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Caroline and Remi are from france and live in Paris so I came over there to do their wedding pictures.
I offered to do couple pictures the day before their wedding and this is some of the results.
We started and ended the day at the eifel tower



She loves the Notre Dame so we got some awesome pictures there… the back in the garden is the best place to do it since it isn’t absolutely covered in people.

Sure the cool building was the other direciton but the great pictures, lighting and bakground was this direction.


It did rain on us and I used that change for a few cute candids

They got some looks by the tourists.



We had a covered bridge to provide some relief when it rained for a bit.
Btw it only rained for a small portion of the day.

Random covered sidewalk was probably one of my favorite lighting situations

Oh and here are a couple of the pictures I took while I waited for them to get ready at their apartment.

Nothing like a few moody lighting shots to go with the mood of paris.


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 0318_8D17605 0312_8D17427


 0315_8D17519 0316_8D17550

 0449_8D17409 0490_8D17567 0447_8D17403 0475_8D17527 0459_8D17457




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 0505_8D17662 0503_8D17656 0713_8D18512 0523_8D17745 0506_8D17670



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(Guest Writer Keri Neal) All images property of Scott Jarvie

A bride has spent many pain staking hours planning her wedding – down to the perfect font on the invitations to the petal colors of her floral arrangement, the table centerpieces, the bridesmaid and groomsmen colors and even the bead work of flower girl’s hairpiece and the bride’s veil. Just as important as the portrait photos and the ceremony, these details are a major part of the event. After the event, the flowers will wither, the decorate food will be consumed and the the table settings in disarray. Therefore it is important to capture these images for the couple in addition to the many images you have taken of the wedding party and attendees. Professional wedding photographers know the details matter.

Here is a collection of my favorite still life detail shots – by Scott Jarvie.

0147B03958-S 021IMG9930-S

402IMG4094-M 03127369318-S

(Guest writer Keri Neal) Images by Scott Jarvie

One of the top expenses for any wedding is the floral arrangements.  Naturally this cost is dependent on the type of flower and quantity. Nonetheless, as a professional photographer, it is important to preserve these beautiful arrangements for all eternity, since the real bouquets will probably only last a week, two at best.

Here is a selection of some colorful Bridal Bouquets.

Typically, the style and formality of the wedding will influence and establish the style of bouquet that is selected. The bouquet can be composed of one kind of flower or a garden’s worth. A bouquet complements the bride’s personality and attire, remaining in the visual theme of the day.

They can be personalized bouquets by choosing flowers that are expressive to the couple’s backgrounds and beliefs. Colorful flowers that match your wedding palette is an obvious way to personalize your bouquet. Colorful adornments — from ribbons and lace to beads or feathers — will make any bouquet meaningful.




My big news for 2012
I no longer charge travel costs for a wedding.

One Price: Yep just one price for anywhere in the world.

Because most of my weddings have me traveling far from my home state (Utah) I’ve decided to have one price, it avoids complication, encourages travel to exciting places and makes me unique.

Why? To me it’s not about costs incurred traveling, it’s more it’s me being indisposed for other weddings traveling 2 days… and therefore the price is included.
Because traveling during 2 days is how it always is… ergo the cost will be the same, because everywhere out of Utah has me traveling during 2 extra days.

Besides… I love traveling … and like I said it sets me apart.


I’m proud of the following points: (About Me)

  • The one word that describes my photography: Personality
  • I don’t charge by hour – I’m ALL day… to the very end
  • I edit every picture I give to the client. (This is a big deal)
  • You get a ton of pictures. I can’t remember the last wedding where they got less than 500 pictures. (Sometimes I do lots more… it depends on what they have organized)
  • I’ve been doing weddings since 2005 so I’m experienced but still excited about weddings.
  • I have an editing style all to myself I describe it as: bright and full of colors.
  • I teach photography and have had over 20 interns in the past few years.
  • Things I am most well known for teaching: Workflow, Editing, Off Camera Flash, Interacting with clients, Lightroom and SmugMug
  • I can handle very difficult lighting situations.
  • I always succeed. Therefore there’s a lot of trust/confidence in what I do. My clients know they’re for sure going to get awesome pictures.
  • Fun: People get along with me… and not just the wedding couple, everyone. I’m laid back and I don’t get stressed on the job.
  • You will end up with the usage rights (and files) to the pictures. (This is also a big thing)
  • And of course: No travel costs
  • I am conversational in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese… in that order) I’ve studied many others.


