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It was short and sweet and yet I got so much done. I was able to take pictures of about 15 groups of people.

From families to couples to individuals.

Groups ranging from 1-7ppl

To see all the pictures see the highlights first gallery OR the by shoots chronological gallery


 0100_7363818 0101_7363763

1. Engaged Couple


 0105_7362959 0106_7363105

2. An Individual

 0123_7362944 0124_7362946

3. A Family


 0110_7363030 0144_7363037

4. A Random Family I don’t know


5. A couple and their cousin

 0191_7363262 0216_7363394

 0114_7363388 0113_7363370

6. Married Couple

 0134_7362976 0150_7363055

7. Sisters



8. Random Highschool kids


 0187_7363243 0185_7363240

9. Random College Students


 0227_7363422 0231_7363429

10. Boyfriend Girlfriend

 0244_7363471 0241_7363461

11. Another random family


12. Newlyweds


13. Past Wedding Clients



14. Myself (setup by me and then taken by Jon Barker)

 0118_7363693 0282_7363704

15. A couple



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The 5th annual Charitable shoot… will look something like the pictures below

Did you come from the Newsletter


This is the 5th annual charitable shoot and while I’m sad I didn’t have time to do it earlier while it was warmer that’s just how it goes.

But the new format should help with that.

We’re taking several groups for each slot and rotating shots for each location. Meaning you can keep warm in between.

This also means you’ll have more locations with unique lighting setups.

It will also have the feel of a group party. haha


It was a vote between Sand Dunes and Salt Flats and the Dunes won out. Almost 2 to 1 surprisingly.

So December 10th I’ll be there for most of the day taking pictures of people for the 5th annual charitable shoot.

Should be awesome since it’s a FULL MOON that evening

Temple Square

It’s a popular place for people to enjoy the holiday mood.

And the lights in the background are awesome backgrounds

I will provide shoots that don’t include the temple for any non-LDS individuals as well.


To look at availability and check to see times and places Go to this Calender

when I book you in I will add your name or families name in that shoots Details (on the calender) double check you’re on that.

All times are approx and may last longer than stated

I will take small groups of 4-5 and if they are larger I might take a group less

Day 1 and 2 – Christmas Lights – Dec 2nd (Friday) and Thursday December 8th (same schedules)

Shoot 1 – (3pm) Daytime shots – (Suitable for non-lds)

Shoot 2 – (4:30) Sunset-Twilight W/ temple (Non-lds might want to skip)

Shoot 3 – (6:30) Nigh Lights (Suitable for non-lds)

Day 3 – The Dunes Dec 10th

Shoot 1 – (3pm) Late Afternoon at the Dunes (You are welcome to go into town and have dinner and come back later that night)

Shoot 2 – (4:20 pm-5:40) Sunset and twilight (with a special apperance by a full moon… stay a little longer if you’d like)

Shoot 3 – (6:30 – 8pm) Full Moon and Night skies and stars
(long exposure pictures with fancy light setups. Not a lot of pictures but they’ll be cool… this is the Full Moon day it rises at 5:25 so come early if you can)

About the Format

In the past I’ve given 15 minutes to each group.

This year I will book longer sessions and for each set up I will photograph each group.

This way we get more locations and it’s a bit less running around for me.

I also get to focus on more unique lighting setups

So this is why I’ll have abt 4 groups per time slot.

While it’s not your turn I suggest staying warm and getting to know the other people you’ll be grouped with.

To Select/Book your slot

I will book by email.

Those wanting a slot should send at least their top 2 choices (in order) and then check the calender to see if they’re listed in the details of the shoot they wanted. or maybe they’ll even get an email if i’m feeling over-achiever

Example: A: Day 1 shoot 2 … B: Day 2 shoot 3

TELL ME: If you are on the Newsletter … so I don’t have to go looking through the names. I should remember who all was at the gallery, but you can do the same.

Provide Phone # and how many will be in the shoot


Will go first to those that came to the Jarvie Gallery opening then next to those on the Newsletter

If you didn’t do either of the two and for some strange reason still don’t want to do the newsletter and select the section about future photoshoot specials like this one.

Then send an email anyway and if there is still space I’ll see what I can do.


The Dunes are a 90 minute drive south of Provo toward Delta Utah

It’s a abt $5 entry fee into the dunes… bring cash.

The dunes are one of my favorite places to shoot and it’s even more exciting it’s full moon.

Here’s the GoogleMap –

That end point is the exact parking lot I will be parked in.

I will probably be at my car or up the small hill on the west side of the parking lot


If you’re late just Go up the small hill and look around… we shouldn’t be too far away.

Again if you see my car you know you’re in the right place

Temple Square

I won’t bother with a Map you better know how to get there.

