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I did my workflow live on youtube

Here’s the post on Google+

And here’s the REPLAY of the workflow video.
Grab some food, perhaps do some other work while it streams on another monitor.
Just like the work I do… It’s time consuming.

See the Full gallery of Images here

Not much else to say about these pictures… nothing else that wasn’t already talked about during the 6hr presentation/workflow.

Every hour we did something different. 2hrs in the bride and groom saw the live streaming and joined.

 055_J7S1773 206_J7S1744

This is where this couple will be getting married next year.

Since he’s a Naval Academy Alumni he get’s the sweet hookup and I look forward to taking lots of pictures there specially inside of course for the ceremony.

 053_J7S1760 208_J7S1763

I went back to the car for a light because the scene was just too good to pass up without capturing some of those beautiful skies.


These pictures also qualify for the building because it’s right outside on the grounds which are very nice as well.





The above picture is at the end of the walk through campus and the below picture is at the start. In between we also went off campus and had some dinner and took a few pictures throughout town… we’ll show you some of those in the next post.

OK to begin (as we have done) at the end. I found myself spoiled not having an assistant and sadly not having my lightstand with me… it was in the car and it made me sad not to have it because i had to refrain from several shots I woulda loved to set up as it got darker with some nice Off-Camera-Flash but I simply had to try this one as the skys looked amazing and the lights as well… it was a holiday so there were no students around.

(Below) We parked a little off to the west of the main part of campus and walked over this bridge to get there. This was my way of letting them know at the very beginning that I would be stopping them all the time for pictures in random places that I thought would be great. The bridge isn’t so random, more typical I suppose, but still you’ll see that’s what I’d do in many of the following pictures.

 011_J7S0843 088_J7S0842


Air Vents – Yep, big huge air vents are awesome! I flew 2000 miles to get pictures of air vents… I’m glad they trust me!



The sign says no visitors beyond this point! and so we stood just inches in front of the line. Sometimes make your limitations turn into awesome pictures… many people will see a shiny object (metaphor) and go racing towards it and think about how they wished the sign wasn’t there. Don’t get caught up in that, turn every situation into something awesome, make it work for your benefit! Say “oh well” and then get it out of mind and start thinking of how you can make it work!


 015_J7S0952 093_J7S0865

Since this was his campus where he spent many years of his life… we had to get a few shots. The one on the right is my idea as she got shoes on and prepped for the pictures I took advantage of some pictures of him. The one on the left she wanted because this is the department where he spent a lot of his time.

 101_J7S0905 102_J7S0916 103_J7S0917

My thing these days is telling them to act out something… I think it puts them in a different mind set to do fun and different things than a simple pose… you get different reactions.

In several previous posts I tell people that you don’t need to pose people as much as you need to put them in the situations that illicit the reactions and interactions you want.


And finally we have the gazebo… I’m sure you couldn’t even tell since this was the biggest gazebo i’d seen in my life… had I got this whole thing they’d be specs… but they’d be right in this area for their actual ceremony (across the road at the church) so I gave it a shot. I’ll give the spots people want a shot but I’m not afraid to tell them that our time is best spent in other locations… most of the time their suggestions are awesome and I love the challenge.

Like I say doing a photoshoot is a team experience where we all collaborate. I like this picture, good idea to them and adaption by me.


When they fly over 2000 miles to go do some engagements they better be some rocking engagements! Well here I am to submit them for inspection.

The shoot will be devided into many posts allowing me to talk about each theme. Like most of my posts they are to appeal to photographers interested in knowing what I do and what goes through my head when I take pictures. Also to future clients so they know the same things and get ideas of what they can do and also how I opperate and if it appeals to them and their style.

We shall start with the boats… A little bit of background.

Kristen and Thomas went to the same Highschool in Utah. It wasn’t til several years after highschool that they connected and she started to visit him at school, he was going to the Naval academy in Maryland, so much of their interaction occured there.

I’m obviously making a long story short and maybe they’ll write up their story for us… but the point for me is she loves him in uniform, she totally embraces the whole boat thing, and so this picture was the one they talked about the most when we first talked about engagements. She did want to be on a boat but they were unable to find one to rent.

