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Oakland California LDS Temple - Early morning twilight


Chicago LDS Temple - Wet summer morningNewport Beach LDS TempleColumbus Ohio LDS Temple - Just after sunsetRedlands California LDS Temple - Clear summer daySan Diego LDS Temple - Clear summer day

Salt Lake LDS Temple - Early morning twilightSalt Lake LDS Temple - Early morning twilight
Temples Pictures: Selected, Edited and Uploaded

I have gone through every temple picture I have and selected my favorites and then from that set selected the best of those.

So far I have a gallery of 127
I can easily double that number with others that didn’t make the cut so far but I didn’t want to overwhelm people so I will stay with this quantity until at least the end of the year.

In the future I will continue to organize these galleries even more and add separate galleries for every temple


New Additions – Newsletter

I will continue to add new pictures. Including a set of upcoming Temple Square pictures with beautiful christmas lights.

To stay connected with news of any substantial additions to this gallery simply sign up for my new newsletter under the section Fine Art Print Specials
With every bit of news about new prints will be a corresponding discount code for print discounts.


Right here on the blog I’ll say that if you order a print or digital file it is 25% off with the code “temples” (Good until further notice)

Also I will note that the prices of the temple pictures are much lower than my normal portrait prints or other travel/fine art prints.

More Discount: I will give a 55% off coupon code to anyone that signs up for my new newsletter under the section “Fine Art Print Specials” or “Anything Jarvie-esque”. (good until the end of 2011)

Yes for many products 55% off is barely the break even amount.

WHY? Because my newsletter is and will be very beneficial for me and people interested in my fine art pictures.
AND I think it’s a very good thing for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to have a picture of the temple throughout their house to remind them of their commitments to the lord and to become better people.

With any proceeds I get you can pretty much consider will help me to fund more trips to more and more temples. But for now I’m just excited about exciting a high volume of hopefully large (impacting) prints being ordered.


Mt Timpanogos LDS Temple - Early morning TwilightDraper Utah LDS Temple - Early morning Twilight

As Stated on the Gallery

(CC RIGHTS) — You are hereby granted permission to use these pictures as they are (no derivations) on your personal computers (screensavers etc) or online for any non-commercial use so long as they are NOT used by or for an entity or website that is derogetory of the LDS church or LDS temples. Also you should clearly state who the photographer is and/or link them to my website. I retain the right to ask you to stop using the picture for any reason.

(PRINTS) — prints and non-watermarked versions of the item are available for purchase.
Special Requests, High volume prints or sizes larger than 30×40 should contact me first.

Provo LDS Temple - Colorful SunriseNauvoo LDS Temple - Sunrise  after a winter Ice Storm with a dramatic vignette.Denver Colorado LDS Temple - Cloudy summer dayWashington DC LDS Temple - Mid Summer day With reflection in water featureMt Timpanogos LDS Temple - Early morning Twilight

Temples found in this Gallery so far

  1. Baton Rouge Louisiana
  2. Birmingham Alabama
  3. Bountiful Utah
  4. Cardston Alberta
  5. Chicago Illinois
  6. Columbus Ohio
  7. Denver Colorado
  8. Draper Utah
  9. Fresno California
  10. Houston Texas
  11. Jordan River Utah
  12. Las Vegas Nevada
  13. Los Angeles California
  14. Manti Utah
  15. Mt Timpanogos Utah
  16. Nauvoo Illinois
  17. Newport Beach California
  18. Oakland California
  19. Oquirrh Mountain Utah
  20. Provo Utah
  21. Redlands California
  22. San Antonio Texas
  23. San Diego California
  24. Seattle Washington
  25. Salt Lake City Utah
  26. St George Utah
  27. St Louis Missouri
  28. Vancouver Canada
  29. Vernal Utah
  30. Washington DC


Manti Utah LDS Temple - Cloudy morning with very blue skiesSt George Utah LDS Temple - Evening twilightVancouver LDS Temple - Rainy winter morningSan Diego LDS Temple - Clear summer day

Provo LDS Temple - Early morning twilight with fountainOakland California LDS Temple - Summer daySalt Lake LDS Temple - Evening twilightSeattle LDS Temple - Rainy winter eveningLos Angeles LDS Temple - Clear december day



I know I did a post with a link to all the pictures from the trip in a recap… but I’ll continue with the 3 remaining days with a post for each
So this is post 12 of 15

Above – Sunrise
Below – Sunset


We did sunrise on the north end of the island and couldn’t really find a good spot so I focused mainly on the sun itself with the waves in commotion.
We found some of our best sunset (in this case twilight) at the south end of Oahu.
Small parks with no one at them that had a good view of stuff in the distance.
It was nice because they had some good palm trees and there were a couple surfers who came in right before dark.



 029_DSC2339 004_DSC2308



 019_DSC2031 016_DSC2408




I think some of our best spots for sunrise and sunset on oahu were at random, non-popular parks on the south of the island.
Probably not having a ton of sand and with waves braking way off in the distance this made it so.
But we seemed to be in a bay with land jetting out, right to where the sun was rising (in this case)

 003_3S01230 008_3S01479

At sunrise and sunset there will be surfers either entering or exiting for the day.
It’s fun to shoot both.