  • Utah: I’m discounting the cost for Utah because I have two extra days where i’m not traveling and can do 2 times more weddings in Utah.
  • Students/Military: It’s something unique I’ve done ever since I’ve started and the tradition will continue.
  • Ol’ Friends: Again something I’ve done ever since the beginning.
  • Trade/Barter: I’ve been known for my belief that a fair exchange doesn’t have to be 100% federal reserve notes (dollars) and therefore I’m willing to talk about options for trade.

On a budget? Hard to say what this means. Budgets range dramatically … I’ve dealt with all ranges.
It doesn’t hurt to email or call.
If you feel your budget might be a bit low… just be honest and let me know what that budget is. I’ve helped people out that had their heart set on my photography and I’ve also helped connect people to other amazing photographers.



  • 1. Formals (wedding pictures of just the couple on a separate flexible date)
  • 2. Wedding
  • 3. Wedding with Journalistic Book (120pgs)
  • 4. Wedding with Leatherbound Fancy Album (40pgs)

Pricing will vary greatly, so personally, I say you should simply contact me.
Range: Formals start in the $1500 range. On the higher end for example a wedding (anywhere) with 3 Press-printed journalistic 120pg books is about $8400
So you might be somewhere in between that range.

Additional things to consider (All are heavily discounted with wedding purchase)

  • Pre-wedding photoshoots (Engagements, Bridals, Formals)
  • Second day options
  • Parent copies of the books/albums
  • Prints
  • Additional Photographer (Not common for me, but I have lots of connections if the wedding calls for it)


I’m way easy to get a hold of and I’d like to think pleasant to talk with.

Call: 1-801-362-6372


Google+ : Probably the best way to follow me and what I do and who I am:
(You do not need to have an account to view my posts… but you will to contact/interact with me there.)

Facebook: and my oft-neglected fan-page is


 001_J7S0608 003_J7S2197


 0102_7361668 0100_7361797


 0100_7368992 006_7C06967


 0001_7361893 0005_7361844



 Verts- 22




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Know someone getting married Jan, Feb or March?
I just offered this to a couple getting married on Feb 29 (Leap Year)
So I’m going to offer it to anyone!

Know someone getting married Jan, Feb or March?

I just offered this to a couple getting married on Feb 29 (Leap Year)

So I’m going to offer it to anyone!

Please share with your friends and specially those you might know getting married during this time.

Half off wedding day photography!

Other Details:

  • This applies any late notice Utah weddings… if yours is out of Utah we can still work out something awesome!
  • It’s a pay up front type thing and bartering will be a little more limited.
  • Add engagements or bridals for half cost as well.
  • Again it’s for wedding during Jan-March only and some days I’ll be gone.


  • It’s late Notice.
  • I decided not to go on a 2-3 month road trip and now have more availability.
  • It’s the slowest months of the year.
  • There was a new $6k camera announced that I’m looking to get.

They’re getting married this next saturday but when I was down there for a wedding last weekend we got a lot done.

A 8-9hr photoshoot… let’s give props to the groom for holding on for that long… that’s true love!

Here’s a couple from the end of the night but I’ll next show some highlights in chronological order of what and where we went that day.

To see the rest of the images go to the gallery.

We also spent a few hours not in their wedding clothes. I might do another post of them later… but you’ll see them in the gallery above.

This was all done as part of a 9hr workflow hangout video that I did on Google+

Here is a link to the full gallery of photos from the wedding and reception online:

This post has been created and written by attendees of the 10 day JarvieDigital Bootcamp 2011 – (Interns for summer 2011)

(Photo by Laurel Scott)


Bootcamp Day 7 – The Wedding

In the morning we just worked in the office – working with workflow some more, including keywording and editing in lightroom.
Practicing rating for the first time was great – because just seeing which images one picks each time through is a little different. Just comparing the images to the good ones around it makes it a lot easier to choose the good ones. And the more times you see an image, the better – so the images at the top of the rating pyramid have been seen the most times and picked accordingly.

About Lightroom: when it comes to editing, faster is better – so there may be more than one way to do something, you want to do it the way that will be faster in the end. If you have to darken something and lighten other things because of it, maybe it would’ve been faster to just selectively darken instead, or vice-versa. Saving time is always vital – so the faster you can do something the better. Don’t get complacent.

Key-wording – is important!