I think this is a pretty good remedy for a picture in a boat. It contains all the elements and is totally unique.

These pictures happened at the very very end of two days of shooting. We had all gone back and forth about what we would do because you can’t necisarily jump into a boat that’s not yours specially as a naval officer that’s supposed to set a good example. I am not comfortable with tresspassing either. So we finally said let’s go over to the boats and see what we could do.

We got perfect cloud coverage at just the right time as I couldn’t diffuse such a big area, specially without an assistant.

So that’s the background and these are the pictures.



Each of these pictures seem to have a little bit different flare to them and I couldn’t say which one will be most well received. Perhaps the vertical one since it’s the only one of it’s orientation. Perhaps the only BW one… but with the sky so blue it’s hard to not like a color one. Maybe the one 2 below since it’s a bit closer. Or maybe the first one since we can see both the faces well… it’s a good send it to grandma picture.

This is why i give people lots of options to torture them into having to decide for themselves what they truly love the most.

I often say… These pictures are for you! They’re going on Your wall! Keep that in mind.






I present to you another couple that has taken a few minutes to write a few words of advice to future brides along with some great stories for random pictures they liked from their wedding experience.

Once again the pictures they picked were not your typical pictures you’d see on a photo-blog (Except probably the one I chose above) but when you read the stories you can understand why they’re so important to the bride and the groom.

I had a lot of fun doing their engagement pictures in San Fransisco and wedding in Idaho. You could tell they had a great love for good photography and that always makes things easier for me. Thanks for the great day Bobbiejane and David

To see more pictures go to the blog I wrote about them Part 1 Part 2 or their galleries online

Jarvie’s Digital Review – by the Culbertsons

Finding a Photographer

We enjoy a more artistic approach to wedding photos instead of the boring and typical posed pictures that seem to all look the same. When looking for a photographer for our wedding, the first thing that we looked at were their pictures. This way we could see what the finished product was going to be, and if it fit our sense of style.  The photographer was important to us because we knew that the photos would be the lasting memories, and documentation of our very special day.  We really wanted them to portray our personalities, and not a cookie cutter, mass produced, blah wedding album. We were getting married in Idaho, where neither one of us was from, so we had to rely on the internet heavily to find a photographer instead of by word of mouth. At first it seemed a daunting task, but we feel like it was actually better to be able to see the finished product, and be able to rule out photographers automatically if we didn’t like their finished product.

Because we were definitely working with a budget, our next priority was pricing and packages. Luckily, Scott works with couples by offering discounts, and various ways to pay off the cost of his wedding packages. We were ecstatic that we had found someone whose artistry we loved, and could also afford to get the best pictures for our wedding day.

Advice about finding a photographer:

The photographer was really important for us to remember our wedding day, so we would recommend picking someone whose style you like since it’s your day.  Also, we starting looking for our photographer first thing so that we ensure that he would be available on our wedding date.

Scott; the man, the comedian, the photo master.

We were extremely impressed by the commitment that Scott showed us for our wedding pictures. Our engagement photo shoot lasted 7.5 hrs, with 10 outfit changes. A little over the top. We started at 2pm, and finished around 930pm, driving all around San Francisco, taking photos wherever an opportunity presented itself. He went above and beyond the norms of a photographer, and we couldn’t have been more happy with how he interacted with us, and how the photos turned out. He also kept us entertained!

When the wedding day came, we were surprised to find that there were 3 photographers instead of one to capture the best photos. Unlike other photographers, his package covered the entire wedding day. He was there for the wedding ceremony, as well as the reception, so that every aspect of our day was covered. He orchestrated the many family members in all of the photos very well, and was always looking for a good angle and gorgeous backdrop for our photos. He is also charming and handsome, and we were lucky to have him as our photographer, if you have any single lady friends, we believe he is single and willing to give free photos for life for finding him his mate.(haha)

Advice on photographs for the wedding day and engagement photos:

One of the best parts of looking at our photos now is being able to see how everything looked throughout the entire day since it was a blur to us. We would recommend knowing what specific photos you want. Look around beforehand at pictures you like, especially the poses used so that you can recreate them for yourself on your wedding day. Modeling doesn’t come naturally to all of us! For the engagement photos, I would keep it short and simple, 2 outfit changes max, it can become overwhelming if you try to do too much.

