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Check out the rest of the photos of Kate and Kaleb on the SmugMug Event!

 _7B05907 _7B05590

Check out the rest of the photos we’ve got online on the SmugMug Gallery!

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 _7B05241 _7B05237 _7B05243

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 _7B05716 _7B05569

For those who take pictures in Utah County you’ll recognize these two locations.

But even with the popularity of these places it’s about photographing the personality of the couple so it’s them that should shine through in the locations and not the places.

And hopefully I brought a new approach to a common location.

If you’ve seen my engagement pictures before you also know that I don’t take these pictures simply so they have 1 picture for their announcement. I want them to have lots of pictures expressing their many moods, I rarely think of the announcement when I’m out there taking pictures. I do however make sure they look at the camera for a good portion of the pictures so that they can use one or two for the pictures in the announcements so that grandma can see the fiance’s face.

View the full gallery online.


Pick your backdrop is a lesson I stressed during my 10 day photography workshop bootcamp.

It goes far beyond picking your location. You can have the person stand in the same spot and get lots and lots of different backdrops by constantly changing your position and your lens.

These were all taken in a short distance from eachother and the theme was using the vegetation around… but the results were varied.

In most of the pictures you can assume that just out of frame there was something that was distracting and that’s why i chose the angle and the framing that I chose.

Kudos to the bride that was so gung-ho about pictures she was willing to be places for pictures that made my job so much easier.

For instance down below the flower bed was not very large and her willingness to go up hill a little made my job much easier making the flower bed look much more full.

Here’s a link to the full gallery online.


Let this be a lesson to never cancel just cuz of weather.
Just be prepared.
Know how to make it work.

It might mean you have to different stuff than on a more normal day.
But that’s how a good photographer and a good photo shoot goes… Roll With The Punches.


This was slated as an 8 hr formals shoot.
I didn’t realize it was a 2 and a half hour drive so it ended up being 6 and a half hours long.
I had several people asking me how in the world we’d be able to go for that long when most times it’s more like 2hrs.
Well I just told them several times to be prepared to work hard too… that’s 6-8hrs of modeling, it’s a two way road.

They were naturals and since they knew and picked how long it would last they never once complained and were totally into it.
What an awesome photo shoot.

By the end her hair was totally wet and nothing like when they started… but we adapted and adjusted just fine.
And we actually all stayed pretty warm.
We had a lot of traveling in between spots… abt 2hrs driving in the car… that was the saving grace.
Being able to warm up from time to time and to reset and find new places with new pictures.


Just cuz it’s snowing doesn’t mean you’re excused from not laying on the ground.
You better have prepared for what you’re wearing to get down and make the shot happen.
If she’s in a wedding dress in 6 inches of snow you can lay down once or twice.

Thank goodness for a lightstand so that the assistant can park the car while you take advantage of the last reminents of twilight.

 006_DSC4406 005_DSC4212

On the left is a spot he was planning on for a while and very excited about.
On the right is a spot he’s probably past a hundred times and never even noticed… but I saw on the way down and new we’d need to stop there. Both winners!


I took 1400 pictures many reasons
They were really good looking
We shot for so long
I loved the locations
When snow is falling you have to take a bunch to avoid the snowflakes showing up in bad spots like in front of their eyes.

But the picture above was in the first minute of shooting and is amongst my favorites.

 009_DSC4464 007_3S24544


They did a great job at expressing emotions in their pictures… and that’s something you can’t really pose.

 010_DSC4623 011_DSC4759

Backlighting… my new play around thing.

There’s tons more pictures from the day as you can guess check out a small highlights gallery here
View the rest of the blog post to see more too.

i’ll be editing a couple hundred more for them when I get back from my travels.
If there’s interest I’ll share more.



This was probably the most eclectic day on Kona as we spent most all our time on the south of the island and ended at the volcano.
We saw the moon set minutes after the sunrise.
We were in jungles and on green sand and black sand beaches.
We took pictures of surfers, horses and windmills.

It was long… but fun.

Here’s the eclectic Mix



 008_DSC0366 027_DSC9976








More highlights after the jump



The plan was go up the mountain… but they didn’t let us… so we went around.

They closed the mountain because of snow and ice, so we decided to take a small dirt road accessible by 4wd only.
This is the same road we played on, on a previous day. So thus we were back on the road.

Probably one of my favorite places on the island and for sure one of the least traveled areas of the island.

You’ll also see some pictures of the north east coast of the island where we went later in the day.
You’ll recognize it as the places with water, ocean, waterfalls etc.

Full gallery of this recap is available here


yes that’s snow… yes it’s hawaii


Let’s just say that a rental jeep can go more places than a regular jeep can go.



So what’s the deal with the loner cow?

 025_3S00785 034_DSC8637 028_DSC8442 038_DSC8758



 008_3S00523 003_DSC8771


This is the Nene, the state bird of Hawaii.
They don’t fly, well at least they didn’t feel like flying away from me.

 018_3S00595 005_DSC8908 024_DSC8348 013_DSC8567



This day seemed like several days all rolled up into one!

I guess that happens when you get up at 4am to go shoot sunrise a ways away and then shoot all the way until sunset.

