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To see more of the pictures we presently have up online go to the gallery

We started the photoshoot after the sun was down… so speedlights play an essential role in all of these pictures.

In many of these pictures I lit up the lavender at the same time lighting up the bride.

Frequently I would use 3 lights. I had three things to do:
Light up the bride
Light up the lavender
Backlight the Bride

Here’s another post I did of one of the models that also came along that evening.

Hair and Makeup done by Versa Artistry

The skies worked so well with the fields of lavender… the soft twilight worked well for the fields.

Hair and makeup company set up their on location studio in the lavender fields… worked on the brides’ makeup there and so this is where we started the shoot.

I did some for the bride and some for the company Versa Artistry based in Utah. Flavia and Kali are fun wonderful gals.

Sunset colors weren’t hit you over the head vibrant but there was some in the skies (this was all of it) and so we got it in some of the pictures.

We brought umbrellas because it was pretty rainy that day… but it wasn’t at the fields… but we thought might as well give it a whirl.

And we were pretty much done with the evening… but I thought about how Versa might want some pics of their makeup work… so we did some closeups of everyone there… Here are the brides pics.

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We were headed back to the car because I needed a light stand to make some of these work best… but I couldn’t pass this scene and this lighting up… so I made it work the best I can. Let’s not talk about the ones I coulda made work had I the light stand and pocket wizards… let’s just see the ones I did make happen.


This one was later and we can pretty much call this Night instead of Twilight

In the back is the Naval Academy where he went to school and that’s just what she wanted… some pictures with them and the memories in the background.

 148_J7S1320 149_J7S1323

Twilight is awesome. (Not the books)



 159_J7S1439 160_J7S1441

I shot them on this same bridge earlier in the day on the walk through campus if you remember.


OK then we went across the river to get a view towards the academy as you can see below. The picture above was the restaurant where we were shooting from.


And this location was the first stop in the morning which I’ll promptly show in the next post.


Some people are suprised to find out that I’m willing to do family pictures, they think I only do weddings.

Well maybe my schedule is a little more limited for family pictures and perhaps my prices aren’t as low as many options but I don’t mind.

It’s the same thing… I’m looking for families that really like good photography, who are fun individuals that are good to work with. I like subjects with character and connection because that’s what I’m wanting to portray in my work the personality of the individual or of the group.

I want it to be an enjoyable experience where people feel at ease to act themselves and to not get stressed… therefore I avoid the time limits for their’s and my benefit.

I want people who join in the creative process and not just say… you’re the photographer just do what you think best. Well news flash these are going on your wall not mine.

I can make places and pictures and ideas look good this is a team effort.

And well the Roden family were fun and laid back and appreciative and good looking so this was a great time, I hope to do lots more shoots with families like them.

I did Paul and Andrea’s wedding last year.

So yeah I do family pictures… most of the time i’m not available on weekends and sometimes I prefer late notice so it doesn’t conflict with possible wedding schedules. But october there’s a special discount on them down from 500 to 200 but that will go back up in november.

What I really love is Family Lifestyle Photography










 001_3S22991  007_3S23347

There’s overcast and then there’s White Overcast… where the sky is pure white with no definition to it and it provides no unique or warm glow like some types of cloudy days. So to say it was challenging is correct.


 008_3S23588  011_3S23624

 013_3S23664  015_3S23712

As you can tell I’ve really been loving twilight these days.
I searched around for the area with the most frost on the trees in bountiful.
Some random country road.


We pulled up to the location and it just kinda occurred to me that the car had lots of light power… why not use it.
I know it’s nothing terribly ground breaking but it was the first time for me.

I used the car lights on all the twilight/night pictures.

Stay tuned for the reception and luncheon pictures… I tried a new lighting style that I’ve never done before and they turned awesome.


I know I did a post with a link to all the pictures from the trip in a recap… but I’ll continue with the 3 remaining days with a post for each
So this is post 12 of 15

Above – Sunrise
Below – Sunset


We did sunrise on the north end of the island and couldn’t really find a good spot so I focused mainly on the sun itself with the waves in commotion.
We found some of our best sunset (in this case twilight) at the south end of Oahu.
Small parks with no one at them that had a good view of stuff in the distance.
It was nice because they had some good palm trees and there were a couple surfers who came in right before dark.



 029_DSC2339 004_DSC2308



 019_DSC2031 016_DSC2408



So here we are at day 2

And we begin the post with a nice end of the day shot.
These types of trips you plan on picking a great spot for sunrise and sunset.
Well I think we got ourselves a nice sunset location.

There are a lot of rocky beaches, but this one was a nice sandy beach and I made it work.

Here’s some more stuff from the story of the second day.

Check out the full gallery of 28 pictures from the day 2 recap go here

This was only a few of the 1200+ pictures taken on day 2 (yesterday)

Cresting over the mountain, the unofficial west island sunrise.
Sunrise on the west side has some nice light but no color like I suppose you’d see if you were actually seeing the sunrise earlier in the morning.


Mid-morning holds some surprises on secluded beaches you get to with your 4wd vehicle


Mid-afternoon can be fun when clouds start participating a bit more.


Clouds block the sun but they’re just about to release their captive prisoner the sun, for that little gap between heaven and earth.
Can you spot where the sun is about to drop down below the cloud level?


Get your butt down in that water, get the camera low, not for the faint of heart, but it’ll make the great pictures.


Ahh the reflections!


Dang it people don’t even think of walking in the path of my picture…
…oh wait… now that I think about it… walk right in front of me.
That’s right, hold hands,… that’s cute!
Thanks for playing.