Pictures With Stories



We both loved this photo because it was so random. We pulled up to meet Scott, he was sleeping in his car on the streets of San Francisco, and there was this door right there.  We wanted to start the photo shoot right there! So this is what we got!


We loved this one because we wanted to be original, and Scott worked with our creativity to produce quality photos out of our odd ideas. We were waiting for our sandwiches at Ike’s, our favorite place to eat in San Francisco, we wandered down the street, and were inspired by the crosswalk, and the streets.

Wedding photos;


I love this because we spent a lot of time finding the rings that we wanted! Dave’s is really special because its Bobbiejane’s fingerprint actually molded into the ring. Also, Bobbiejane’s ring was a total and complete surprise.



2 days ago we talked about coming out of the SLC LDS Temple and some group shots… and more or less about the beginning of this wedding.

Read It

We shall now continue

We’ll focus on the kids themselves and then next edition we’ll end off with the reception


I think this is a picture one of my interns took as I was setting up a shot… he got in close and photographed this neat moment. Go Will!

In any case you’ll notice a distinct usage of plant life in their pictures… a couple of reasons, she loves plant life, she studies it up at Utah St and she is even did her reception at Cactus and Tropicals and so I’m thinking I’ve done more than a few weddings at SLC Temple so I wouldn’t mind at all focusing on some places I haven’t been to a lot since often I’m focused on the building.

OK let’s meet them

This is Bret

 276_J7S4914 102_J7S4916

He’s older than you think… not like ancient or anything but he’s older than his brothers who we kinda met last time.

And this is Michelle

 279_J7S4917 289_J7S4959

OK we hope to hear from Michelle and Bret later with their stories and advice from the day and hopefully learn about what pictures are special to them with some fun stories why.

But for now I took a quick peak at the pictures she posted on facebook to see what she was liking.

She put up that first one

A couple of my favorites I put up last time

 001_J7S5171 003_J7S5095

And there’s nothing like a good ol fashion straight smiling at the camera kinda picture.




When I made the decision to cut back on the number of weddings I made a decision to put more work in the weddings I do.

One of the things I started doing was double checking my edits, then triple checking and each time finding quick fast improvements that would make the pictures way better.

(More about it in Posts to come)



After those looks I would go back through and select pictures I think would look great in black and white. Now days after working on thousands of these I can often spot the picture that will look best in B&W but sometimes I have to double check by converting it quickly and then converting it back.

In Lightroom the shortcut is “V” you can check to see if it has potential if it does make a virtual copy and then make the second copy the one that will be B&W the shortcut for virtual copies is ctrl+’

I often find myself selecting the pictures with the most emotion and usually my favorite pictures are given that second B&W look.

One extra benefit

An extra benefit from turning pictures B&W is that going through the pictures is yet one extra look at them. And when they’re in B&W you often pay so much closer attention to exposure levels because colors (specially bright colors) are not playing with your perceptions anymore. I’ll therefore turn B&W see what needs to be done and make corrections before I create the virtual copy… so i don’t have to do things twice. B&W is also great for paying closer attention to making things sharper.


In times past I would tell my clients I could turn their pictures B&W but hardly anyone made reqeusts of me… I took that as a compliment that I was practically perfect. haha But in the end I figure they just don’t know what it might look like, and they might choose pictures that don’t look good in B&W

A little more history is that when I first started photography I wasn’t a fan of B&W… it seemed like cheating to me. I’ve grown to love it and recognize for me it’s spot in my work.


Another fun thing I’m doing is creating a gallery of all the images from the session that I converted to B&W.

Usually I leave a copy in color because it often never fails that you do Only B&W and they’ll ask for the color… so if I just have B&W I either think the colors weren’t anything special or I was lazy and might pay for it later, it was probably an afterthought picture anyway.

