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I’m pretty happy about this picture… I hope the rest of you all appreciate it as well. I’ll give you some background and perhaps turn it into a learning experience like I tend to do.

For those in Utah you know all about the wet winter and wet spring we’ve been having. This was a temporary waterfall that was running quite heavy just along side (and under) the road up the alpine loop. Meaning that the waterfall only exists this time of the year.

Allen and Alisa will be getting married Mid-June in DC. These are a small portion from their formals taken that day… which also included lots of different locations and started off with a first look. I’ll post more of those locations and pictures later.

But for now let’s see these awesome pictures.

We saw the waterfall, I hit the brakes and I got out of the car and started setting up. My intern set up a soft box and we got me an umbrella since it was raining pretty hard. I stuck it down the neck of my shirt because my intern had to hold the flash while i took pictures. Anyway, I got the scene all scoped out and set up and I had the groom stand in for a couple test shots.


Once I got the lighting all set I had her get out of the car and we took a couple of pictures. It was hard to communicate because it was so noisy with the waterfall and I was standing pretty far away.







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 006_7S28669 007_7S28680





 050_7S28531 049_7S28514



 093_7S29059 081_7S28899


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 091_7S24115 143_7S24630

 059_7S21356 098_7S21547 023_7S21377 042_7S21754 075_7S21421 084_7S21472 097_7S21533


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Taken accross from the Timpanogas Temple. I was so amazed at the amount of families that showed up while we were there to take pictures. There was at least 5 groups at one point and they were constantly coming and going.

One thing that amazed me about how many people came is that the light was less than good.
That is why I was very happy to have brought a friend and my new favorite toy… my 42″ reflector. It worked wonders and brought my editing time down so dramactically that I almost didn’t know what to do. I had my same impulses to touch up and make the pictures better and unique, but most of the time I was grasping at the air… as there was little to improve.

If you are listening and you are a photographer don’t put off buying a reflector as long as I did… get one now! (And get a good one)

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Their wedding is December 27th, we did bridal pictures (and pre-wedding couples pictures)
We went to the same canyon that i did the other 15 photo shoots last month…

Well the leaves have all fallen but it seems that even so it just makes things a little more challenging…
and that makes it fun.

Props to the couple, her sister and cousin for staying out in the cold for a couple of hours and helping misty maneuver in her dress in the middle of a forest.






No matter how much you play with the pictures afterwards the pictures still retain the unique colors and lighting of the time of day/place and season that you took them.

I look forward to their wedding in December.

Well for the first Photo Post I suppose I’ll do the most recent pictures.

Monday I went to thanksgiving point and spent a couple hours with Rachel and Andrew. They’ve already been married for a little while, but I suppose they just didn’t get wedding pictures taken when they got married.

So they dressed back up and even had a couple friends come. It was Andrew’s birthday present to Rachel and I thought that was very sweet. Afterwards he took her to a surprise birthday party and I stayed at Thanksgiving Point gardens taking pictures (which maybe I’ll get around to posting)

Willis 5Willis 7

There are more images…