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Oakland California LDS Temple - Early morning twilight


Chicago LDS Temple - Wet summer morningNewport Beach LDS TempleColumbus Ohio LDS Temple - Just after sunsetRedlands California LDS Temple - Clear summer daySan Diego LDS Temple - Clear summer day

Salt Lake LDS Temple - Early morning twilightSalt Lake LDS Temple - Early morning twilight
Temples Pictures: Selected, Edited and Uploaded

I have gone through every temple picture I have and selected my favorites and then from that set selected the best of those.

So far I have a gallery of 127
I can easily double that number with others that didn’t make the cut so far but I didn’t want to overwhelm people so I will stay with this quantity until at least the end of the year.

In the future I will continue to organize these galleries even more and add separate galleries for every temple


New Additions – Newsletter

I will continue to add new pictures. Including a set of upcoming Temple Square pictures with beautiful christmas lights.

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Right here on the blog I’ll say that if you order a print or digital file it is 25% off with the code “temples” (Good until further notice)

Also I will note that the prices of the temple pictures are much lower than my normal portrait prints or other travel/fine art prints.

More Discount: I will give a 55% off coupon code to anyone that signs up for my new newsletter under the section “Fine Art Print Specials” or “Anything Jarvie-esque”. (good until the end of 2011)

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WHY? Because my newsletter is and will be very beneficial for me and people interested in my fine art pictures.
AND I think it’s a very good thing for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to have a picture of the temple throughout their house to remind them of their commitments to the lord and to become better people.

With any proceeds I get you can pretty much consider will help me to fund more trips to more and more temples. But for now I’m just excited about exciting a high volume of hopefully large (impacting) prints being ordered.


Mt Timpanogos LDS Temple - Early morning TwilightDraper Utah LDS Temple - Early morning Twilight

As Stated on the Gallery

(CC RIGHTS) — You are hereby granted permission to use these pictures as they are (no derivations) on your personal computers (screensavers etc) or online for any non-commercial use so long as they are NOT used by or for an entity or website that is derogetory of the LDS church or LDS temples. Also you should clearly state who the photographer is and/or link them to my website. I retain the right to ask you to stop using the picture for any reason.

(PRINTS) — prints and non-watermarked versions of the item are available for purchase.
Special Requests, High volume prints or sizes larger than 30×40 should contact me first.

Provo LDS Temple - Colorful SunriseNauvoo LDS Temple - Sunrise  after a winter Ice Storm with a dramatic vignette.Denver Colorado LDS Temple - Cloudy summer dayWashington DC LDS Temple - Mid Summer day With reflection in water featureMt Timpanogos LDS Temple - Early morning Twilight

Temples found in this Gallery so far

  1. Baton Rouge Louisiana
  2. Birmingham Alabama
  3. Bountiful Utah
  4. Cardston Alberta
  5. Chicago Illinois
  6. Columbus Ohio
  7. Denver Colorado
  8. Draper Utah
  9. Fresno California
  10. Houston Texas
  11. Jordan River Utah
  12. Las Vegas Nevada
  13. Los Angeles California
  14. Manti Utah
  15. Mt Timpanogos Utah
  16. Nauvoo Illinois
  17. Newport Beach California
  18. Oakland California
  19. Oquirrh Mountain Utah
  20. Provo Utah
  21. Redlands California
  22. San Antonio Texas
  23. San Diego California
  24. Seattle Washington
  25. Salt Lake City Utah
  26. St George Utah
  27. St Louis Missouri
  28. Vancouver Canada
  29. Vernal Utah
  30. Washington DC


Manti Utah LDS Temple - Cloudy morning with very blue skiesSt George Utah LDS Temple - Evening twilightVancouver LDS Temple - Rainy winter morningSan Diego LDS Temple - Clear summer day

Provo LDS Temple - Early morning twilight with fountainOakland California LDS Temple - Summer daySalt Lake LDS Temple - Evening twilightSeattle LDS Temple - Rainy winter eveningLos Angeles LDS Temple - Clear december day



Way excited to be sharing this set of pictures.
It was the perfect storm of awesomeness that all came together for an awesome shoot.

 0001_7362417 0023_7362421

We took pictures for a couple hours then took a 30-40 minute break to wait for the moment when we knew that the christmas lights would come on. We were not disapointed.
I knew they were great when I was taking them and I knew she was cold and we had plenty of pictures so this flurry of pictures at the end only lasted a few minutes while the lights were on and then we were done.

