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Listen Up Friends

Things should be hopping in 2012

Don’t consider the following post my official official announcements on any of these items but I am presently planning on the following…

Stay tuned for more info and better yet SIGN UP FOR THE NEW JARVIEDIGITAL NEWSLETTER

What I’m Planning – In Chronological-ish Order

1. Several Months of Traveling Everywhere to do a mixture of the following:

a. Presentations

b. Full day Portrait and Flash workshops

c. Travel Photography

d. Open Booking Portrait Sessions

e. Photowalks and Meetups

2. Big Photo Event in Utah which should include

a. Festival of Color / Holi – photoshoot – Check my past pictures

b. Photo Competition – The first Photographic Decathlon

c. Print Competitions

d. Meetups and get togethers and possible classes or workshops

(Held the last week in March… so clear the calendar)

3. Workshop Bootcamp

A 12 day 12hr a day workshop held in Utah early May

Covers pretty much everything.

Which may be combined with an exchange internship-like option.

4. Bolivia Travel Workshop

A 11 day travel and landscape workshop combined with the help of The Colby Brown

Happening the end of May – Beginning of June

5. Wedding Season

Yes I’ll still continue to do weddings and am even leaving a significant amount of space open for the summer season to book weddings.

I will also be willing to book weddings during the time I designate as “Traveling Everywhere”… people just need to jump on it soon.

6. Europe

I will be in Europe for an extended period of time starting at the end of the summer to do a wedding.

I will stick around for more “Traveling Everywhere” based on interest of those in Europe. See #1

7. More Traveling Everywhere and Anywhere

When I get back from europe I’ll continue to be willing to go wherever people want to see my smiling face and do some of the things found in #1

8. Meanwhile the whole time I’ll be working on putting together a super gallery of Fine Art Prints to make your walls happy.

So this should provide at least one awesome reason to sign up for my NewsLetter where I can send updates and more official information on all of these Items.

Any of these things of interest?

  • Portrait/Flash Photography Workshops
  • Travel Photography Workshops
  • Online Photo-Workflow Training
  • Internships and/or Workshop Bootcamps
  • Free SmugMug Presentations
  • Events, Meetups, Photowalks etc
  • Future Photoshoots with Jarvie
  • Deals on Client Prints/Products
  • Updates to and Specials on Fine Art prints

You can specify the areas of News you’re most interested or just get all the info. Here on the signup for the Newsletter


In fact just sign up for the Newsletter Here

Why? Because all the cool kids are doing it… and it helps me distribute the information.

It makes Jarvie Happy.

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Interested in…

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Our (Photography) Crack Dealers

145 Google+ users that work for some of our favorite photography services and stores

(AKA: The people that bring us the products and services we couldn’t do “our thing” without.)

Version 1 – The list is growing, *please share more* in the comments here or on Google+ and I will update. And of course like all good lists re-share it.

NP = No Public Posts

Meaning they haven’t, yet, posted anything publicly.

So think before you add they might not be the most exciting to follow

TOG = They are also photographers who post photography stuff on Google+

If you have additions submit to me – On This Post

BH PhotoVideo (19)

Adorama (11)

Pictureline (1)

SmugMug (44)

onOne Software (2)


This post has been created and written by attendees of the 10 day JarvieDigital Bootcamp 2011 – (Interns for summer 2011)

(Photo by Laurel Scott)


Bootcamp Day 7 – The Wedding

In the morning we just worked in the office – working with workflow some more, including keywording and editing in lightroom.
Practicing rating for the first time was great – because just seeing which images one picks each time through is a little different. Just comparing the images to the good ones around it makes it a lot easier to choose the good ones. And the more times you see an image, the better – so the images at the top of the rating pyramid have been seen the most times and picked accordingly.

About Lightroom: when it comes to editing, faster is better – so there may be more than one way to do something, you want to do it the way that will be faster in the end. If you have to darken something and lighten other things because of it, maybe it would’ve been faster to just selectively darken instead, or vice-versa. Saving time is always vital – so the faster you can do something the better. Don’t get complacent.

Key-wording – is important!