To create a gallery of just B&Ws in Smugmug you’ll have to start in Lightroom (or similar program) keyword every B&W … I use the keyword “bw”

How to select all B&W the fastest… go to gallery go to the filtering options > select metadata options > change one of the columns to “treatment” > you’ll see you can filter by B&W > select them all > keyword them “bw” > then export > then upload to smugmug

In SmugMug: Add a new gallery seperate from the gallery that contains ALL pictures from the event the B&W gallery will be seperate with nothing to upload > when you get to the uploading section instead select Make Smart Gallery > select the from gallery option and select the gallery with all the pictures then add another qualifier and use that one to select by the keyword > then make sure to select the option that requires ALL requirements otherwise it will select all pictures from that gallery and all B&Ws you have on smugmug.

Anyway check to see if it works and then you have a gallery of all your B&W from that shoot


Uribe Wedding B&Ws

Jensen Wedding B&Ws

Fernsten Wedding B&Ws




Here is a preview of the wedding pictures taken last Friday in Los Angeles.

More pictures will be posted later of the events later that evening.

We tried to stay in areas out of the direct harsh sun… or we blocked the light with large reflectors.


 002_J7S2501 003_J7S2513



To see more pictures see this preview gallery

 006_J7S2374 007_J7S2377



(Above) I’m pretty happy with this picture because they wanted a picnic look and had these grand aspirations of the prototypical look, and when I saw this bright and yet rustic fence I thought this will be different and fun. They trusted me enough that their awesome idea would work in a grungy street in the middle of no where on a patch of here today gone tomorrow green grassy-weedy with a couple of surprise flowers. No big fancy set up needed… just plop down the blanket and basket and say, hey by the way we’re doing your picnic picture here now have yourself a little romantic moment while I lay down on this sidewalk.

A continuation

Last week I posted a teaser of some of the pictures I had taken at night of a couple in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Rest

Today I share the rest of the pictures taken throughout the day and throughout the city.

They get married in July in Idaho but she lives close to San Fransisco and I was already there doing a wedding, so he came down and we spent a few hours trying out dozens of locations throughout the city.

You want good pictures?

What makes for a great engagement picture session? a whole bunch of enthusiasm… and this couple certainly had it and it led to me trying out a bunch of new things. If a couple is good with “whatever” then that’s what happens, and if they want amazing and are willing to work for it, then that’s what we’ll strive for.

see the gallery of many many more pictures


No… no one is a pilot… but we saw it from the freeway and all thought it looked so scenic… and we were right!


 004_J7S1417 006_J7S1211

(Above Right) – “Sitting on the dock of the bay -Watching the tide roll away – I’m just sitting on the dock of the bay – Wasting time”



Last year I made a goal of weddings and i hit it and did a few extra.

This year I upped the goal by 15 to 40 weddings.

Happy to announce

I am very happy to announce that I went to the mailbox a minute ago… and saw I had complete confirmation on booking wedding #40

Commence balloon drop and other types of fanfare!!

Might I add the strange part that only 1 wedding is booked for after august 22nd

Yes Utah is a bit crazy with bookings… but I did go to 10 different states to do weddings.

Don’t try this at home! haha

I know many of you are photographers

And if you do try to do that many… have assistants, or at least don’t have a family or another job and expect consistent 12-15hr days.

Plan for future

Well while i’m young single 40!! and up to the task It’s all good.

But I have plans to slow things down and do a more manageble amount of weddings… in part to have a bit more of a life, not get burned out and to be able to work on other projects.

The question was posed on how I’m gonna photograph 3 weddings in one day.

Crazy Coincidence

First off it’s all about fate. It’s crazy how it all worked out.

All three inquiries were for SLC LDS Temple.

I don’t charge per hour… I charge for the day and give the couple the full reign of deciding what’s going on that day. Which makes it even more uncommon for me to do 3 weddings in one day.

Speaking of coincidences

I did a photoshoot monday, tuesday and wednesday this week so far… and each has been an engagement shoot.
It just so happens that they were each for the three weddings I’m doing on the same day in May. 

I will post pictures soon.

First Wedding 

Well the primary wedding that booked me first isn’t getting married at the temple until about noon. So that’s when i need to be there then then have a reception that night in Alpine.