 0090_7362328 0097_7362401 0096_7362388 0092_7362338 0095_7362387


Some long exposure shots just to play around (above)
And my take on the classic window shots (below)


 0009_7361974 0058_7361969


Oh Christmas tree

 0043_7361773 0040_7361738 0046_7361779 0041_7361740 0048_7361783

 0006_7362289 0020_7362305

Funny Story. It was so windy she actually lost the veil and it flew high into a tree… it took us 5-10 minutes to get it down. We pinned it in later.


 0010_7361629 0011_7361650

Our locations outside were determined by where the wind was less and where the ground was cleaner


Lighting determines posing sometimes.

 0005_7362264 0038_7361717


The dress was a star and I treated it with photographic respect

I am MORE than happy to work with dresses from this dedicated and unique designer so look her up: or

 0073_7362099 0014_7361896 0049_7361881 0050_7361897 0017_7362096


The bride was a star… she was a natural… she did her thing and let me spend more time and mental effort in doing my thing.


Often you’re just trying to tap all the photographic wealth of places on the grounds of a beautiful place like Temple Square in Salt Lake City that you don’t often get to travel very far away.

Not that this location is even that far… but it mostly happened because prior to entering into the temple we had a “First Look Session” which was the first time he saw her in her dress.
We did lots of the locations that one would typically do at that point in time so after their ceremony in the temple we were certainly less rushed.

This particular shot happened mainly because we were all parked in the Conference Center parking lot and she wasn’t changing in the temple but going as is.
So I asked if they wanted a few more pictures.

Now there are certainly lots of amazing pictures from the day but this location was probably amongst my favorites because I’d never done it before. I also think it’s very modelesque of them.

And I love the colors… I know most people love warmer colors but this was December – winter time – and it just fits for me.



I’m calling this one a sneak peak because then I’m allowed to do a more in depth post on the pictures later… maybe break them down a bit.

Whereas I want to show off how I shoot, why I take the pictures I do (for both clients and aspiring photographers) this’ll just be a “Look-At-These-Pictures” gallery




 007_J7S4321 009_J7S4329 011_J7S4332

 012_J7S4239 014_J7S4268




 023_J7S4841 022_7K00308



 047_J7S4253 039_J7S5152

Well I said this was gonna be a sneak peak… so maybe I should stop it here… there are lots more


Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

(Above is a picture from a wedding… done 5yrs ago)

Oh how times have changed.

Back in 2005 I did my first wedding. By september of 2005 I was doing the 3rd? wedding… i think. My prices were a bit lower (and by a bit I mean the geo metro vs. steam roller comparison) But you know I’m a bit better (queue similar comparison)

Now and then

It was funny to edit an egnagement shoot I took this week compared to re-selecting re-editing pictures from 5yrs ago. I end up with more useable and awesome pictures in a simple engagement shoot than a full day wedding.


(Above – from engagements Done this week August 2010)

The thing is I never had complaints… not even back then. They always seemed to be very happy with what they got. Most all of them are still great friends and follow the blogs and communicate on facebook. They know the deal they got back then, back when they were poor college student and 300-500$ for a wedding was a the extent of their budgets and I was the right man for the job.

What changed

Photographers will often cringe looking back at what they did so long ago… and try to convince people they’re not the same person.

  • What I’m doing is going back and saying maybe it’s not what I’m doing now but… a big part is the finished product…
  • I didn’t have the lighting set ups i do now… Flashes or Reflectors
  • I didn’t have bunch of  $2k lenses i do now.
  • I didn’t have assistants.
  • I was using a D70 a kit lens 18-70 3.5-5.6
  • There was no bluring of the backgrounds and I think this was even before my big purchase of a 50mm f/1.8
  • Oh and did I mention the experience of 140+ weddings

But what can I do about it now??

Well I teach simple quick edits in lightroom to vastly improve pictures. There was no Lightroom when I did this wedding… the first Beta of lightroom even came out after this.

We can’t redo what we did 5yrs ago… but we can re-edit.

What do I have at my command now?