(Photos by Laurel Scott)

The wedding:

We then headed out to the wedding, which was a great experience. In a lot of ways, there was a lot more going on at the wedding than at the other things we’ve been to. Having to work around all the guests is a lot different than working with only people who are there for a photoshoot. So being conscientious of the wedding guests is very important. The way the guests perceive the photographer is a very important aspect of photographing a wedding.

One thing that seems overlooked when it comes to weddings, is when it is okay to take a small break. You have to know what the schedule is for the wedding, and about when different things will happen so that you can always be ready for the really important moments. You don’t want to be off changing your gear or anything else when they suddenly cut the cake, throw the bouquet, etc.

(Photos by Laurel Scott)


(Photo by Angela Terry)



In the morning we more fully introduced to SmugMug. This is where Scott has his photos in galleries for clients to view their photos but it is also capable to order the prints. So a client can go into their gallery in SmugMug, at their convenience, and view their pictures and then also order them. From there Scott gets a notification via email and he can then do any edits the couple requests and then send the order off to the printers. The prints get sent right to the client. Pretty Cool.

We also worked on key-wording. Key-wording is very beneficial. If you keyword your pictures in Lightroom, it can then transfer over into SmugMug and it is easier to sort the pictures by keyword then by picking through all of them one by on.

At night we went to a wedding and reception. I learned it helps to have extra people around to organize the wedding party for pictures. I also worked a lot with my ISO. Working it with the low lighting and working in a group without getting in the way. I want to get the picture, but not be in the way of our client’s fun.

I think that is the most I have gotten out of this whole week experience is learning my camera better. I don’t do a lot of indoor pictures, or low lighting pictures. I do mainly natural light. So this has really helped me learn my camera better, improve my skills and stretch myself to be a better photographer.


(Photo by Jeff Bushaw)



Starting the day in the office, Scott showed us some of the basics of a photo hosting website called SmugMug. He uses this as his primary hub to not only show his photos to his clients but as a side benefit the website also serves as an online portfolio as well as a way to “grab” those photos from one central point and pull them into other sites such as this blog.

The next thing we learned was keywording through Lightroom. This can be a small or a huge task depending on the photoshoot your working on. However big the task may be, the time spent doing quality keywording can pay off when it comes to internet searches and searches within your own sites. From a marketing standpoint, you of course always want traffic coming to your sites so you may bring in business. From a website standpoint, it is beneficial to navigate directly to the type of content you are looking for. Keywording is essential for these to work efficiently.

Scott then did some photo editing teaching inside of Lightroom. I am fairly familiar with the functions of the “Develop” module within Lightroom. However, Scott taught some very valuable lessons within this. My editing in the past could easily take 5-10 minutes per photo. For me this has always been unacceptable. Scott teaches that there are things you can do to turn many long steps into just a few quick steps. Therefore saving huge amounts of time. In addition, where in the past, I wanted to perfect every single photo, I now look for the very best photos and spend slightly more time on them and less time on the ones that simply were not the greatest. Making the decision on which ones to do with with is achieved through a rating system that is built into Lightroom and utilizing Scotts method of using that rating system.

(Photos by Jeff Bushaw)

That evening…Wedding time!

Its amazing how knowing certain things in life can help you in something seemingly unrelated. Im sure you all have heard about football coaches having their players take ballet lessons to strengthen their awareness and their abilities to use their bodies. The same thing happened to me today. We as photographers strive to enhance our abilities to see photos within the place we are located. In addition to this, we strive to “see the light” that is available or possible for that particular photo. Having done the learning we did today in Lightroom actually helped me to see even more than before. Through the rating system, we also learned the things that can make up a strongly rated photo. Through the editing system, we learned what a photo or photo situation can become, not just what appears to be.

Photographing this wedding was wonderful. We were lucky to have a beautiful couple, a wonderful family, a very nice location, and just a very good “visual” event to photograph.

Great Day

(Photo by Jeff Bushaw)

(Photos by Jeff Bushaw)

Planned a while back it’s finally happening… My 10 day photography workshop that will go until May 26th