(Photos by Laurel Scott)

The wedding:

We then headed out to the wedding, which was a great experience. In a lot of ways, there was a lot more going on at the wedding than at the other things we’ve been to. Having to work around all the guests is a lot different than working with only people who are there for a photoshoot. So being conscientious of the wedding guests is very important. The way the guests perceive the photographer is a very important aspect of photographing a wedding.

One thing that seems overlooked when it comes to weddings, is when it is okay to take a small break. You have to know what the schedule is for the wedding, and about when different things will happen so that you can always be ready for the really important moments. You don’t want to be off changing your gear or anything else when they suddenly cut the cake, throw the bouquet, etc.

(Photos by Laurel Scott)


(Photo by Angela Terry)



In the morning we more fully introduced to SmugMug. This is where Scott has his photos in galleries for clients to view their photos but it is also capable to order the prints. So a client can go into their gallery in SmugMug, at their convenience, and view their pictures and then also order them. From there Scott gets a notification via email and he can then do any edits the couple requests and then send the order off to the printers. The prints get sent right to the client. Pretty Cool.

We also worked on key-wording. Key-wording is very beneficial. If you keyword your pictures in Lightroom, it can then transfer over into SmugMug and it is easier to sort the pictures by keyword then by picking through all of them one by on.

At night we went to a wedding and reception. I learned it helps to have extra people around to organize the wedding party for pictures. I also worked a lot with my ISO. Working it with the low lighting and working in a group without getting in the way. I want to get the picture, but not be in the way of our client’s fun.

I think that is the most I have gotten out of this whole week experience is learning my camera better. I don’t do a lot of indoor pictures, or low lighting pictures. I do mainly natural light. So this has really helped me learn my camera better, improve my skills and stretch myself to be a better photographer.


(Photo by Jeff Bushaw)



Starting the day in the office, Scott showed us some of the basics of a photo hosting website called SmugMug. He uses this as his primary hub to not only show his photos to his clients but as a side benefit the website also serves as an online portfolio as well as a way to “grab” those photos from one central point and pull them into other sites such as this blog.

The next thing we learned was keywording through Lightroom. This can be a small or a huge task depending on the photoshoot your working on. However big the task may be, the time spent doing quality keywording can pay off when it comes to internet searches and searches within your own sites. From a marketing standpoint, you of course always want traffic coming to your sites so you may bring in business. From a website standpoint, it is beneficial to navigate directly to the type of content you are looking for. Keywording is essential for these to work efficiently.

Scott then did some photo editing teaching inside of Lightroom. I am fairly familiar with the functions of the “Develop” module within Lightroom. However, Scott taught some very valuable lessons within this. My editing in the past could easily take 5-10 minutes per photo. For me this has always been unacceptable. Scott teaches that there are things you can do to turn many long steps into just a few quick steps. Therefore saving huge amounts of time. In addition, where in the past, I wanted to perfect every single photo, I now look for the very best photos and spend slightly more time on them and less time on the ones that simply were not the greatest. Making the decision on which ones to do with with is achieved through a rating system that is built into Lightroom and utilizing Scotts method of using that rating system.

(Photos by Jeff Bushaw)

That evening…Wedding time!

Its amazing how knowing certain things in life can help you in something seemingly unrelated. Im sure you all have heard about football coaches having their players take ballet lessons to strengthen their awareness and their abilities to use their bodies. The same thing happened to me today. We as photographers strive to enhance our abilities to see photos within the place we are located. In addition to this, we strive to “see the light” that is available or possible for that particular photo. Having done the learning we did today in Lightroom actually helped me to see even more than before. Through the rating system, we also learned the things that can make up a strongly rated photo. Through the editing system, we learned what a photo or photo situation can become, not just what appears to be.

Photographing this wedding was wonderful. We were lucky to have a beautiful couple, a wonderful family, a very nice location, and just a very good “visual” event to photograph.

Great Day

(Photo by Jeff Bushaw)

(Photos by Jeff Bushaw)

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Another day of Jarvie Window pictures… feel free to get the pictures of yourself and use them as your avatar online. All good with me.

Sunday pictures could be found here

Monday pictures can be found here

and yesterday’s pictures can be found here

If you already visited a gallery looking for your pictures but couldn’t find them… it is probably because they weren’t uploaded yet. The internet connection is pretty bad here at the MGM as I’m sure you know. So check again.





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It was a hit last year at the SmugMug party and it was again this year.

