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Posted by scott at May 15, 2008

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It’s always bright and blue at the bountiful temple.
Makes for great shots from the magnificent view up on the hill.
Still would have prefered cloudy, but I’ll take deep blue skies as a consolation.

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Latest wedding I’ve finished editing.

SLC temple… Young Mexican Couple.

There are some awesome silhouettes and the trees on temple square were brilliant pink.

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Update: I’m more on the ball today so I’m adding some pictures to the blog.

Saturday on a beautiful spring day…
it’s not common to not have a picture without a billion people in the background.

This is what I call a moody picture.


Everyone will probably love the pink trees but this will still be one of my favs



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Posted by scott at December 9, 2007

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Adam& Krystal

It was a cold snowy day but we got done things pretty fast and kept all our limbs in-tact.

They had an Open house in the Logan area and a reception in Provo

There are plenty of pictures in Full Color
However I enjoyed most of the pictures in B&W and DuoTones

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Genny and Dan’s wedding at the Los Angeles LDS temple and reception in Pasedena

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Full galleries require a password : from myself or the wedding couple

Couple, Temple, Group, Reception, Luncheon and others

Doug & Emily

There were 4 parts to their wedding pictures :
Pre-Wedding Pictures, Temple Pictures, Reception and Luncheon








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Pre-Wedding Pictures
Temple Pictures
Reception & Luncheon

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dc_u117240.jpg dc_dsc7623.jpg dc_u117230.jpg

Pictures from the most recent wedding at the South Jordan LDS Temple.

Full Galleries : Temple | Couple | Reception

Harsh sun gave the bride a sunburn and provided some harsh shadows but it also provided a beautiful blue sky and striking clouds and I dealt with the shadows with a strong flash and some fancy editing.





Posted by scott at June 21, 2007

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manti_u113109.jpg manti_u113089.jpg


Small gallery of pictures from a recent trip down to Manti Utah


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There are 2-3 pictures that were taken by a friend and edited by myself such as…
I’m not sure who it was because I let a few people borrow the camera.



Well for the first Photo Post I suppose I’ll do the most recent pictures.

Monday I went to thanksgiving point and spent a couple hours with Rachel and Andrew. They’ve already been married for a little while, but I suppose they just didn’t get wedding pictures taken when they got married.

So they dressed back up and even had a couple friends come. It was Andrew’s birthday present to Rachel and I thought that was very sweet. Afterwards he took her to a surprise birthday party and I stayed at Thanksgiving Point gardens taking pictures (which maybe I’ll get around to posting)

Willis 5Willis 7

There are more images…