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The second monthly UPES will be help tonight at 6pm at the Draper Pictureline store.

Directions: Exit on 123rd south in Draper …. Go West a little over a block and turn lft (south)
177 W. 123000 S. Draper Utah

Time: 6pm – 7:30

Please sign up on the FLICKR group

    • You will be able to keep tabs of all the future showdowns
    • See that month’s theme
    • And sign up to compete


Last month we had a great showing and we were able to learn a lot to Iron out the wrinkles in the setup of the day.
It should go much more smoothly and faster tonight.

I hope to see you all there


You will be benefited to learn lots of editing techniques by 8-10 photographers as they spend 20-30 minutes editing a set of pictures (everyone gets the same pictures.)

We will then review all of the different versions of each picture and the spectators will vote on their favorites
We will be able to crown the champion and spend a few moments on each winning picture.


Last Month David Daniels took home the “crown” and he’ll be there tonight to defend his title.

We will also ask him to show off some of his editing for a short presentation.

Winner by you.

More info about the Event – after the jump



I try to make it to Photo meetups in the area when I can.

One of my favorites is the Strobist Meetup.

I’ve only been to 3 of them… but they’ve always been very informative for me.
Or at least a great chance to play with lights and do things I wouldn’t normally do in my shoots.

 013_7S46137 012_7S46116

 009_7S46102 033_7S46101

 035_7S46111 037_7S46141

It’s not just girls I take pictures of… but i actually took some of some of the dudes.

 006_7S46063 027_7S46060