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I took these a little over a month ago… thought I’d share them.
The pictures were picked by my PA Adele.


 011alaska-81 003alaska-356

I did this photoshoot with a lightstand. Usually I have an assistant there to hold lights.
But this made me consider the location of the of camera flash a little more carefully since I’m kinda lazy.



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I had the honor of taking pictures for Susan Hartwig.
Her roommate came out to help with the flower and dress and helped me out some on the reflector.
Dawnee Ray came to help out and have the opportunity to take some pictures…
a special thanks to her as some of the pictures come from her.

She looked beautiful and we had a great time.

_u116379.jpg _u116223.jpg _u116249.jpg

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This is the spot where I first took pictures (bridals and engagements) It had been a long time since I had visited and the first time I have ever seen it so packed with people getting pictures taken. We all behaved ourselves and got to take pictures everywhere we needed, except for the grove, because of a “kind” man who insists that there is a point where center street no longer becomes public property. (Who knows he might be correct)