We then went to one of our favorite beaches and that was Sandy Beach.
Skim borders (or whatever they’re called) are great to photograph because they ride the shore breaks… and that means they’re close.


 005_DSC0909 016_DSC0914

Palm trees are Hawaii Iconic … we often added them into the shots.
Seems like we took so many pictures of the sun coming up or going down adding a great foreground became the search.
Having an extra wide 14-24 was nice because these trees were practically straight above me.


Again changing up the foreground can help spice up something that everyone takes pictures of.

More of Oahu and the PCC after the jump


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Having just a bit of time to pump this out I’ve opted to split the posts.
It’ll work out great because this day was naturally divided because it felt like 2-3 days in one.

The second half was comprised of thanksgiving.

But for the first half we wondered on a dirt road for hours going partially around the big mountain on the big island.
We could have gone all the way around but it would have taken most of the day and we needed to be back at noon for thanksgiving meal.


I loved loved this road. I want to go back.
So in the middle of no where far from anywhere, and yet you’re on an island, so how far can you really be.



I was so happy to shoot turkeys on thanksgiving day.
These wild ones are too skinny to make us want to pull out real guns.
A camera will do.

 003_3S09043 009_3S09043


(Above) We did some time lapse with the tripod sticking through the top of the roof aimed at the road ahead.
We were very crafty on the setup. (Tip superclamps don’t really fit anywhere on the jeep, need something with a bigger clamper)

In reality the passenger will often sit in this position as we drive the back roads.

see more after the jump



It was amazing because it was my first ATV / 4-wheeling adventure.
It was Alaska.
It was 10hrs long and I saw sunrise and sunset and only a couple hours of dark.
I came back so dirty from dust and stuff… I thought that was pretty cool.
I went straight from the ATV ride to airport… no shower or nothing. That was funny.

And besides all that the pictures were kick butt!

I have gone a lot of places this year and I don’t think I’ve edited very many if any of the landscapes, being so busy with Job shoots.
But i took a break from all those shoots to sit down and have fun with these edits.
It took a lot longer than wedding pictures take, but pulling an all-nighter helped.

I did a lot of work on these so I want to show them all off… but I can’t here on the blog so you’ll have to see them on SmugMug


 009alaska-316 002alaska-66

This was early morning on the way back.

Sun was finally dipping behind the mountains. I shoved my camera down on the ground in front of these plants and hoped for the best. haha

Sun was barely coming back early early in the morning.
We were in a rush that morning to get me back to my plane… but I had to make a few stops on the trail to get these.
Kind of bummed the ATV acceleration is done with my camera hand, makes shooting while driving much harder than in a car. haha


This actually wasn’t the ATV trip, it was right after when we went to return the ATV
Taken with me half way out of a moving truck shooting opposite direction over the fields.
FYI: Camera was set to cloudy White Balance for the warm feel and the shutter speed way up since it was a moving vehicle.


This is what they were talking about when they wrote of Purple Mountain Majesty!

 033alaska-309 029alaska-246


This was our final destination.

(See more after the break)


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Here’s one of the scenes that I was specially proud of from recent trips

It was about 1 degree outside (not counting windchill) and I was heading out of town back to St. Louis that morning.

So like many of the pictures you’ll see in these upcoming posts I wasn’t about to get out of the car. But i set my settings skidded to a stop on the 1 inch of ice on the road and backed up and pulled forward to get the perfect pics


 005_7S28804 002_7S28804

Antelope Island’s buffalo roundup… thought I should put some buffalo on here.

Antelope Island just before sunrise.

Marina at the island and some pretty cool reflections


First time out to Speed Week out on the Salt Flats.

Not only was this the first time to Speed Week: Known to some as the last true amateur racing competition.

But it was also my first time to the Salt Flats in the 7 years I’ve lived in Utah.
I’ve passed by them on I-80 more than a dozen times… but I’ve never stopped.

It was a fun and interesting experience.
It really is a cultural experience to be around so many speed loving car centered men.
But I did see A girl there and she was even cute.

I went not only to see what it was like but to hang out with a couple of Utah Photographers that were also going for the first time.

My Tips:

Everyone says where sun block (everywhere) – I would agree but I didn’t and was fine. But I was only there 3 hours and that was 6:30am – 9:30am

Get there before 7am. That’s when sunrise is best. 6:30-7:30. Plus they don’t seem to start taking money until 7am. And they also let you go almost anywhere before 7am.

Try out some stuff along the pits and towards the end but the action is happening at the start, so that’s probably where you’ll spend the majority of your time.

There’s a lot of clutter, but the scenery is surreal so if you find an excluded car/bike you’ll be happy.

Talk to people becuase they’re more than willing. (They’re there a week waiting around for a race here and there. it seems to be a place where they come and hang out with like minded people)

And now for the pictures:



Before liftoff!

Making sure they don’t lift off.

A lot of people come for the bright colored Balloons…

Or for the Fire

Contained fire… sorry to disappoint.

I enjoy seeing the mass of people and the human interactions.

Lotsa pointing going on.