I will say that the D7000 has a lot of trouble focusing without light. Seems like the D300s does a much better job with lack of light (not perfect… but better)

Feel free to follow the link to the gallery and use these pictures. Use them… make a gallery on facebook… profile… whatever. I know photographers sometimes worry about this but you have my full permission to use them.

I have a lot of fun at these parties because I get to meet people taking pictures… in fact I’m sure I’d have a lot less fun if I wasn’t “working”

So I’m glad SmugMug lets me come and spread the joy.

I’m happy everyone loves the pictures so much… glad to know I’ve helped contribute in some small way to the world of photography.

Next year we’re doing some Badge Bling… some ribbons which will read “I Looked through Jarvie’s Window” – If there’s something better let me know. Many thanks to Brittany Cascio for the idea. Hope it’s cool and fun and people like the idea.

We’ll see you next year at the party.

I’m hear til thursday so come find me around anywhere. Twitter me at @jarvie

We’ll get you some more pictures … while you’re sober … or specially if your picture turned out blurry.





See the gallery here

Please allow time for all 200+ pics to upload to the site on this slow Hotel Internet


 009_7K00862 012_7K00715

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Last year was the first be unveiling of the style known as Jarvie Window

It later went on to be featured on Strobist and Photofocus and for lots of random photographers around the world to use the style at weddings and other such events.

It’s been a lot of fun seeing what’s happened since.

I do these pictures at every wedding and the guests (and bride and groom) have a lot of fun with it.

I like to think of it as the new PhotoBooth

In any case each day I’ll be sharing some pictures taken from the previous day.

And so it goes from WPPI 2011 day 1 (sunday)

See them all – Gallery


Pictures are presently uploading… so I’m gonna go play down at the convention floor… if you’re at WPPI make sure to look me up, you’ll see me walking around and will probably see me at the SmugMug booth and the SmugMug party which is tonight BTW




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Free class tonight, part of the monthly photography group sponsored by SmugMug. We’ve decided to actually make it on the subject of SmugMug itself.

To let us know you’re coming and to be informed of future month events sign up here. Group page here

There will be a beginning and an advanced track. I will be teaching the advanced track.

I will cover things like.

  • Coupons,
  • Watermarks,
  • Quick Galleries,
  • Smart Galleries,
  • Integrating with Lightroom,
  • Organizing in Lightroom,
  • Customizing,
  • Analytics,
  • Pricing,
  • Batch Downloading,
  • SEO options,
  • Event Marketing and favorites…
  • Basically anything that smugmug has worked on recently.

It’s in Lehi tonight at 7pm beyond those details you should sign up to see the rest.

If you have special requests on what to talk about let me know here. (or tonight for any Q&A)

The beginner class will be taught by Dustin Bess

I might do more of these SmugMug presentations around the country so if you’re interested let me or SmugMug know.



So i’ve decided to pick a day each week where I can do all the training and events I’ve been wanting to do and people have been requesting.

So TUESDAY is the day each week I’ll organize some king of photography event whether big or small.

It’s already the day once a month that I’m in charge of organizing the Utah County SmugMug User Group (which is open and free to all)

Next tuesday will be our first meetup (a BBQ in Pleasant Grove) so this consider this my Plug for everyone to come meet other photographers and eat food.


I will be announcing each tuesday event on this FB GROUP – and it’ll send out an invite or a message each time an event is coordinated

So seriously sign up for that group so you get updates.


This is for Anyone interested in photography.

For instance the next week after the BBQ is a special class for Beginning photography tips… I think it will be perfect for the parent wanting better pictures of their kids to those wanting to turn photography into more of a serious hobby (or business)

You’ll find the events listed on that group page which did I mention you should sign up for

I will reserve the right to charge for an event once a month depending on the type of event. But this will mean that 3 out of the 4 will remain at a cost… and on the other nights it’s appropriate to bring food and treats.


Last night was the first night and it was very successful not because a ton of people could come with 1 day notice but because we all learned a ton about lighting. We experimented a bunch with lots of lighting style and it was fun.

I didn’t take any pictures and I enjoyed teaching and assisting with the lights and reflectors.

Here are a couple of the pictures taken by Whitney Lewis with lighting set up by yours truly and processing ala me as well.