When you are taking pictures and think back to that previous day when you were shooting near the lighthouse… oh wait that was earlier today.
Or when at the end of the day you can barely remember the beginning of the day because it seems like you’ve done sooo much since then.

That’s when you know you were pretty effective with the scheduling of your day.

The First “day”

Sunrise on the north point.
It included quite few miles of driving along along the coast line on fun dirt roads.
This was the longest day and we were in a bunch of different towns all along the northern coast.


“Day” 2

This day came in two distinct parts, but felt like they should be combined.
We went snorkeling in a bay and then met up with the wedding family and friends for some lunch and fun on the beach.


Using my little G11 to take some fun underwater shots.

The final “day”

We scouted out the location for the wedding and did sunset shots.

I don’t usually go visit the location before hand to figure things out, but we usually look for a place to do sunset and this was a phenomenal location.
I enjoyed being able to spot the possible locations and possible routes for the sunset since it comes and goes quite suddenly.
Turns out that info came in very handy for the wedding day and being overly prepared helped move things along smoothly.
I was also glad the element of spontaneity was still very much there and the pre-visit didn’t spoil it at all.


Sunset at this beach is pretty crazy awesome, but I thought i’d highlight some late twilight pictures taken a while after sunset.
Tripod required for this long exposure.

Look at the bunch of other “Day 3” sunset pictures later in this post.

See all the Recap pictures after the jump



Hurray for my first ever in the corn fields picture. haha

It’s funny how we often go somewhere to take pictures where the look is iconic and yet you take pictures with a background that you didn’t even think about.
A background that looked like it could have been from anywhere.

It’s as if you go to the Beach to take pictures and yet it doesn’t look like the beach at all… no water, no sand, no glorious sunset or surfers. haha

I often go to a shopping center called Riverwoods and walk away with mostly nature pictures of a pond and a bunch of trees with no shops or buildings in site.


(Thought I’d add the picture in color too)

Seems like most of the time we go out of our way to go to some amazing place and our favorite pics are of the person in front of a wall… or maybe even with just the sky.
I could have shot this corn picture in any number of locations closer to me in tons of corn fields in my city.

Well on one hand it seems funny we put so much emphasis on location to the couples and even sometimes pay lots of money.
But there’s a lot of reason behind it and some of that is perception.

I really didn’t mean to write a schpeil on locations and even though I and many others have lots to say… I thought I’d mention that this time I took a picture that totally matched the name.

I went to wheeler farm and took pictures of the couple in the corn fields… never mind the fields were relitively tiny and a small portion of the location… but it was the first time for me and I thought their glamorous and stylish look would be a perfect juxtposition.

Here are a couple other pictures that did fit them very well.

 009_7159744 014_7159633

I suppose going to a city park in the farm format and taking pictures of a old truck could be an example of my previous discussion.
On that note I was happy that my assistant pointed out the existence of the truck.


This was definetly part of wheeler farm and the look… so this does prove why a nice place with lots of options and well maintained is a good fit.
Think about the dress too… a nicely kept lawn is a good thing to keep a white dress clean… but if not… have them hold the dress. Could be fun.


This picture really could have been any any clump of trees

This following picture is a great example of a “this could have been anywhere shot”
We were taking pictures of the truck and there was a bridge i was being pointed to but I just loved how the light was hitting this little section of trees.
Trees that could have been anywhere but I just felt like it would have matched them and their look and the way I was feeling. So …. bammm



I took these a little over a month ago… thought I’d share them.
The pictures were picked by my PA Adele.


 011alaska-81 003alaska-356

I did this photoshoot with a lightstand. Usually I have an assistant there to hold lights.
But this made me consider the location of the of camera flash a little more carefully since I’m kinda lazy.



To view the full gallery go to



These two got engaged at this park which is next to Bridal Veil falls.
Not necisarily this spot exactly, thought that would have been fun to have seen.


At the end of the night we went to vivian park.
It was already a bit late so we just did a few here.



This is probably the first time I’ve taken pictures with bridal veil falls in the picture.
There are only certain parts of the falls I really like, so it’s hard to take pictures of. But at night it becomes a lot easier because all you see is the whiteness of the water on a dark background, haha

 010_7S42290 006_7S42651 024_7S42583 027_7S42615

To view the full gallery, go to



Thought it would be nice to put the two of these together with the engagements I just posted of them

Are they technically called “Formals” since the groom was there too? I’m not sure

But since I wasn’t going to be around for the wedding (conflict of weddings) while i was there I did these.


Yes I know… It looks somewhat fake eh?


We did shoot middle of the day because I went 4-wheeling later that day.
So I was happy for the chance to get into some shade.

I do like that she had these flowers… they look real don’t they?!


They really liked these types of plants… I thought they were awesome.
I put the f stop up high to catch a bit more of the sun and of course flash to light up the foreground (them)

To view the full gallery, go to

View the rest of the post for more tips etc


Full Gallery Found here

 012_7S20301 043_7S20241

To view the entire album, go to



View Full gallery Here


 021_7S44048 048_7S44271


 003_7S43991 009_7S44221


 032_7S43983 018_7S44008


 050_7S43858 053_7S43901


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