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For those who take pictures in Utah County you’ll recognize these two locations.

But even with the popularity of these places it’s about photographing the personality of the couple so it’s them that should shine through in the locations and not the places.

And hopefully I brought a new approach to a common location.

If you’ve seen my engagement pictures before you also know that I don’t take these pictures simply so they have 1 picture for their announcement. I want them to have lots of pictures expressing their many moods, I rarely think of the announcement when I’m out there taking pictures. I do however make sure they look at the camera for a good portion of the pictures so that they can use one or two for the pictures in the announcements so that grandma can see the fiance’s face.

View the full gallery online.




So i’ve decided to pick a day each week where I can do all the training and events I’ve been wanting to do and people have been requesting.

So TUESDAY is the day each week I’ll organize some king of photography event whether big or small.

It’s already the day once a month that I’m in charge of organizing the Utah County SmugMug User Group (which is open and free to all)

Next tuesday will be our first meetup (a BBQ in Pleasant Grove) so this consider this my Plug for everyone to come meet other photographers and eat food.


I will be announcing each tuesday event on this FB GROUP – and it’ll send out an invite or a message each time an event is coordinated

So seriously sign up for that group so you get updates.


This is for Anyone interested in photography.

For instance the next week after the BBQ is a special class for Beginning photography tips… I think it will be perfect for the parent wanting better pictures of their kids to those wanting to turn photography into more of a serious hobby (or business)

You’ll find the events listed on that group page which did I mention you should sign up for

I will reserve the right to charge for an event once a month depending on the type of event. But this will mean that 3 out of the 4 will remain at a cost… and on the other nights it’s appropriate to bring food and treats.


Last night was the first night and it was very successful not because a ton of people could come with 1 day notice but because we all learned a ton about lighting. We experimented a bunch with lots of lighting style and it was fun.

I didn’t take any pictures and I enjoyed teaching and assisting with the lights and reflectors.

Here are a couple of the pictures taken by Whitney Lewis with lighting set up by yours truly and processing ala me as well.

 001DSC_3641 002DSC_3644


A few of the interns of Whitney Lewis got in on the mix being the models

Becky (below) traveled 2hrs from Delta for this event and said after it was more than worth it… so I don’t want any complaints about the location… even if I do these at the office so I don’t have to travel more than 10 steps


I’m Scott and I shot a Biker.

Don’t worry he deserved it… well at the very least he asked for it.

This is him… doesn’t he look like he needed to be shot.


So let me walk you through how this all went down.

I get a call to do another photoshoot for a hair and makeup studio (a post here)

Then I think to myself I could do some more of these really cool setups.

I’ll put on facebook an offer for whoever has the best photoshoot idea. It was poorly worded because what I actually wanted was someone who’d work with me on a photoshoot… not someone with a fun photo op. They were saying go to this festival or this event thinking perhaps that’d net them family pictures later. I’m not sure.

But my Man Joshua understood what I was talking about. We were talking about something like this.


A creative process a team event… not something scott would show up to and take pictures at. I wanted something more involved where the client would play a part.

I also wanted something where the person was excited and willing to work at it.

Josh was into it, he polished up the bike, thought of a place and he thought through a bunch of ideas.


Did I use all of his ideas… nope. Did I use many… not sure.

I don’t recreate pictures in people’s minds but I LOVE when they have ideas that I can take and mold them with my own spin.

That’s what I tell everyone I say… be creative! I welcome it! But at the end of the day I’ll shoot what comes to me. But I feed off of their ideas and their passion and creativity.


Josh likes driving fast down this road.

Scott has never been on the road… so i’m obviously thinking….



The recap

Let me write a recap… at the beginning…
In the post I’ll tell you that stretching yourself to handle any situation, and to even embrace them will make you a better photographer.
And not just stretching yourself in photography (more specifically locations) but stretch and expand your horizons in all you do.

Finding the good, finding the beauty is an ability that goes way beyond photography and as an aspiring photographer can even be developed outside of your actual photography

Get ready for a LONG post.


1. Photo By: Summer Cottam

50 pictures of the largest Festival of Colors (Holi) in the United States.

It takes place in a small farming community in Utah! At the Krishna Temple.
20,000+ people come to the event often parking miles away.
Pictures were taken by a group of 12 photographers organized by JarvieU

They had 2 countdowns (color explosions) this year.

2. Photo By: Julien Gomez

3. Photo By: Scott Jarvie

4. Photo by: Scott Morris

5. Photo by: Tabitha Davidson


The Color


The Scene


These are just my pictures… see what happens when you combine the work of 12 great photographers in a day long event?
By going to the following links.

The Moment


The Window

The Powder

The Temple

 0052__7SC2182 092__7SC2150



I’ll just go ahead and say it.
As much as I have fun taking pictures of people and documenting wonderful events.

My heart is drawn to traveling around and bringing out the best in the places.
Whether it’s a farm town or the cobblestone streets of europe.

FULL GALLERY HERE – 100 more pictures



New places and new faces.
So while i might continue to be willing to do weddings for a long time… but I’ll be putting in more time with the traveling as the years roll by.


And for me I’m not the stay in one place and get the perfect picture type.
First of all because I’m not trying to make a living selling prints.
But secondly because I’m more of a Documenter at heart.
I just want to take pictures of everything
I am more interested in documenting, above wanting the best picture possible.


And I respect the person that will stay in one place for hours searching for the best shot.
It’s just not me… I document. And hopefully I bring out the art and beauty while i do it.


So perhaps let that be a lesson… it might not be the perfect light or perfect situation.
Sometimes it’s a matter of sticking around until it is… other times it’s a matter of dealing with it and getting the best you can in the situation.



 015_7S26515 016_7S26509


I know i don’t post everything i do… actually far from it.

But I liked a few of these enough and had some time and felt motivated.

So here I go

To see like 100 more pictures of the same 1 block radius of Lehi go to the full gallery online

This was done in Lehi.
I was first told of the location by one of my favorite fellow photographers Suzanne










 014_7S26900 015_7S26933

 037_7S27034 033_7S27018




On new years eve day morning we went up the canyon to take some pictures.
Just remember to wear some good shoes and you should be fine :)

We did the Aspen Grove area and then went down to Vivian Park

Full Gallery – Highlights First

Full Gallery – Chronological



 022_7S22516 023_7S22523



 009_7S22443 004_7S22293

 010_7S22295 011_7S22306



From the 4th of July Fireworks earlier tonight

Straight from the camera.
Don’t have time to edit… so I’m just tossing them straight online.

Here’s the deal on these pics…
Take them
, use them, just don’t abuse them.

My pictures are meant to be seen…

However, I do enjoy knowing where they go.

If you need larger… they’re stored somewhere else online, i can get you the gallery location if you want.