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Check out the rest of the photos of Kate and Kaleb on the SmugMug Event!

Hey this is Scott I’m back again


Well here we are again… where did we leave off?

Well we were fighting bad guys and saving orphans.

Ok Ok we were looking at pictures and hearing about the eventful day in which an eternal family was formed. (And saving defenseless kittens from savage wolves)

It went something like

Bobbie Jane met a boy


He took her into his arms


They sat there on the pier contemplating their future

 006_J7S1211 022_J7S1149

Sometimes doing dip kisses

He then took her to the Temple


Now he’s married to Bobbie Jane


And now you’re caught up…

So finally we can get down to business and talk about the PARTY

(A celebration of love if you will)


A time for…



We’ll go ahead and divide this wedding day up into a couple of posts.

The ceremony was actually the 2nd part of the day after the First Look earlier that day at La Caille where they’d later return for the reception.

The ceremony was at a church in Park City where the bride’s dad is a pastor.

The bride was my first intern last year and so she knew a lot about wedding and planned a wonderful wedding.

If you want to see a bunch of highlights go here for now – and/or wait for the future posts

 016_J3S1088 049_J3S1097


There were several photographers assisting me… this picture (above) was taken by my associate Amanda


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 001_7S29776 006_7S29802

Kind of the typical items in the list of bridal details are Veils, Shoes and Flowers

 005_7S29834 043_7S29652

But too often missing is a fun hat. haha

Yes not too many can pull it off.

 014_7S29764 004_7S29732

These pictures were taken early last year… I was assisting a friend. I was busy on another wedding the day of this brides wedding. Even though I got to show up at the wedding for a moment since both were at the same location.

 045_7S29632 083_7S29820


Hey look!!
I used a lensbaby on an actual photo-shoot.

These are wedding detail shots from two weddings.
Both were pictures of rings.

That’s not to say I probably couldn’t use it even more and get some really fun results.
But I just haven’t… many times the situation wasn’t right or I didn’t have enough time.

Focusing takes a lot longer so the situation had to be right.

Taking pictures of rings are cool… because they don’t move.
I did these without a tripod and it took a while.
I was using the macro filter adapters, and focusing and the depth of field was so narrow it was really hard to nail down.

I ogirinally bought the Lensbaby because I was trying to purchase the Nikon 105 macro and pictureline was out of stock that day.
Therefore I used the lensbaby to get Macros.

Next wedding I’m taking the G11 and testing it out to get some macros (details)

May I add I had a second generation lensbaby years ago… tried it on one wedding and never used it since.
The LensBaby composer is much more user friendly in my opinion.

To learn more about LensBaby go here


This is probably the most iconic LensBaby look… with the blurred edges.

First wedding that I used it on was the following

 055_7158570 471_7158562




There is a Food Photography Clinic being put on by my good friends Rich Legg and Nicole Young

It’s Thursday at the SLC library 6:30 – 8pm

Here’s the post with more info

I was looking through some pictures to perhaps add to their discussion.
I know my style of food pictures is probably going to be different. Less diliberate more consequential of where I am at. Less product orientated and more to catch memories.

But I thought I’d share some favorites over the years.


Though most of my stuff comes from wedding gigs. This one was taken as I was sitting down for a meal in Italy.
Just kinda took a picture of what was happening


 040_7S25294 (2)

Wedding pictures are mainly done to preserve memories. Remember that awesome cheesecake we had at our wedding?
Well now this is perhaps the only real memory left… my picture.



 003_7S44029 030_7S43959


The hand in the air just makes me laugh… lots of other good faces too.




This type of shot has become my “Thing” for each leaving shot.



Highlights First Gallery

Chronological Order Gallery

 034_7S21247 081_7S21283