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I love sharing what the people in front of the camera think about their photoshoots. When they share their thoughts and feelings and tips I think all people learn (future clients and other photographers reading the blog)

So this is what the mom from this phtooshoot thought about her short session from my Free Fall Photoshoot and some of her favorite pics.


We were fortunate to get in on the charity shoot and I’ve chosen my favorites to share.

One of the first things Scott said when we started the shoot was to my two year old.  “Where should we go?”  That was indicative of how things went with the kids.  He worked with them and didn’t try to force them into an “ideal picture”.

Why a picture of my son with a stick?!?!
This picture captures a big part of who my son is.  Like most 2 year old boys he’s WAY too busy to stop what he’s doing and look at the camera and smile, but he just found a HUGE stick and he’s all about showing it off.  Scott took advantage of that and this smile is more real that any “say cheese” smile we could possibly coax out of him.  I don’t mind the stick one bit, in fact it just shows what a little boy he really is and what he finds joy in.

We tried to get the baby to sit up for pictures but he wanted to be down on the ground, so Scott went with it and the picture of him turned out beautifully.

You saw this picture before (In a previous post) but it’s a favorite of mine.  When I see it, it reminds me of a special part of motherhood- those extremely rare moments when my kids aren’t screaming and tearing the  house apart, when they are focused on something besides me and I have a moment , unnoticed, to look at them and ponder the true miracle they are.


These are my boys and this picture captures a typical after-work game they play in the evenings.  It shows off their connection and the fun they have playing together.

My one regret (am I allowed to admit I have a regret Scott? :) is that I didn’t come with a vision.  My impression after the shoot is that Scott, unlike photographers I’ve used in the past isn’t a “set the perfect pose up” kinda guy. I felt like he was trying to capture what’s unique about our family and capture the interaction and feelings we have together.  We were caught off guard and stiff and there is only so much he could dig out of us in 20 min.  If I had prepared for that, I wouldn’t have been caught off guard and I think we could have accomplished even more.  I appreciate his approach because with two energetic little boys, getting into the perfect position and posing has never gone well for us.

Surprisingly, this is my favorite family picture.  I chuckle to myself when I see it because it fits our life.  The perfect picture with everyone looking and smiling is nice to have to put on the walls.  Beyond that, this picture tells the story of the bigger part of our lives where things are crazy and nothing goes as planned.

My few tips of advice if you do a mini-session with your family…..

-Come loose and with a vision of what YOU want to get your moneys worth (HAHA!)
-Trust Scott.  If you stay relaxed and do what feels natural, it was my experience the he will make you look good doing whatever it is.