We will meet in the lobby of the JSMB or right infront of the reflecting pool (possibly on the grass)

Just look in those two locations it’s simple.

Recognizing me

I’m the one with lots of camera stuff including lightstands and small soft boxes and flashes and a big camera. I also look like myself. I’ll be wearing black. There might even be a small group of people around me looking like they need pictures.

AFTER THE SHOOT – Prints etc

I’m doing these shoots for free but I’m not giving you free stuff afterwards

Well actually you can use any of the pictures with the watermark for FREE online for any non-commercial purpose… Facebook Google+ blogs etc… all good, all free.
But as for prints… You can buy the prints dangit… haha
Or purchase the files online to make your own prints.
I’m not giving away the rights to the pictures.

I know holiday cards are popular and people often buy the 4mp version for $15 and then take the file to costco and make small prints. Perfectly OK with me.

I will specially price the usage rights to the entire gallery … I’ll figure out the low-average of pics I take and price accordingly.


In order to get the shoots out fast… I will do my best to find the absolute best and work on just those pictures. My best will have to be good enough for you.
This means if you’ve shot with me before don’t expect a billion pictures like last time.

Large Groups

You might not like the time i’d be willing to give your group … I’m gonna treat you just like the other groups. If you’re ok with mostly small subgroups or individuals that’s cool. But organizing a large group takes time and is hard on my lighting setup when I want to go fast. You might get one large group and I make no promises it will be awesome. It’s a 90 minutes drive to the dunes for that gamble and temple square is a hard place to do a large group this time of year.

Clarification: A family with a bunch of kids is not a large group… it’s when the kids start having kids as well.

I openly welcome decent sized groups of individuals as I’ll get to focus on the individuals for most of the shots.

Roommate pictures: I specially welcome groups of roomates they have tended to be the most fun.

Individuals: Are the easiest shoots for me and therefore the funnest

Warning Punks

If you’re a difficult person to work with please don’t come I don’t want to hate doing these free shoots. Stop expecting the world for free.

Photoshop: If you want to photoshop and swap heads or something like that… I’ll let you do that or forward you to my contact. Unless of course you purchase a large picture then I’ll hook you up.

Schedule your very own shoot.

$300 for family pics (buy rights and prints through me) $600 with rights/files

There’s no time limit and we can go to wherever you’d like.

Staying warm:

  • Bring a big coat you can remove for pictures.
  • Warm shoes
  • Toe and hand warmers (i might have some)
  • Hot chocolate with extra for me ūüėČ
  • They sell hot chocolate at temple square right outside the JSMB
  • Don’t be a whimp!

More examples

Sign Up for the Newsletter for future updates like this


Way excited to be sharing this set of pictures.
It was the perfect storm of awesomeness that all came together for an awesome shoot.

 0001_7362417 0023_7362421

We took pictures for a couple hours then took a 30-40 minute break to wait for the moment when we knew that the christmas lights would come on. We were not disapointed.
I knew they were great when I was taking them and I knew she was cold and we had plenty of pictures so this flurry of pictures at the end only lasted a few minutes while the lights were on and then we were done.

 0090_7362328 0097_7362401 0096_7362388 0092_7362338 0095_7362387


Some long exposure shots just to play around (above)
And my take on the classic window shots (below)


 0009_7361974 0058_7361969


Oh Christmas tree

 0043_7361773 0040_7361738 0046_7361779 0041_7361740 0048_7361783

 0006_7362289 0020_7362305

Funny Story. It was so windy she actually lost the veil and it flew high into a tree… it took us 5-10 minutes to get it down. We pinned it in later.


 0010_7361629 0011_7361650

Our locations outside were determined by where the wind was less and where the ground was cleaner


Lighting determines posing sometimes.

 0005_7362264 0038_7361717


The dress was a star and I treated it with photographic respect

I am MORE than happy to work with dresses from this dedicated and unique designer so look her up: or

 0073_7362099 0014_7361896 0049_7361881 0050_7361897 0017_7362096


The bride was a star… she was a natural… she did her thing and let me spend more time and mental effort in doing my thing.


2 days ago we talked about coming out of the SLC LDS Temple and some group shots… and more or less about the beginning of this wedding.

Read It

We shall now continue

We’ll focus on the kids themselves and then next edition we’ll end off with the reception


I think this is a picture one of my interns took as I was setting up a shot… he got in close and photographed this neat moment. Go Will!

In any case you’ll notice a distinct usage of plant life in their pictures… a couple of reasons, she loves plant life, she studies it up at Utah St and she is even did her reception at Cactus and Tropicals and so I’m thinking I’ve done more than a few weddings at SLC Temple so I wouldn’t mind at all focusing on some places I haven’t been to a lot since often I’m focused on the building.

