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People ask about classes and internships often.

I usually put the tasks back on them to test their sincere interest and because I have to see where to actually invest my time and if it’s worth it.



OK so summer weddings are over. (Yes I’ll get them up as soon as I can to show)
So now what’s up?

Fall Plans

Fall will be filled with lots of random photo shoots… I can feel it now.
(Commercial photography, family pictures, portrait shoots galore and of course the 4th annual Charitable Event during the fall colors.)

I also feel a couple more Flash Camps coming on, along with some time and energy to put into other workshop.

Planning events for WHO? For future student-interns

To Qualify?

This time around what will qualify to come be a student-intern is jumping right into a project and proving you’re ambitious to learn and ready to work.

Each person will pick a project to lead and work on… and if they stick with it then I know to invest back into them. Teaching picture post processing skills and going to these workshop and learning events.

In the past we’ve had them pay to prove their intent but so often aspiring photographers have so many lenses to buy I thought this would be more beneficial… but if you want to prove intent with money or trade and jump right into training without the delay then so be it.

Who am I looking for?

People who are passionate about photography… and who want to free their schedule to learn… and are willing to work for it!


Now! This week I’ve got tons of stuff to work on, so I’d probably cheat and start training on photo things right off the bat. (Then back to photo projects to prove)



So just finished a pretty awesome photo shoot. (Up in American Fork Canyon)

I skimmed some of the pictures real fast (there were a Ton)

I thought to myself I could put up a quick teaser.
That would either be very nice to do so they could have something ASAP long before their expectations.

Or on the other hand it could be very mean to give them just a small bite and leave them hanging for a while til the rest of them are done.


So is it mean or nice?

I’m not really sure, I kind of just want to put these up so people can ohhh and ahhh and make me feel good about the pics.

P.s. Marco (one of the student-interns) came and assisted with lighting and took some pictures for himself. He learned lots about fun lighting and learned it’s all about setting stuff up fast in shoots like this. I made him work hard, but in the end I hope that helped him really know his stuff.



 006_J7S3431 010_J7S3738 018_J7S3478 013_J7S3751 024_J7S3520


I edit and upload in batches (First batch will have 61 – look for more later)



 004_J7S3432 005_J7S3459


Am I starting to like B&W more or is it just because the feel and the lighting and the mood of the day seemed to be better stated in B&W??

 033_J7S3725 029_J7S3684 021_J7S3451 028_J7S3609 032_J7S3702

 007_J7S3557 009_J7S3558

When things get so busy I sometimes step back and do the lest important things on my list. You know… just to take a break. Well that’s what I did today. I edited pictures from my trip last week.

On my way to WPPI in Las Vegas I spent the night at Bryce Canyon and woke up early to do sunrise picutres. Spent a couple of hours there doing all the stops and then drove through Zion’s and on towards Vegas by night fall.

Here’s a bit of what I did. See the gallery of some of my favorites here

 001_3S24807 002_3S24855

 022_3S24835 014_3S25135

Having the snow on these formations really added a lot to the whole experience. I was suprised just how much snow there was there.
Way more than there was up in northern Utah. But the same snow storm that had hit provo the night before didn’t hit here so none of this was new snow which I was hoping for.

 004_3S25124 008_3S25078

 005_3S25082 007_3S25071 006_3S25099 034_3S25061

I’ve been using the 8mm fisheye so much for the JarvieWindow that I thought i’d try it with some other stuff.
I must admit… I loved using it and now I’m glad I own it even more. It’s not just a one trick pony like I had supposed.


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Did an impromptu SmugMug training, setup a new SmugMug account live and then went through pretty much all the functions of SmugMug
It was a first I’m sure for me to a group (and not just interns one on one) and it was a first for all that came.

Lots of pleased individuals when I left… I heard a lot of positive responses to what SmugMug has to offer.
My way of saying thanks to SmugMug for being great and dealing with me and all my massive amounts of pictures.