A short Recap of some of the highlights

  • Day 1 – Intro Stuff and In the evening two of what I consider to be my most important presentations
    “Attractions and Distractions: Developing a language for photography” and essentially what we can call simply “Taking in focus pictures: Tips for more in focus pictures”
  • Day 2 – The highlight for this day is i’m focusing on workflow and assisting
  • Day 3 – The highlight is a long photoshoot with dozens of models in provo (a chance to practice their assisting skills)
  • Day 4 – Learning to really see and utilize locations – including a walk through of abravenel hall for photoshoots we’re doing the next week.
  • Also the intro presentation for Flash Camp that evening
  • Day 5 – Studio lighting then the start of flash camp which includes a lot of models
  • Day 6 – The finish of flash camp – (flash camp is about using flash at day then sunset and then twilight and then night… going to bed and then waking up to do it all over again in reverse)
  • Day 7 – A real wedding will be the highlight
  • Day 8 – An involved photoshoot for the symphony
  • Day 9 – A wedding centered day – with photoshoots and a wedding vendor dinner which is an amazing experience to learn more about the culture and expectations of being a wedding photographer
  • Day 10 – recap day includes a big photowalk at the end with lots of photography from the community at large

Other things we’re doing

Bootcamp is all day long and in all the other spots we’ll be at the computer learning how to work on pictures and learning all sorts of photography projects that I have lined up for the interns to work on this summer. Because we’re shooting so much simply going through pictures will take a lot of time… because it’s everyone’s pictures.

We’ll be focusing on them writing down and internalizing what they learned and sharing it here on the blog. (so stay tuned for that)

Options to the Public

  • You can come to the Presentations tomorrow
  • Flash Camp I will still take 2 more photographers
  • Wedding Vendor Dinner you can add yourself to the waiting list for if there are spots available after the wedding vendors book
  • Thursday the 26th anyone is free to come to our closing social a photowalk tentatively planned for the salt flats.
  • Model – I’ve found a lot of models to be part but if you also want to model for cash Or for pictures let me know.
  • Hey if you have a lot of money laying around and 10 totally free days there’s always bootcamp itself 😉 haha

Motto and Objectives

The main objective of this Bootcamp has always been to teach my summer full time interns all they’ll need to know to work all summer long on pictures and projects.
Secondarily to give them lots of amazing experiences to help them get much better at taking pictures. (this is actually going to be a big portion of the time we spend)

The Motto = Pick your battles (I will relate almost everything to this saying/mantra)

First look is …


The First time Chris sees Chelsea in her wedding dress.

First Look is…


The moment they embrace for the first time on that special day.

Doesn’t matter if it’s the day before, a week before or like this hours before there in her house as she walked down the stairs ready to go.

This is love… and this is what they call “First Look”

For those LDS Bride and Grooms we can’t document the moment you’re married for all time and eternity. But I can try to capture the emotions and the love you feel of another special moment as a symbol of that beginning.


Today we’re bringing you the words from a recent bride, who I’ve become good friends with after she interned for a summer, she’s like my little sister now. She’ll share her two cents about picking wedding photographers and interacting with them.

I’ve done posts previously on her wedding picturesBridals Engagements

Then she’ll share a couple of her favorite pictures and why. In a style I like to call: “Pictures with Meaning”. Which is really neat because I typically wouldn’t put any of these pictures up on the blog (Besides that last one)… they all seem to have special meaning to her (which is why I took them… but usually they wouldn’t translate to a large crowd online unless we were to explain why… which is what we’re doing)


Hello future brides.

So, I’m going to be honest. When Scott first asked me to write this post, I had absolutely no idea what to say. I interned with Scott the summer before my own wedding, and when it came time to pick my photographer, the decision was easy for me.

I knew Scott very well, I knew his style and I knew how he did weddings. And that was that. What more could I say?

But that would be a pretty lame blog post. So I figured I’d go a little farther, dig a little deeper than that. You know, take one for the team. This is what I’ve come up with.


Through some crazy series of random, coincidental events, I somehow got set up to do an internship this summer with Scott. First of all, I’m not from around here. I live just outside Washington, D.C. on the Northern Virginia side, and driving out here was a crazy trip. Second of all, I’m still in high school and being the only intern under 20, I was a little intimidated. But since I’ve been here I’ve learned and done a little more than I expected. Being the only full-time intern at the office every day I got one-on-one lessons from Scott about Lightroom, blogging, lighting, and all sorts of technicalities. I was told when I got here that I would get out of this experience what I put into it. And that’s exactly what happened. Being here every day was certainly tiring but I acquired knowledge that I wouldn’t learn for many years to come, and returning to Senior year back home in AP photo, i will have more than a few snapshots to show off.

(Above and Below) pictures taken by me at a fun workshop “Flashcamp 2”

(Above) Pictures taken by me yesterday assisting at an engagement shoot. One of the many wedding related photoshoots I was able to go on.

