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The hand in the air just makes me laugh… lots of other good faces too.




This type of shot has become my “Thing” for each leaving shot.



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Wedding and Reception were both held at the Red Butte garden.

We didn’t have a lot of time for setup portraits between the ceremony and reception.
But that was just as well as they asked me to document and not be in their face too much.

I like that style anyway capture the emotions of the day.

The Engagements and Bridals were more about creation, this one was about capturing the feelings of the day.

To see the full post.

To see the full gallery of ALL the wedding pictures.
(Warning… there’s a lot. The first 150 should give you a good run down)

I sure made that place look like a forrest!

All prepped and ready to get married.

Still hasn’t seen her. But I’m sure he’s excited.

Some Details

Tried something new with the rind.
They had beautiful toasting glasses.
I don’t have a macro lens so I couldn’t get super close anyway.

The ring shots might have been forgotten if the best man hadn’t brought it to me before the ceremony.
Props to him.

When everyone is super excited about the flowers It’s time to start taking a bunch of pictures of flowers.
Probably would have done it anyway while I waited. But I more and more I see how much the setting of their reception means to brides.

What wedding event would be complete without a picture of the cake.

There weren’t too many posed shots that evening.

There’s a bunch of shots of them standing there as they listened to the pre-ceremony speaker.
This is just on of the ones i liked the framing of.
They’ll probably like the other pictures with more expression.

Bridesmaids watching the ceremony.

Exits are always a lot of fun.

Whoever told the mom that white pedals would be better… well they were right.


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Since I post so much of wedding couples, i thought I’d take a moment an share some moments from the rest of the day. (Read a little more about my thoughts on the subject)