There was a suggestion by a couple people at the end of the evening that perhaps we could all write a comment if you were there. Everyone was passing around business cards and perhaps felt this was a good way.
I of course wouldn’t mind at all the comments… and feedback would be great, as well to show SmugMug how good a time we all had. haha

I have written posts in the past.

One on my yr (1TB) anniversary with the company. A review

Another to do a review and a wish list for their new coupons system

In continuation some Notes


Words I never thought I would be saying:

“I’m going back to school next week”

In fact about a week or two ago I wasn’t planning on it.
But now I’m a school bound fool.

Learning from past roads

Good news though… It won’t be the typical schooling experience.
It will be heavy emphasis on the learning this time around.
Taking from the 16yrs of schooling experience in my life I believe this experience will go about things in a much improved system.

My personal belief is they shouldn’t just pump more money into a bad system… but change the system. Or perhaps take the old horse out back behind the shed carrying the trusty gun and a shovel.

If you can’t find the perfect solution … Create it!



My blog posts hope to reach the following people in the following ways. (No particular order)

1. The client

By showing them their pictures in a short succinct recap, and giving them a quick method to show their pictures to their friends and family.

2. The clients friends and family.

By offering them a short recap of their friend or family member.
And also provide a link to the full gallery so they can see more if desired

3. Potential clients

By showing them what kind of work I’ve been doing recently.
After 4-5 years I keep on getting better every shoot.
It’s great to see many pictures from one shoot and know that I don’t just take a small handful of good pictures at each shoot.
Thus the longer posts

4. Friends and Family

Because they say they like to see what I’m up to.
They like to look at pictures. Or so they say 😉

5. Other photographers

-I think that’s a huge bulk of my audience.

I write many posts of photographers interest only.
Posts with tips and tricks directly mainly to photographers, specially the aspiring and learning types.

I also try to include teaching moments through almost all of my posts.
Like for instance, this post.

 002_DSC2063 004_DSC2037

That being said.

Here’s the link to the FULL GALLERY


 007_DSC2057 008_DSC2057

This couple has yet to be married.

I’ll be in Hawaii when they get married.

They opted to do their wedding pictures on a previous day.

Why do people do their pictures on a previous day?

  • They’ll thus have these pictures in time for their wedding reception or dinner.
  • They’ll also have lots more time on their wedding day.
  • They won’t freeze as much on their wedding day. (popular for winter weddings)
  • We can pick any location.
  • We can shoot at any time.
  • It’s tons cheaper.
  • They can even get another photographer to do group shots if I’m not available.

Why do I like formals?

  • For many of the same reasons:
  • We can shoot at any time. (not just smack dab in the middle of the harshest light)
  • We can take our time and focus on better quality. (Wedding days are often very rushed)
  • We have more fun.
  • I can do more weddings this way.
  • They can show off the prints at the reception.


This one is the product of Spencer … he decided he wanted to pick her up.
I welcome ideas, I don’t know what all a couple is wanting or willing to do.

Any when it comes from the couple themselves, it’s bound to be the favorite… because it was their own idea, their own moment.


I do seem to fill up all my free days don’t I?

Well I’ve done it all over again… to your benefit.

2 Lightroom Classes next week. (Beginner and Intermediate)

A weekend photography workshop (Friday and Saturday – 2 day event for about 5-7 people)


“Editing at the Speed of LIGHT(room)”



Full Gallery Here


 006_7S28388 012_7S28214

 031_7S28398 032_7S28416 071_7S28449 035_7S28542 076_7S28545


 025_7S28231 003_7S28237

 028_7S28300 039_7S27771 049_7S27927 051_7S27939 053_7S27973


 014_7S27742 017_7S27809


 013_7S27723 004_7S28279

 019_7S27882 023_7S28152 027_7S28286 001_7S28251 030_7S28356


They picked out this cool spot and had me come out… it fits them well and we all had a ton of fun.