OK let’s meet them

This is Bret

 276_J7S4914 102_J7S4916

He’s older than you think… not like ancient or anything but he’s older than his brothers who we kinda met last time.

And this is Michelle

 279_J7S4917 289_J7S4959

OK we hope to hear from Michelle and Bret later with their stories and advice from the day and hopefully learn about what pictures are special to them with some fun stories why.

But for now I took a quick peak at the pictures she posted on facebook to see what she was liking.

She put up that first one

A couple of my favorites I put up last time

 001_J7S5171 003_J7S5095

And there’s nothing like a good ol fashion straight smiling at the camera kinda picture.


Last wedding story was quite the read wasn’t it? Hope you enjoyed it.

I’m thinking about cutting this one down in more manageable chunks… plus it means that I get to string it along for more days. I mean I wasn’t supposed to tell you my tricks. I suppose it’s more like a mini-series with jack bauer just about to do something crazy right at the end and you have to tune back in to see what happens in the next installment.

So here we go.

I was here


This was the first picture of the day… I took it to test out the camera. I just got my 14-24 2.8 back from the shop not too long ago and I missed it for getting cool architecture stuff.

So we so often show off when LDS bride and grooms come out of the temples… like their mini-revealing and unveiling. Their version of walking down the aisle.

But what happens prior to that moment… the non-lds (mormon) in the audience might find this interesting.

I’ve often seen many photographers just sitting in a waiting room waiting for their bride and groom… they’re missing out… this is time to get to know the family and get some of those candids and solo portraits.

Such as…

 404DSC_1848 400_J7S4631 401_J7S4635 071_J7S4599

 205_J7S4596 069_J7S4594 072_J7S4602 073_J7S4609

Then the moment comes… they come out.

Many times for the actual ceremony she’s wearing a different more subdued dress and so she goes and changes into her wedding dress, so often this really is the first time most have seen her.

Except of course her mom who probably went with her dress shopping (with the card) and her sisters who she played dress up for, of course. haha

But I present Mr. & Mrs. Spencer

 407_J7S4663 075_J7S4664 076_J7S4669



 003_7S44029 030_7S43959


The hand in the air just makes me laugh… lots of other good faces too.




This type of shot has become my “Thing” for each leaving shot.



‘Things are clicking. (Pun intended)

I’ve got some fancy new toys like new lenses and lighting stuff.

I’m working better with all the people coming to assist.
It’s a lot of work getting each person to know what to do specially when it seems i have to deal with someone new each time.
But i’m getting better at it and showing them their job faster and better.
While still keeping the connection with my clients.

Things are starting to get even busier around here with 3 weddings each week for the next few weeks.
It’s just about the right time to start getting in a groove.

And I think I’m in a groove, taking things to the next level.

I’ve been spending a bit more time on lighting my pictures.

ALSO, after years trying to get faster at editing… I think I’ve slowed down.
Sometimes I’ll edit all the pictures then go back through and see what I missed.
Checking a second time to see how I can improve the pictures.

Yes maybe I don’t have tons of time for it at the moment but i think it will help step up the level for times to come.

The plan is to do Fewer jobs and focus on them a little more.
(Which happens to mean an increase in price, but shhhh don’t tell anyone. haha)

I hope you all have enjoyed what you’ve been seeing these days.

The following set is from the SLC library in case you wanted to know the location.

Finding and working a new location on a whim… Pays off.
Don’t you just love the reflection off of the glass.

 002_7S49230 003_7S49234
The one on the right looks almost fake. For some reason it just came out that way. I did add a bit of vignette.

 051_7S49255 056_7S49356 043_7S49162 039_7S49414

I admit it’s not the perfect wedding picture, but as a regular kinda modely picture for some reason I love it

Girls love their veil, their ring and romantic moments… so that’s a 3 in 1


Latest wedding I’ve finished editing.

SLC temple… Young Mexican Couple.

There are some awesome silhouettes and the trees on temple square were brilliant pink.

See Online Gallery

Update: I’m more on the ball today so I’m adding some pictures to the blog.

Saturday on a beautiful spring day…
it’s not common to not have a picture without a billion people in the background.

This is what I call a moody picture.


Everyone will probably love the pink trees but this will still be one of my favs


I’m not Just being lazy…
but to prevent a certain fiancee from accidently seeing these pictures
You’ll have to click on the link to see these bridals for now

They were taken in SLC at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building
She really wanted indoor shots and this is the most common place
And because it’s common it’s also no cost or reservation… that I know of.

Are there other good indoor spots in SLC??? If you know… let me know!

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