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As you look for photographers it’s an overlooked thing but talking to past clientel can be extremely helpful.
Try to make sure it’s open and not canned (where they give you one name only)
Make sure that you feel like you could talk with anyone and have a truthful knowledge of what that photographer might be like.

Satisfaction 100%
I have never had an upset or dissatisfied client and they often vigorously recomend me but the world and even the state is a large place and we are not as interconnected as we believe.

Getting the word out
Therefore… To better help me in this area of informing potential clients…
I just started a Business Page on FaceBook 3 days ago
I welcome reviews of every type
I feel confident that anyone could message anyone of the registered fans and ask them what they think about me and my work.
Right now past clients and other fans are trickling in and joining more and more every day.

This page also will be another option to display my work and keep in touch with the admirers of my work