  • A calibrated Monitor 30″ to improve my ability to really see the picture.
  • I can focus on color quality of which the d70 vs d700 nikon has come a LONG way
  • Using an old 17″ screen back in those days compared to my 30″ now I can really tell which pictures are in focus!!
  • Lightroom can help me cheat back a bit of in-focusness into pictures.
  • D70 had lots of noise so tadah the noise reduction of LR3
  • I now know if the colors were butt ugly how split tones desaturations and even convert to B&W can help.
  • Did i mention I can do all these things and re-edit a full wedding in a fraction of the time it took back then.
  • Doesn’t hurt that I’m editing much mucho less pictures. Partly because I’m just choosing less and because I had less good pictures from weddings back then.

I know many are just skipping to the before and afters and skipping all this write up. But keep in mind these aren’t a before editing after editing… these are the finals that I gave them back in 05 probably editing on photoshop elements

Oh and keep in mind I’m re-editing JPGs

How do I feel about the past?

Ask me if I’m proud of what I did in 2005…. Do it… ask me?

Yes… yes I am. For what I had and the training I had, the equipment, the times of day I had to shoot. The situations… I rocked it! They certainly got their money worth. They were taking a big gamble on me and it turned out alright for them. All of them… I’ve always charged less than I could have. Which made the gamble and the investment a bit easier to bare.

Aint such a bad strategy to under charge and over deliver. After all I owe my career and lifestyle and dream job to the trust that these couples put in me. That and the 15hrs a day for 5yrs straight.

Should you pay for something like this now?

Would I hire someone for $300 for that level of work now? No way! The cameras are soooo much better… the color quality alone is crazy better. The amount of training available to people just 5yrs later… they better be tons better than that.

plus there has been 5yrs of a constant influx of better photographers and lots more good hobbiests. That that level doesn’t cut it for 2010 even for free. But for 2005 people were pretty happy with that stuff. And as we’ll see the framing and moments and stuff were still there. Not perfect but they were pretty snazy.

But dang that D70 had terrible colors (reminds me of the canon 50d bad) and that lens wasn’t sharp… but then again I was shooting at some high f-stops.

Imma gonna show some side by sides now… I’m about done reminiscing.

Deciding why they were the way they were.

These pictures almost look like I had started shooting RAW but hadn’t figured out that RAWs absolutely have to be editing because it’s required… whereas JPGs are already edited by the camera software. So I don’t think I knew how to handle working in raw quite yet.

That being said I’m not even editing the RAWs since I can’t find them. But I do have the JPGs so It’ll be a bit different to edit them.

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

(Above … the original of the same picture at the beginning of the post)

ORDER: New edit, (sometimes BW), Original Edit from 2005 (at the end)

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

To go through all old pictures and present re-edits of the pictures go here

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

 0152005-09-03 (Stell - Wedding)-DSC_0777 2005-09-03 (Stell - Wedding)-DSC_0777

Some more edits after the break




 001_3S22991  007_3S23347

There’s overcast and then there’s White Overcast… where the sky is pure white with no definition to it and it provides no unique or warm glow like some types of cloudy days. So to say it was challenging is correct.


 008_3S23588  011_3S23624

 013_3S23664  015_3S23712

As you can tell I’ve really been loving twilight these days.
I searched around for the area with the most frost on the trees in bountiful.
Some random country road.


We pulled up to the location and it just kinda occurred to me that the car had lots of light power… why not use it.
I know it’s nothing terribly ground breaking but it was the first time for me.

I used the car lights on all the twilight/night pictures.

Stay tuned for the reception and luncheon pictures… I tried a new lighting style that I’ve never done before and they turned awesome.


Almost like a yearly tradition to go take pictures of the lights on Temple Square.

For the first little while I was thinking about what I was going to focus on.
Some photowalks I spend most of my time sharing techniques with people asking.
I thought this time around since I had all my stuff I’d focus on taking some really cool pictures.

But turns out I didn’t do much of either.

This time around I really didn’t spend much time taking pictures.
I primarily played around with shooting video.

I did snap out a few pictures in between videos.
And here they are.


The photowalking event was a great.
There were a TON of people.

A bunch of people I haven’t seen in a long while.
And a Ton of people i didn’t even know.

Seems like when it gets colder and all of us don’t have as many photo-shoots these activities get bigger and bigger.

