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For those who take pictures in Utah County you’ll recognize these two locations.

But even with the popularity of these places it’s about photographing the personality of the couple so it’s them that should shine through in the locations and not the places.

And hopefully I brought a new approach to a common location.

If you’ve seen my engagement pictures before you also know that I don’t take these pictures simply so they have 1 picture for their announcement. I want them to have lots of pictures expressing their many moods, I rarely think of the announcement when I’m out there taking pictures. I do however make sure they look at the camera for a good portion of the pictures so that they can use one or two for the pictures in the announcements so that grandma can see the fiance’s face.

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Posted by ScottJarvie at June 9, 2010

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 001_7S29776 006_7S29802

Kind of the typical items in the list of bridal details are Veils, Shoes and Flowers

 005_7S29834 043_7S29652

But too often missing is a fun hat. haha

Yes not too many can pull it off.

 014_7S29764 004_7S29732

These pictures were taken early last year… I was assisting a friend. I was busy on another wedding the day of this brides wedding. Even though I got to show up at the wedding for a moment since both were at the same location.

 045_7S29632 083_7S29820


She’s married now so I can show off her bridals – Check out the full gallery

 001_7S29776 002_7S29773

 003_7S29767  006_7S29802  008_7S29783  016_7S29759

 004_7S29732 005_7S29834

 021_7S29870 022_7S29856

 017_7S29743  027_7S29829  019_7S29922  032_7S29813


 035_7S29748 047_7S29600

 048_7S29595  045_7S29632  033_7S29810  079_7S29832

Here’s a couple to embarrass her sisters… if that’s possible


 066_7S29878 065_7S29882

 069_7S29872  067_7S29876  103_7S29704  115_7S29657



 003_7S28431 001_7S28441

 006_7S28584 007_7S28587

 024_7S28729 022_7S28720

 027_7S28796 025_7S28762

 015_7S28536 017_7S28555


I’ve edited about a dozen photo shoots since I last posted one to the blog.
As i mentioned previously I’ve just been making the large password protected galleries, so that won’t let most of you see what’s been going down.

But now I’m almost done with all my edits (for now) and I thought I’d take a moment to post a recent photo shoot.

Since the last you’ve seen I now own 2 new lenses.

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It was hard to choose because there were seriously dozens that could all have been strong contenders for announcement pictures.


Posted by scott at November 11, 2007

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In a search for more colorful photos,
and because I enjoyed their presence so much on the previous occasion,
we went out in search of some more bridal pictures.
(The lighting was horrid and yet we found a couple of nice spots and some fun pictures.)

_dsc5050.jpg _dsc5069.jpg _dsc5045.jpg

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A special thanks to Misty’s sister Autumn for being a great help and delightful company.