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My blog posts hope to reach the following people in the following ways. (No particular order)

1. The client

By showing them their pictures in a short succinct recap, and giving them a quick method to show their pictures to their friends and family.

2. The clients friends and family.

By offering them a short recap of their friend or family member.
And also provide a link to the full gallery so they can see more if desired

3. Potential clients

By showing them what kind of work I’ve been doing recently.
After 4-5 years I keep on getting better every shoot.
It’s great to see many pictures from one shoot and know that I don’t just take a small handful of good pictures at each shoot.
Thus the longer posts

4. Friends and Family

Because they say they like to see what I’m up to.
They like to look at pictures. Or so they say 😉

5. Other photographers

-I think that’s a huge bulk of my audience.

I write many posts of photographers interest only.
Posts with tips and tricks directly mainly to photographers, specially the aspiring and learning types.

I also try to include teaching moments through almost all of my posts.
Like for instance, this post.

 002_DSC2063 004_DSC2037

That being said.

Here’s the link to the FULL GALLERY


 007_DSC2057 008_DSC2057

This couple has yet to be married.

I’ll be in Hawaii when they get married.

They opted to do their wedding pictures on a previous day.

Why do people do their pictures on a previous day?

  • They’ll thus have these pictures in time for their wedding reception or dinner.
  • They’ll also have lots more time on their wedding day.
  • They won’t freeze as much on their wedding day. (popular for winter weddings)
  • We can pick any location.
  • We can shoot at any time.
  • It’s tons cheaper.
  • They can even get another photographer to do group shots if I’m not available.

Why do I like formals?

  • For many of the same reasons:
  • We can shoot at any time. (not just smack dab in the middle of the harshest light)
  • We can take our time and focus on better quality. (Wedding days are often very rushed)
  • We have more fun.
  • I can do more weddings this way.
  • They can show off the prints at the reception.


This one is the product of Spencer … he decided he wanted to pick her up.
I welcome ideas, I don’t know what all a couple is wanting or willing to do.

Any when it comes from the couple themselves, it’s bound to be the favorite… because it was their own idea, their own moment.




Posted by scott at August 19, 2008

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I figure if I put posts before i get around to posting picture
I’ll get around to filling them up sooner than if not.
But at least I can put up the link to their gallery online.
(Which I always do quite quickly)

UPDATE: Here’s a picture
Apparently it’s one of their favorites.
I liked it… but I was unsure what their reaction would be.



The lambson wedding was in Salt Lake City and the Reception on the mountainside of Provo.

Believe it or not it was actually my first outdoor reception
I guess it’s not a common thing around here in Utah.
But I really really liked it.

It was all very picturesque… even though it becomes near impossible to take great pictures toward the late part of the evening.
But some of them at sunset and dusk are awesome and pleasently moody.

I’ll be doing a few more this summer and I’m looking forward to each one of them… though I doubt any of them come close in terms of amazing views.
(You could see the whole valley from the lawn!)

That being said until I get the time to post some of the pictures you can find some here:
Lambson Wedding Pictures

I couldn’t figure out how to organize them like I usually do (the first few pictures are supposed to be of the happy couple)
I should re-upload them now that I know how to do it in this new release of Lightroom.

BTW Sam Lambson knows how to do web-programming and we actually bartered in exchange for his wedding pictures.

Programming time = wedding pictures

I would offer that same deal to any web-programmer out there… I always have projects in mind.

In fact I prefer Programming to Money…. hands down!!!


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