I did miss having Steph and Suzanne there like last year.
And I wish I had been able to keep up with David and Carissa but I was too slow and didn’t really get around too much… we shot a lot on one small area.

But in the end I got a sexy new profile picture for facebook by Antonio

 006_DSC3794 009_DSC3763

So the real question is… what in the world do I do with the 90 video clips I shot??
I’m really clueless. Isn’t film all about how you intertwine the clips.
Well I don’t want to add that to my plate as well… that’s too much.

I can upload them to smugmug and put them on the blog… but they weren’t really informational… I think.

It was fun taking the clips… I just wonder…


 012_DSC3814 021_DSC3808



 003_7S44029 030_7S43959


The hand in the air just makes me laugh… lots of other good faces too.




This type of shot has become my “Thing” for each leaving shot.



‘Things are clicking. (Pun intended)

I’ve got some fancy new toys like new lenses and lighting stuff.

I’m working better with all the people coming to assist.
It’s a lot of work getting each person to know what to do specially when it seems i have to deal with someone new each time.
But i’m getting better at it and showing them their job faster and better.
While still keeping the connection with my clients.

Things are starting to get even busier around here with 3 weddings each week for the next few weeks.
It’s just about the right time to start getting in a groove.

And I think I’m in a groove, taking things to the next level.

I’ve been spending a bit more time on lighting my pictures.

ALSO, after years trying to get faster at editing… I think I’ve slowed down.
Sometimes I’ll edit all the pictures then go back through and see what I missed.
Checking a second time to see how I can improve the pictures.

Yes maybe I don’t have tons of time for it at the moment but i think it will help step up the level for times to come.

The plan is to do Fewer jobs and focus on them a little more.
(Which happens to mean an increase in price, but shhhh don’t tell anyone. haha)

I hope you all have enjoyed what you’ve been seeing these days.

The following set is from the SLC library in case you wanted to know the location.

Finding and working a new location on a whim… Pays off.
Don’t you just love the reflection off of the glass.

 002_7S49230 003_7S49234
The one on the right looks almost fake. For some reason it just came out that way. I did add a bit of vignette.

 051_7S49255 056_7S49356 043_7S49162 039_7S49414

I admit it’s not the perfect wedding picture, but as a regular kinda modely picture for some reason I love it

Girls love their veil, their ring and romantic moments… so that’s a 3 in 1


The question was posed on how I’m gonna photograph 3 weddings in one day.

Crazy Coincidence

First off it’s all about fate. It’s crazy how it all worked out.

All three inquiries were for SLC LDS Temple.

I don’t charge per hour… I charge for the day and give the couple the full reign of deciding what’s going on that day. Which makes it even more uncommon for me to do 3 weddings in one day.

Speaking of coincidences

I did a photoshoot monday, tuesday and wednesday this week so far… and each has been an engagement shoot.
It just so happens that they were each for the three weddings I’m doing on the same day in May. 

I will post pictures soon.

First Wedding 

Well the primary wedding that booked me first isn’t getting married at the temple until about noon. So that’s when i need to be there then then have a reception that night in Alpine.


So a little while ago i did a teaser of pics I did Dec 19th at the Salt Lake Temple.
Here’s one of the pictures i put on the post.


Well i’ve finished the pictures from the temple. And put them online

Highlights first Full Gallery
Chronological Order Gallery

Here are some more results.







 014_7S26739 015_7S26827


 036_7S26609 037_7S26634



They were set on being happy no matter if it were 80 degrees and sunny or 30 degrees and snowy.
They could find the silver lining and there was no stopping them being exesively happy!
And why not they were meant for eachother and… heck they had the two best photographers this side of the solar system!!

Just putting up a little teaser of what promises to be many hundreds of pictures.


 008_7S26613 009_7S26684

We did get them out of the snow for a few shots. :)

I’m much more caught up on everything so I’ll post some of the recent stuff I’ve been doing.

Just a quick post of a couple pictures

Latest wedding I’ve finished editing.

SLC temple… Young Mexican Couple.

There are some awesome silhouettes and the trees on temple square were brilliant pink.

See Online Gallery

Update: I’m more on the ball today so I’m adding some pictures to the blog.

Saturday on a beautiful spring day…
it’s not common to not have a picture without a billion people in the background.

This is what I call a moody picture.


Everyone will probably love the pink trees but this will still be one of my favs