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Story and Tips

One of my favorite pictures from my trip to Hawaii in November of 2009 (I went there for a wedding but spent 9 other days traveling around the big island and Oahu)

We had just got done taking pictures at Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. The sun had set and most of the people had departed the shores. I had gotten a lot of great shots of surfers with the sunset. (I’ll have to share some of them later… you can see them here for now

 120_3S01917 109_3S01803 112_3S01849 108_DSC2587 116_DSC2603

If I was on my own schedule
I felt pretty done for the day… I wasn’t looking for any more pictures. I was ready to drive back to the hotel. I like doing night shots but you really have to be in the mood for it. Most of the time I travel alone and I don’t find joy in being outside taking night shots alone in strange places. Therefore I just don’t do many, so when the sun set and twilight was over… I was ready to go.

Two Things that happened
One of our friends +Dustin Bess was on his phone (to a girl), he seemed pretty intent on carrying out his conversation so we rolled with it. Meaning we waited on the grass near our Jeep… we were kinda sitting under the palm trees. This also meant we had more time to be there and take pictures.

My other buddy +Clint Louish kept on taking pictures which kept me moving. (I wasn’t about to be the first person to stop taking pictures… I was the full time photographer, can’t let these others show me up… haha)
Since my mood was different… I decided to just try something unique and lazy… because I really didn’t want to move from where I was.

30 Seconds
I didn’t just start taking the picture at 30seconds. That’s a big commitment for one single picture. I started shooting at a higher ISO to test my shot.
I situated the camera under the trees shooting directly up and let it go for a few seconds. Then when I saw it was gonna be pretty cool I put the ISO down and upped the shutter speed. I got all the way to 30seconds. I would have gone longer using Bulb… but did not have the remote trigger that made that easy.

There was a light wind that ruffled the leaves but you can mostly see that effect on the outside and not the inside portions near the base of the tree.

The street lights weren’t your normal colors they were really funky… so I kept on getting really funky colors. So I decided to use the kelvin scale on the WB selector… I set it all the way down to the very lowest it went to. (Which is like 2500? )
It brought the trees back to the correct colors… but it did make the sky a bit cooler than perhaps it might have been. (I added a Color version)

Personally I like the B&W version. You?
I want to print it big for an upcoming gallery setup… what should I print it on?

There are no overt tips in here… they are hidden in the story.
Things like sticking with it even after you are “done” taking pictures. Take advantage of all situations.
Experiment with WB and Long shutter speeds.
Even if it’s very dark a really long shutter speed will counteract.

Hope you like these stories with tips. I’ll keep doing them… at any point you can get me links to the pics and I’ll see what I can do.

My name is Scott Jarvie and I went here.


As in right here. (see above still… no new picture quite yet)

What the picture is of is not where I’m standing but the general area at which I was at. I promise it’s a real place, I did not lift it from Lord of the Rings or some fantisiful tale with dragons and fair madens.

Where is it? It’s a secret… only I get to know… you can’t have my precious! Only me… well and the other thousand people there that day… well I suppose the other (cough) few dozen million that have probably been there. And yet I will still maintain my secrecy and not tell you where it is… so don’t even dream of looking at the metadata and keywords of this post.

So yeah I drove a long way to get here… I had company and it was a sunny day… we sang songs and made several other scenic stops along the way. But let’s face it just telling the story of this final stop is probably going to take me longer than I actually have time for so we’ll make you wait in desperate anticipation for those other pictures. Right after I finish those pictures from may of 2008 from an awesome road trip that… well yep I still haven’t finished yet. woops. No I promise this time will be different. I will catch up one day… (voice trails off into the distance)

Oh yeah that’s right… we were in the middle of making you jealous of the cool places I get to go as a internationally famous amazingly gifted and supremely humble photographer.

BAM! Take that!


I’d like you to take notice of the water… it’s BLUE!



I guess you won’t know where I’m putting all the Hawaii pictures and stories unless I tell you.

So this is me telling you where to find them.

They are located on Envision the World Blog

More specifically the hawaii pictures will be right here… so far there are 6 posts listed with just a smattering of pictures. I’ve taken a whole lot more but I’m still here in Hawaii so I am just randomly going through them now.

The purpose of Envision the World is to help people understand about countries and cultures from all around the world. There’s an ongoing story on Europe from pictures I did from 2006 there are 9 posts so far with a planned 70 more throughout the rest of the summer. One representing each day in Europe. So that should be fun. Go here for Europe


Consider adding the Envision the World blog to your blog reader with this RSS Feed

Also each post is mentioned on the Envision the World page on Facebook… so following there might have the same effect.

Maybe I’ll mention it from time to time here… but this was your fair warning that most of my travel stuff will be going on to Envision the world. Even some of the older stuff.

