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Posted by ScottJarvie at January 5, 2011

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This is Sara – She’s my sister. We were both visiting the Fam for christmas so I did a photoshoot.

She lives in Mesa Arizona and works for ASU

She’s done photography a whole lot longer than me. She continues to do it part time.

We call eachother and talk photography all the time… a lot of where I’m at is because I had a consistent and great sounding board to all my ideas over all these years. So a great thanks to her.

It’s her birthday today and it’s a good oportunity to finish up the edits and post these pictures.

I took a bunch more but this is what I’ll grace the blog with today.

Her photography can be found on her BLOG and her WEBSITE

Also you can see where ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHERS did a highlight on her

As a side note I am JarvieDigital because she claimed JarviePhotography just a bit before me… and it’s been great!

 001_J7S4467 003_J7S4507

I didn’t use my typical off camera flash option this day instead I used my big 15×15 LED panel. This was one of the first times doing it and I know people have asked for a write up on it… but that’ll need to come later.


 018_J7S4549 022_J7S4396



She really wanted snow… so the ones of the snowy ground and the above one with the flakes falling are perfect.



This is our mother… a nice mother daughter shot

And below our completely normal father. haha


 038_J7S4361 045_J7S4471 046_J7S4477 028_J7S4468 026_J7S4450


I suppose many of you do not realize how much a fan of “Car Photography” I am.

No, not pictures OF cars… but pictures FROM cars.

I find a great satisfaction from taking an awesome picture while being really lazy, and that means taking it while in my car.
Some of my favorite images and favorites of others were taken while in a car.

I’ve turned it into a science… I could go on an on for a couple hours about the finer techniques of “driving photography”

Of course I do consider myself somewhat of a documentive photographer, I’m more concerned with capturing the image and capturing LOTS.
I don’t have a pressing need or desire to come away with the ONE shot… I like lots. (motivated by one of my future projects)

When I travel I’m always wanting to see what’s around the corner… I don’t want to stick around here.

(Above) For this picture I stopped and rolled down the window, because I just couldn’t handle not stopping… the light was too amazing

(BELOW) For the following I didn’t roll down the window… I shot through the window… no… actually it wasn’t clean.
But I couldn’t worry about it, it was clean enough and the site was drawing me in so much I just had to.


So I shot straight through the front window.
In fact I didn’t stop for this one… I suppose I was still going pretty fast, but these pictures were taken at 2.8 pushing the shutter speed to 1/8000th


Here you can even see the outline of my dashboard.

Warning: Do not attempt at home 😉 – I am not only experienced at this, I’m a long time veteran and very cautious, and a tad crazy.


I’ll try to do more posts talking about my travel photography and driving photography if people are interested.



This is pretty much all I took pictures of this day… on the road back from San Diego


Let this be a lesson to never cancel just cuz of weather.
Just be prepared.
Know how to make it work.

It might mean you have to different stuff than on a more normal day.
But that’s how a good photographer and a good photo shoot goes… Roll With The Punches.


This was slated as an 8 hr formals shoot.
I didn’t realize it was a 2 and a half hour drive so it ended up being 6 and a half hours long.
I had several people asking me how in the world we’d be able to go for that long when most times it’s more like 2hrs.
Well I just told them several times to be prepared to work hard too… that’s 6-8hrs of modeling, it’s a two way road.

They were naturals and since they knew and picked how long it would last they never once complained and were totally into it.
What an awesome photo shoot.

By the end her hair was totally wet and nothing like when they started… but we adapted and adjusted just fine.
And we actually all stayed pretty warm.
We had a lot of traveling in between spots… abt 2hrs driving in the car… that was the saving grace.
Being able to warm up from time to time and to reset and find new places with new pictures.


Just cuz it’s snowing doesn’t mean you’re excused from not laying on the ground.
You better have prepared for what you’re wearing to get down and make the shot happen.
If she’s in a wedding dress in 6 inches of snow you can lay down once or twice.

Thank goodness for a lightstand so that the assistant can park the car while you take advantage of the last reminents of twilight.

 006_DSC4406 005_DSC4212

On the left is a spot he was planning on for a while and very excited about.
On the right is a spot he’s probably past a hundred times and never even noticed… but I saw on the way down and new we’d need to stop there. Both winners!


I took 1400 pictures many reasons
They were really good looking
We shot for so long
I loved the locations
When snow is falling you have to take a bunch to avoid the snowflakes showing up in bad spots like in front of their eyes.

But the picture above was in the first minute of shooting and is amongst my favorites.

 009_DSC4464 007_3S24544


They did a great job at expressing emotions in their pictures… and that’s something you can’t really pose.

 010_DSC4623 011_DSC4759

Backlighting… my new play around thing.

There’s tons more pictures from the day as you can guess check out a small highlights gallery here
View the rest of the blog post to see more too.

i’ll be editing a couple hundred more for them when I get back from my travels.
If there’s interest I’ll share more.



