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Last year I made a goal of weddings and i hit it and did a few extra.

This year I upped the goal by 15 to 40 weddings.

Happy to announce

I am very happy to announce that I went to the mailbox a minute ago… and saw I had complete confirmation on booking wedding #40

Commence balloon drop and other types of fanfare!!

Might I add the strange part that only 1 wedding is booked for after august 22nd

Yes Utah is a bit crazy with bookings… but I did go to 10 different states to do weddings.

Don’t try this at home! haha

I know many of you are photographers

And if you do try to do that many… have assistants, or at least don’t have a family or another job and expect consistent 12-15hr days.

Plan for future

Well while i’m young single 40!! and up to the task It’s all good.

But I have plans to slow things down and do a more manageble amount of weddings… in part to have a bit more of a life, not get burned out and to be able to work on other projects.