ISO for that purpose as well (ISO 250). I wasn’t gonna be able to light up the whole dang reception place with lights so the long exposure was the best.

They had turned off the main lights in the place and lit a lot of candles (you can see the main lights up at the top and how they’re off) However lights on the downstairs sides were on… they weren’t that bright and weren’t a threat of entering in directly through the lens and effecting the pictures

How it came about

Anyway so I did a few pics of just the groom because he’s into photography and always up for me expirementing. I was happy that there was some down time before the reception got into full swing… there isn’t always ops like that.

They knew what to do because we did something similar on the other side but with a much shorter exposure. But I was pushing this to 8 seconds dangit.

It worked out… because there were lots more people in this picture than what you see… in fact a child walks by the bride… right there between the table and her dress.. during those 8 seconds. So where is she… not there… because she traveled the course of the picture during the 8 seconds. They stayed still during all 8 seconds.

What you can’t see in the INFO is that I did use an LED light to light them up a bit… I probably shined that down on them for about 1-2 seconds.

You can see I put them in the shady area of the picture, with reason. The lines lead toward them. And since it’s shady that means not much light hits them meaning I can determine and control what light I was happy about hitting them.

Now for BW


Recap: Why did I decide to take the picture?

Simply because I was trying to take an awesome picture of the venue and I saw the groom walk by and called out to him and figured why not try to get them in there as well. Why Not indeed.

Here’s that


Another picture I took while up above


But I had to shoot this one at f/1.6 because of style and to get enough light to shoot hand hold

There’s a couple others I think that I have selected but I haven’t got them edited yet in the current batch… so look through the gallery later next month.


This has kind of become one of my things I do at each wedding.

First of all I always stay until the Bride and Groom leaves… though there might not be much going on and though the families tell me I’m free to go, it doesn’t hurt to stick around just in case something happens so the families aren’t left saying and remembering how there was one shot they wish they would have gotten.

I usually drag the shutter when they leave with a low flash straight at them… I’ll pan along with them and sometimes even exagerate the pan of the camera to get some fun lines.

As you can tell it’s best when they’re waving good bye… and lots of fun when the car is decorated nicely. (The people that decorated the car will be so happy with your pictures documenting their hard work)


 012_J7S8176 026_J7S8182

I love when i find good locations to photograph from above.

Remember we go through life seeing things at the 5’2″-6′ angle… change that up and you automatically add a unique quality to your pictures.

Dresses often look really good from this angle as well. These two didn’t need it but certain body types will appreciate it as well.

70mm f/2.8 if you’re wondering… I bet if I had my 50mm f/1.4 it would have a more dramatic effect but I would have had to work really hard to make sure his head was the same distance away as hers.


For the full gallery click here.


 006_7S28669 007_7S28680





 050_7S28531 049_7S28514



 093_7S29059 081_7S28899


For the full gallery click here.
 012_7S25168 051_7S24484 020_7S24590 021_7S24664 022_7S24712 027_7S25245 029_7S25375 038_7S25251

 091_7S24115 143_7S24630


For a link to the highlights gallery click here.


For a link to the entire gallery, click here.



 001_7S24492 293_7S24611

 009_7S24797 013_7S24539


Wedding and Reception were both held at the Red Butte garden.

We didn’t have a lot of time for setup portraits between the ceremony and reception.
But that was just as well as they asked me to document and not be in their face too much.

I like that style anyway capture the emotions of the day.

The Engagements and Bridals were more about creation, this one was about capturing the feelings of the day.

To see the full post.

To see the full gallery of ALL the wedding pictures.
(Warning… there’s a lot. The first 150 should give you a good run down)

I sure made that place look like a forrest!

All prepped and ready to get married.

Still hasn’t seen her. But I’m sure he’s excited.

Some Details

Tried something new with the rind.
They had beautiful toasting glasses.
I don’t have a macro lens so I couldn’t get super close anyway.

The ring shots might have been forgotten if the best man hadn’t brought it to me before the ceremony.
Props to him.

When everyone is super excited about the flowers It’s time to start taking a bunch of pictures of flowers.
Probably would have done it anyway while I waited. But I more and more I see how much the setting of their reception means to brides.

What wedding event would be complete without a picture of the cake.

There weren’t too many posed shots that evening.

There’s a bunch of shots of them standing there as they listened to the pre-ceremony speaker.
This is just on of the ones i liked the framing of.
They’ll probably like the other pictures with more expression.

Bridesmaids watching the ceremony.

Exits are always a lot of fun.

Whoever told the mom that white pedals would be better… well they were right.


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