OK so I can’t honestly remember the last time I was caught up on my editing.
I think it might have been February… but then again maybe it was last November.

And as of this morning… well I still am not. (Kinda)
I’ll always have something to edit.
I could a few road trips I’ve never touched or even Europe pictures (2006)

But as far as shoots I’ve done for money… well I think I’m pretty much caught up! Hurray.
And I think I’ll stay pretty caught up all the way until the christmas rush.

Here are pictures from the last shoot I did… get this… Friday (two days ago)
These were for an old friend Jason.
He grew up in Park City so that’s where we went.
This was the 3rd time downtown park city to do engagements… and I’m happy say we did all new places.
Park city has a lot of photographic spots to offer.

 001_DSC2620 052_DSC2624





I specially loved how they were creating snow on the slopes and they were willing to go stand out in the field to get some… it was way cold there. (Much warmer downtown)

 005_DSC2491 042_DSC2495


Since they met skiing they’ll probably like this one.


I love how in photography you’ll travel an hour just to get a picture of the sky.

 009_DSC2570 028_DSC2600

The mayor of park city was here and he offered to get them married right then and there. In the end he just gave them a free print.



We were done but I just had to try out one last shot. Looking back i should have done more on this (meaning more poses to choose from)

The Rush is coming

It’ll be another fun and crazy christmas like last year, maybe just as much or more driving but with only 4-5 states.

Then a nice lull again to start getting on some projects that are long since needed to get rolling.


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 001_7S24506 003_7S24539
For complete gallery click here.
 006_7S24604 007_7S24544

 015_7S24392 017_7S24452 012_7S24651 020_7S24527 011_7S24450 038_7S24312


 048_7S24440 087_7S24268

 056_7S24497 068_7S24574

 107_7S24341 121_7S24377


 011_7S20468  019_7S20317  021_7S20363



 025_7S20408  054_7S20486  016_7S20602

 001_7S20434 008_7S20342

 017_7S20613 013_7S20549


 007_7S20326  029_7S20540  010_7S20413  014_7S20574


On new years eve day morning we went up the canyon to take some pictures.
Just remember to wear some good shoes and you should be fine :)

We did the Aspen Grove area and then went down to Vivian Park

Full Gallery – Highlights First

Full Gallery – Chronological



 022_7S22516 023_7S22523



 009_7S22443 004_7S22293

 010_7S22295 011_7S22306





Not to far where I always stop to get pictures of Wild Burrows i came accross a once in a while occurance.


I’ve driven that strip and many others have as well… and they’ve never seen them.
They’re always there… it’s just a huge wide expanse of nothingness so they don’t cross the road all that often i bet.

Good thing the camera was on the seat next to me because I slammed on the brakes and tried to fire off as many as i could.

They aren’t as sharp as I’d like… but they happened so it’s a happy day!







Aren’t the painted ones the coolest ones? I should have really focused on them… but it all went by so fast that i wasn’t really paying attention i was just clicking.




They were set on being happy no matter if it were 80 degrees and sunny or 30 degrees and snowy.
They could find the silver lining and there was no stopping them being exesively happy!
And why not they were meant for eachother and… heck they had the two best photographers this side of the solar system!!

Just putting up a little teaser of what promises to be many hundreds of pictures.


 008_7S26613 009_7S26684

We did get them out of the snow for a few shots. :)

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Here’s one of the scenes that I was specially proud of from recent trips

It was about 1 degree outside (not counting windchill) and I was heading out of town back to St. Louis that morning.

So like many of the pictures you’ll see in these upcoming posts I wasn’t about to get out of the car. But i set my settings skidded to a stop on the 1 inch of ice on the road and backed up and pulled forward to get the perfect pics


 005_7S28804 002_7S28804

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Finished up a photo shoot at the Canyons and was heading home and decided to take advantage of the first fallen snow of the year (a light dusting) and the unique light that was shining through on the fall colors.

To see the full gallery go here

To see the full gallery go here


This is totally for real.
A 5 minute walk out on the lake on a nice sunny day with nothing but white surrounding us.

Pretty crazy stuff.
I’ve been wanting to do pictures on a frozen lake for a while.

It was worth the wait.
And thanks to my new D300 camera it handled the exessive amounts of White very well.


Select Gallery

Full Gallery









Julie and Christopher got married on a snowy day In Provo

For a part of the pictures snow was coming down pretty hard
Julie was tough and stuck through some rough weather as we rushed through some cool pictures…
In the end they turned out awesome and unique as a result.

It was a fun day and things worked out well.

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Here’s some of them having fun in the snow storm







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Adam& Krystal

It was a cold snowy day but we got done things pretty fast and kept all our limbs in-tact.

They had an Open house in the Logan area and a reception in Provo

There are plenty of pictures in Full Color
However I enjoyed most of the pictures in B&W and DuoTones

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