What I learned with Scott:

  • Be creative. There’s not always one solution to a problem. Whether it be wind, light or a shy model, you can always work around your original concept to create something different that fits the situation better.
  • Don’t try to dictate your model’s expression or pose too much or else it becomes a photo that doesn’t reflect who they really are.
  • You don’t need hours and hours of editing to make something look good. the simpler, the better.
  • Be efficient. Don’t sacrifice quality for efficiency, but it never hurts to spare a few minutes at the end of the day. And those minutes add up more than you’d think.
  • Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Doing lots and lots of one particular thing may be boring, but by the end of the day you will be better than anyone in the office at that one thing. cough cough keywording.
  • You don’t always have to be looking through a lens to become a better photographer. After many “x-out sessions” i can attest that i truly am better at taking in-focus pictures. And while you might think “gee, that’s a pretty easy task to master”, the more in-focus pictures you have, the more good in-focus pictures you will have.
  • Don’t forget to relax and have fun. Whether you’re shooting for a wedding or a guy on his motorcycle, the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed they will be. Photo shoots are also about building relationships.

And yes, i learned more than just life lessons. I went from being a photographer who never would dare use flash, to one who not only knows how to use it, but is in the market for some speed lights. I think that it takes a lot to influence my style but being around Scott while he is at a shoot has given me so many ideas about how to not necessarily change my style, but better it. I learned how to use Lightroom, too. Which, for better or worse has turned me away from the complicity of Photoshop. I have learned how to shoot in pitch black lighting situations and how to do it well. While my photography itself is still not anywhere near the quality of his, I’ve got all the tools i need to practice for years to come. And finally i learned how the real world works. Not just how to take a good picture but how to run a business and all the necessary things that go into it. That’s something they don’t teach you in Photography 101. All in all, I’d say not too shabby for a 17-year-old kid. Back east they’re gonna wonder what in the world kind of summer school I went to and I’ll have some crazy stories to tell them.

Now for all of you photographers who are looking to start a business but don’t have the knowledge or the experience to do so, this is your guy. Come be a full-time intern!

A Word From Scott

  • I thought to myself if someone were willing to come all the way from Virginia just to do this they probably have some passion and committment which are HUGE in my opinion.
  • Also being young and away from home both would lead to less distractions. Seems like so many people want to learn until the first jobs start coming in and then they’re done learning. But I had Will’s full attention and involvement. I could just assume he’d be at a shoot and that consistency-dependableness was eye opening to what makes someone awesome at this.
  • He could see a job through from the beginning. From assisting and taking pictures at shoots, to “X-Out sessions”, picking, rating, keywording sessions (His favorite), solving all sorts of problems we’d come accross.
  • I hoped that in such a short period of time (3 wks) I didn’t mind if he knew all the specifics but that he could take the principles so that he could apply them and solve his own questions and problems down the road.
  • There are still plenty of things we didn’t go over but I’m pretty sure he knows How to Learn those things for himself now. Or he’s always invited back to slave away at the office.
  • Oh hey this was the first time he’s been to a wedding and used flash or a reflector or lightroom or done blogs and probably a first for a bunch of other things.

So if people are interested in learning photography or doing a student-intern type thingy take a note from this kids play book. On that note I’ll probably look for someone to fill in where he’s left off. But now I’ll be looking to fill some big shoes.

He’s right… the more you put in the more you get out of it.


I’m not sure why I can get away with doing these things and it works so well sometimes.

It’s really so simple and cheasy and yet it works.

I just have them look at me and say “serious, now smile and now look at eachother and giggle like girls or whatever.”

I do it all really quickly to capture the first real emotions and the spontaneity.

I don’t give them time to think of the request and try to make it posed and stale… usually they’ll do it as a reaction to the request and then when they find themselves looking at eachother smiling and laughing it usually sets off a trigger to make them do it more and more when they realize what they’re doing… so I’m ready to capture the whole sequence.

Obviously sometimes it’s better than others.

People so often look at pictures and comment on faces… they love such and such person’s face in this picture. Well this is one way to make this happen more often

 012_J7S8176 026_J7S8182

I love when i find good locations to photograph from above.

Remember we go through life seeing things at the 5’2″-6′ angle… change that up and you automatically add a unique quality to your pictures.

Dresses often look really good from this angle as well. These two didn’t need it but certain body types will appreciate it as well.

70mm f/2.8 if you’re wondering… I bet if I had my 50mm f/1.4 it would have a more dramatic effect but I would have had to work really hard to make sure his head was the same distance away as hers.