 001DSC_3641 002DSC_3644


A few of the interns of Whitney Lewis got in on the mix being the models

Becky (below) traveled 2hrs from Delta for this event and said after it was more than worth it… so I don’t want any complaints about the location… even if I do these at the office so I don’t have to travel more than 10 steps


Let’s get down to business announcing a few things.


I’m heading the Utah County SMUG. (Smug Mug User Groups)

What is that? It’s a photography group meetup, sponsored by SmugMug but anyone can come even if they have no clue what SmugMug is… just a chance for photographers to get together, network and learn stuff. Oh and eat!

The SMUGs will be typically once a month on Tuesdays with guest speakers and fun events. If you have ideas pass them along.

In addition to guest speakers, possible photoshoots, training, we’ll probably combine past UPES events as well as Meet the Photographer events that more or less ceased when I no longer had a projector.

Yes people from other counties are invited just as we’ll be announcing and encouraging you go to the SLC SMUG group which meets every 3rd wednesday.

BBQ – Smug (September 14th)

The first event for us will be September 14th – It’ll be different. It’s a photographer BBQ – It will take place in Pleasant Grove at the residence of Jeremy Hall. More information to follow.

FLASH CAMP (September)




When I made the decision to cut back on the number of weddings I made a decision to put more work in the weddings I do.

One of the things I started doing was double checking my edits, then triple checking and each time finding quick fast improvements that would make the pictures way better.

(More about it in Posts to come)



After those looks I would go back through and select pictures I think would look great in black and white. Now days after working on thousands of these I can often spot the picture that will look best in B&W but sometimes I have to double check by converting it quickly and then converting it back.

In Lightroom the shortcut is “V” you can check to see if it has potential if it does make a virtual copy and then make the second copy the one that will be B&W the shortcut for virtual copies is ctrl+’

I often find myself selecting the pictures with the most emotion and usually my favorite pictures are given that second B&W look.

One extra benefit

An extra benefit from turning pictures B&W is that going through the pictures is yet one extra look at them. And when they’re in B&W you often pay so much closer attention to exposure levels because colors (specially bright colors) are not playing with your perceptions anymore. I’ll therefore turn B&W see what needs to be done and make corrections before I create the virtual copy… so i don’t have to do things twice. B&W is also great for paying closer attention to making things sharper.


In times past I would tell my clients I could turn their pictures B&W but hardly anyone made reqeusts of me… I took that as a compliment that I was practically perfect. haha But in the end I figure they just don’t know what it might look like, and they might choose pictures that don’t look good in B&W

A little more history is that when I first started photography I wasn’t a fan of B&W… it seemed like cheating to me. I’ve grown to love it and recognize for me it’s spot in my work.


Another fun thing I’m doing is creating a gallery of all the images from the session that I converted to B&W.

Usually I leave a copy in color because it often never fails that you do Only B&W and they’ll ask for the color… so if I just have B&W I either think the colors weren’t anything special or I was lazy and might pay for it later, it was probably an afterthought picture anyway.

To create a gallery of just B&Ws in Smugmug you’ll have to start in Lightroom (or similar program) keyword every B&W … I use the keyword “bw”

How to select all B&W the fastest… go to gallery go to the filtering options > select metadata options > change one of the columns to “treatment” > you’ll see you can filter by B&W > select them all > keyword them “bw” > then export > then upload to smugmug

In SmugMug: Add a new gallery seperate from the gallery that contains ALL pictures from the event the B&W gallery will be seperate with nothing to upload > when you get to the uploading section instead select Make Smart Gallery > select the from gallery option and select the gallery with all the pictures then add another qualifier and use that one to select by the keyword > then make sure to select the option that requires ALL requirements otherwise it will select all pictures from that gallery and all B&Ws you have on smugmug.

