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Check out the rest of the photos we have up online from the wedding day on the SmugMug Event!

Here’s showing off some reception pictures from a recent wedding in DC. I am getting around to editing a lot of those wedding pictures so expect posts on a pretty frequent basis coming up.

I really wanna chat about the fun lighting I did to make this outdoor into the night reception work.

Check out the rest of the photos we have online of the wedding reception on the SmugMug Event.

This was right before the reception at the small luncheon… We’ll post the pictures of the wedding at the DC LDS temple tomorrow morning.

It was a very nicely decorated wedding… so much fun and relaxed. It was outside on a big lawn at a church building… really a very picturesque location.

They had a polaroid photobooth of sorts (someone clicking the button)

OK so the lighting got pretty dark towards the end of the evening… specially here when they were cutting the cake.

Had I not had a flash we’d be talking 1/5th of a second at f/1.4 … meaning lots of camera shake and dull colors.

But I had two lightstands I set up… one by the DJ and the other like 20ft from the action 20ft in the air with a sand bag to keep it set.

You can only imagine if I didn’t have flash… meaning you’d have to imagine because the pictures would have never been taken or seen by anyone.

I told them in fact that they’re lucky they had someone there that could handle that lighting condition because this was no ordinary easy situation.

There are other ways than radio controlled speedlights on lightstands set-up to cross light the whole reception… but I just don’t know if Speedlight on top of the camera and dragging the shutter would have cut it. There certainly weren’t any ceilings to bounce off of.

The exit.

They almost forgot to do their Thank You picture to send to people but we rememberd later on in the evening. I had a couple of guests hold it with the bride and groom a few feet behind in the background. Fast and quick… but we got it.

Here is a link to the full gallery of photos from the wedding and reception online:

View all the photos from the reception here:


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