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Check out the rest of the photos we have up online from the wedding day on the SmugMug Event!


Not your typical vegas wedding I suppose…


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 002_7S23874 004_7S23887

Palm trees aren’t as common in Utah. Glad I get to travel so much!


Nice blue skies with cool clouds!… wonderful for these kinds of shots!

 005_7S24181 006_7S24189


 010_7S23933 009_7S23960

 012_7S23958 014_7S23969

 020_7S24128 019_7S24122
It’s a bit easier with good looking models.

 022_7S24158 023_7S24171



Posted by scott at May 15, 2008

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It’s always bright and blue at the bountiful temple.
Makes for great shots from the magnificent view up on the hill.
Still would have prefered cloudy, but I’ll take deep blue skies as a consolation.

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Julie and Christopher got married on a snowy day In Provo

For a part of the pictures snow was coming down pretty hard
Julie was tough and stuck through some rough weather as we rushed through some cool pictures…
In the end they turned out awesome and unique as a result.

It was a fun day and things worked out well.

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Here’s some of them having fun in the snow storm