 002_7S24047 005_7S24109 019_7S24030 054_7S24065 056_7S24083

 009_7S23871 006_7S23812


 011_7S23769 010_7S23744 014_7S23818 013_7S23809 077_7S23763


UPDATE: Tuesday’s class was a success… in my humble opinion. Great write up found here

I’m busy and stuff… so I’ve just decided if you haven’t signed up for thursday yet… JUST COME.
Leave the nice tables for those who’ve already signed up. But there will be chairs and stuff.

Also please send an email to to list things you want me to cover in intermediate class.
I’ll try to cover them all. 


Intro/Beginning Class

(Those wanting the intro and the basic rundown of Lightroom)

Tuesday 14th April

Intermediate Class

(Those who have used it for projects &/or gone to a previous long workshops.
We’ll be learning some tips and tricks, guest presentations and a more extensive Q&A for me and other Advanced Lightroom users) 

Thursday 16th April

Advanced Class

There is no workshop or class
But we will be a monthly meetup.
Lightroom Advanced User Group Meetups – “Jarvie’s fellow Lightroom Geeks”

You must have a good deal of lightroom experience
If you want to be involved or help organize these meetups email and specify your interest 

There is a cool special format for these meetups.

East Bay Studios
85 Eastbay Blvd
Provo, UT 84606 

How to registerFollow directions exactly

Send email to – Or leave a comment on this blog post
Write out the following items 1,2,3,4

Email Title: “April Workshop” 

  1. Name
  2. Which class you’ll be attending (1 class only, you pick)
  3. If you want to be on the waiting list for the other class. (The one you didn’t pick.)
  4. Whether you expect to want to go in for Pizza &/or Rootbeer Floats
    5. Notes/Comments – Anything you want me to cover, thoughts, inspirations, resources, ideas! Everything else I can skim through for kicks. Or questions.

Extra: If you’ll be bringing anyone else please supply their information as well – including email 

Title: “April Workshop”
1. Scott Jarvie
2. Tuesday Class (beginning)
3. Yes (for waiting list on thursday/intermediate class)
4. Yes, Pizza (Yum Yum)
5. My question and ideas: Are you going to give away all your presets?  Have people there to talk about their experiences, share their workflow.


80 person Limit

… so RSVP soon. (Specially since it’s only 1 week away)


If there are further questions please try to use – or twitter @jarvie
I will try to refrain from doing much chatting on facebook or gmail chat about the subject to help save me some time to get pictures edited to free up time to do these workshops. 



I’m not to into taking family portraits…
There’s a lot of stressing out going on in portraits.

Feeding Each other STRESS

Parents get stressed because they want things to go perfectly.
When kids get grumpy or distracted… the parents start to freak.
Which in turn makes the kids freak out more… which in turn…
I’m sure you get the picture.

Not “Good” Money

Besides family pictures aren’t really good money (comparatively)

It’s my opinion that the price structure for family pictures was based on buying prints.
This mindset of wanting mainly prints is largely disappearing for most families.

Prints aren’t as “big” as photographers would like

Heck I personally would rather have the disc than a print on my wall… specially since I move more often and I use blogs, websites and facebook mostly and I can print stuff up myself just fine.

So people don’t want as many prints but the sitting fee for portraits has largely stayed the same.
Then there’s the people who think that because a CD costs $1 (which it doesn’t more like .15 cents) that charging them $100 for a CD is next to highway robbery.

Personally I don’t like being in charge of printing… I want to be paid for what I do (photograph) I don’t want to push products (like prints, albums etc)

I understand that the market and the abundance of new photographers will push prices down for photographers as some raise their prices (like I do all the time)

Not For me

All I’m saying is Traditional Family Picture sessions are not worth it for me.

I put up with boring weddings because they’re a lot of money and they’re very important.

Go to a studio for the traditional Shots

But i think if people are looking for good prices for family pictures they should go to studios, that’s their thing.

The Exception

That being said I have actually had a couple of families that were all right and enjoyable experiences
And in down times I’m sure I’d say yes because the money is nice… I’m just saying I don’t like it much.
But I like a “real” job…. way way less!