On that note… if you have some great travel pictures consider a guest post on the Envision the World Blog. If you take lots of travel pictures perhaps a more consistent presence.

Every post starts out “Envisioning … ” So think of your pictures in that way and tell us a good story to bring the other places to life. Far far away and near and next door.



I suppose many of you do not realize how much a fan of “Car Photography” I am.

No, not pictures OF cars… but pictures FROM cars.

I find a great satisfaction from taking an awesome picture while being really lazy, and that means taking it while in my car.
Some of my favorite images and favorites of others were taken while in a car.

I’ve turned it into a science… I could go on an on for a couple hours about the finer techniques of “driving photography”

Of course I do consider myself somewhat of a documentive photographer, I’m more concerned with capturing the image and capturing LOTS.
I don’t have a pressing need or desire to come away with the ONE shot… I like lots. (motivated by one of my future projects)

When I travel I’m always wanting to see what’s around the corner… I don’t want to stick around here.

(Above) For this picture I stopped and rolled down the window, because I just couldn’t handle not stopping… the light was too amazing

(BELOW) For the following I didn’t roll down the window… I shot through the window… no… actually it wasn’t clean.
But I couldn’t worry about it, it was clean enough and the site was drawing me in so much I just had to.


So I shot straight through the front window.
In fact I didn’t stop for this one… I suppose I was still going pretty fast, but these pictures were taken at 2.8 pushing the shutter speed to 1/8000th


Here you can even see the outline of my dashboard.

Warning: Do not attempt at home 😉 – I am not only experienced at this, I’m a long time veteran and very cautious, and a tad crazy.


I’ll try to do more posts talking about my travel photography and driving photography if people are interested.



This is pretty much all I took pictures of this day… on the road back from San Diego


I’ll just go ahead and say it.
As much as I have fun taking pictures of people and documenting wonderful events.

My heart is drawn to traveling around and bringing out the best in the places.
Whether it’s a farm town or the cobblestone streets of europe.

FULL GALLERY HERE – 100 more pictures



New places and new faces.
So while i might continue to be willing to do weddings for a long time… but I’ll be putting in more time with the traveling as the years roll by.


And for me I’m not the stay in one place and get the perfect picture type.
First of all because I’m not trying to make a living selling prints.
But secondly because I’m more of a Documenter at heart.
I just want to take pictures of everything
I am more interested in documenting, above wanting the best picture possible.


And I respect the person that will stay in one place for hours searching for the best shot.
It’s just not me… I document. And hopefully I bring out the art and beauty while i do it.


So perhaps let that be a lesson… it might not be the perfect light or perfect situation.
Sometimes it’s a matter of sticking around until it is… other times it’s a matter of dealing with it and getting the best you can in the situation.



 015_7S26515 016_7S26509


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We did both driving loops of Yellowstone. And I also took picture on the way there and back and around camp.
I also got to use my GPS device extensively for the first time. The battery I bought almost lasted the whole time.

Northern LoopGallery
y_dsc4648.jpg y_u110771.jpg y_dsc4706.jpg
Includes such areas such as Mammoth, Roaring Mountain, Norris Geysers and Upper and Lower Falls.

Southern LoopGallery
Elk Morning Glory Pool y_u111636.jpg
Included Old Faithful and the other geysers around it, Yellowstone Lake, Fountain Paint Pots and Fishing Bridge

There and BackGallery
y_u110365.jpg y_u110388.jpg y_dsc5394.jpg
The day of the trip to Yellowstone and the Trip back.

(Read Full Post for Links to other Sites)


I did a wedding about a month ago in Boston and a reception in Connecticut.
I stayed before and after and took pictures of the area.


Trip 1 – Circle around Connecticut
ne_u101686.jpg ne_u101410.jpg ne_u101140.jpg
I drove around the state of connecticut starting in the southwest corner going up to the northwest corner and all the way to the east corner. By that time it was dark so I made my way back. I started a bit later in the day followed the directions on my GPS device and made frequent stops but often for time’s sake took pictures from the car.


Trip 2 – Connecticut Coast
ne_u102262.jpg ne_u102014.jpg ne_dsc2186.jpg
I picked 4-5 parks or wildlife reserves to stop at and went along the coast of connecticut until I reached a lighthouse in Rhode Island where I watched sunset and then drove back.


Trip 3 – New York
ne_u102414.jpg ne_u102955.jpg ne_u103123.jpg
I walked around Manhattan for hours including central park and then when I was too tired to walk anymore I made my way back to where I was staying in Connecticut.


Trip 4 – Boston
ne_u103798.jpg ne_u103859.jpg ne_u103927.jpg
After doing the wedding at the Boston LDS Temple I went to downtown Boston and took some pictures for a few hours until it got dark.


See the Galleries:


Inland Connecticut