Anyway check to see if it works and then you have a gallery of all your B&W from that shoot


Uribe Wedding B&Ws

Jensen Wedding B&Ws

Fernsten Wedding B&Ws



I have a lot of pictures on SmugMug which gives me peace of mind in case something ever happens to my SmugMugPro.Luckily nothing has
I have a lot of pictures on SmugMugPro which gives me peace of mind in case something ever happens to my DroboPro.
Because I could use a cool program and download the images.
Luckily nothing has ever happened to them and I’ve never needed the pictures because of something bad going wrong. If I did need them I could re-download them from SmugMug for my clients. I did however once need the pictures while on the road away from the computer.
MANY TIMES i’ve wanted to put them on facebook, not just one or two but most of the album… I used to rt click on each picture… then I learned it was much faster to drag and drop into an album. Now i’ve learned it’s much faster to use a program that’ll download them for me, like all at x2 size and then upload to facebook.
Why get them from SmugMug? Because it preps the pictures to look mighty nice on facebook which is known to have problems… it also puts my watermark on, which saves me tons of time.
What’s out there
I have always used AlbumFetcher which works perfectly and only works for Windows. I haven’t used RapidFetcher which I’m told is cross platform.
SmugMug Downloader Review
But I tried out SmugMug Downloader which is a Java app – so I’m assuming it’ll run on both mac and windows. It looks nice, it seems simple. But it’s lacking a ton of functionality. I wonder if they’re just gonna keep it simple or make it more robust and usable?
For one: I have a client needing their pictures like right now for a political campaign. This program requires a password which I’m not going to give to a client. I also don’t see where to select the size pictures you want to download. Which makes it so it doesn’t help me out.
Organization can only be sorted in 3 ways and one of them is not date gallery was created. So for someone with almost 1000 albums of pictures yeah it makes it hard.
But I will say kudos to trying it out and making it look nice. I would hope there are some people out there with some good use of this program.
For now if you’re on Windows Album Fetcher is pretty complete.

I have a lot of pictures on SmugMugPro which gives me peace of mind in case something ever happens to my DroboPro. Because I could use a cool program and download the images.


I really do Love SmugMug as much as you think I do!

Glad I offered to help them out this week at WPPI in Las Vegas.

The party was way fun… and I’m not a huge party guy.

I lasted way longer than most parties at the MGM suites.

People seemed to be having a lot of fun.

People flipped about the Jarvie Window… I’m serious, like they were floored… and frankly I was flattered often.

And this is a party of hundreds of professional and mostly Full time photographers.

(You guys are all awesome)

I’m just happy that I can share it all with you. Hope to see the awesome things some of you do with it.

So true to fashion the full gallery will be uploaded to a SmugMug gallery.

Please be patient with MGM internet for all 300+ pics to upload. Later tonight.

Not only I give you permission but 1000% encourage you to make Facebook galleries or email or blog or Avatar them (Many have asked)

So have at them and tag these people… because frankly I can’t remember everyone and it’ll be a while before I can get the time to get them on facebook.

 011_3S26109 017_3S26312 022_3S25801 037_3S26277 040_3S25766 016_3S26309


Those coming by the SmugMug booth today at WPPI will get pictures like these.
Just ask for Jarvie – or even Wade.

We’ll get them posted the next day.

You folks from yesterday… check out your pictures here

Don’t forget the SmugMug Slumber party tonight –
I’ll be there… you’ll recognize me because I’ll have the funny looking thing on my camera.

Scott Bourne was in heaven me thinks.

OK so maybe this one wasn’t as creative or funny… but she’s gorgeous.

And the guy below had awesome eyes.


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Did an impromptu SmugMug training, setup a new SmugMug account live and then went through pretty much all the functions of SmugMug
It was a first I’m sure for me to a group (and not just interns one on one) and it was a first for all that came.

Lots of pleased individuals when I left… I heard a lot of positive responses to what SmugMug has to offer.
My way of saying thanks to SmugMug for being great and dealing with me and all my massive amounts of pictures.

There was a suggestion by a couple people at the end of the evening that perhaps we could all write a comment if you were there. Everyone was passing around business cards and perhaps felt this was a good way.
I of course wouldn’t mind at all the comments… and feedback would be great, as well to show SmugMug how good a time we all had. haha

I have written posts in the past.

One on my yr (1TB) anniversary with the company. A review

Another to do a review and a wish list for their new coupons system

In continuation some Notes



In the past I’ve stated that there are 3 areas in the process of creating a good end result in photography.

  • 1. Take good pictures
  • 2. Pick good pictures
  • 3. Edit good pictures

Help with #2

Sometimes #2 can be the hardest
(assuming the talent for #1 and #3 has been well instilled in the photographer)

So today I enlist your services, a sort of crowd sourcing.