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Here’s showing off some reception pictures from a recent wedding in DC. I am getting around to editing a lot of those wedding pictures so expect posts on a pretty frequent basis coming up.

I really wanna chat about the fun lighting I did to make this outdoor into the night reception work.

Check out the rest of the photos we have online of the wedding reception on the SmugMug Event.

This was right before the reception at the small luncheon… We’ll post the pictures of the wedding at the DC LDS temple tomorrow morning.

It was a very nicely decorated wedding… so much fun and relaxed. It was outside on a big lawn at a church building… really a very picturesque location.

They had a polaroid photobooth of sorts (someone clicking the button)

OK so the lighting got pretty dark towards the end of the evening… specially here when they were cutting the cake.

Had I not had a flash we’d be talking 1/5th of a second at f/1.4 … meaning lots of camera shake and dull colors.

But I had two lightstands I set up… one by the DJ and the other like 20ft from the action 20ft in the air with a sand bag to keep it set.

You can only imagine if I didn’t have flash… meaning you’d have to imagine because the pictures would have never been taken or seen by anyone.

I told them in fact that they’re lucky they had someone there that could handle that lighting condition because this was no ordinary easy situation.

There are other ways than radio controlled speedlights on lightstands set-up to cross light the whole reception… but I just don’t know if Speedlight on top of the camera and dragging the shutter would have cut it. There certainly weren’t any ceilings to bounce off of.

The exit.

They almost forgot to do their Thank You picture to send to people but we rememberd later on in the evening. I had a couple of guests hold it with the bride and groom a few feet behind in the background. Fast and quick… but we got it.

Here is a link to the full gallery of photos from the wedding and reception online:

View all the photos from the reception here:

This post has been created and written by attendees of the 10 day JarvieDigital Bootcamp 2011 – (Interns for summer 2011)

(Photo by Laurel Scott)


Bootcamp Day 7 – The Wedding

In the morning we just worked in the office – working with workflow some more, including keywording and editing in lightroom.
Practicing rating for the first time was great – because just seeing which images one picks each time through is a little different. Just comparing the images to the good ones around it makes it a lot easier to choose the good ones. And the more times you see an image, the better – so the images at the top of the rating pyramid have been seen the most times and picked accordingly.

About Lightroom: when it comes to editing, faster is better – so there may be more than one way to do something, you want to do it the way that will be faster in the end. If you have to darken something and lighten other things because of it, maybe it would’ve been faster to just selectively darken instead, or vice-versa. Saving time is always vital – so the faster you can do something the better. Don’t get complacent.

Key-wording – is important!

(Photos by Laurel Scott)

The wedding:

We then headed out to the wedding, which was a great experience. In a lot of ways, there was a lot more going on at the wedding than at the other things we’ve been to. Having to work around all the guests is a lot different than working with only people who are there for a photoshoot. So being conscientious of the wedding guests is very important. The way the guests perceive the photographer is a very important aspect of photographing a wedding.

One thing that seems overlooked when it comes to weddings, is when it is okay to take a small break. You have to know what the schedule is for the wedding, and about when different things will happen so that you can always be ready for the really important moments. You don’t want to be off changing your gear or anything else when they suddenly cut the cake, throw the bouquet, etc.

(Photos by Laurel Scott)


(Photo by Angela Terry)



In the morning we more fully introduced to SmugMug. This is where Scott has his photos in galleries for clients to view their photos but it is also capable to order the prints. So a client can go into their gallery in SmugMug, at their convenience, and view their pictures and then also order them. From there Scott gets a notification via email and he can then do any edits the couple requests and then send the order off to the printers. The prints get sent right to the client. Pretty Cool.

We also worked on key-wording. Key-wording is very beneficial. If you keyword your pictures in Lightroom, it can then transfer over into SmugMug and it is easier to sort the pictures by keyword then by picking through all of them one by on.

At night we went to a wedding and reception. I learned it helps to have extra people around to organize the wedding party for pictures. I also worked a lot with my ISO. Working it with the low lighting and working in a group without getting in the way. I want to get the picture, but not be in the way of our client’s fun.

I think that is the most I have gotten out of this whole week experience is learning my camera better. I don’t do a lot of indoor pictures, or low lighting pictures. I do mainly natural light. So this has really helped me learn my camera better, improve my skills and stretch myself to be a better photographer.


(Photo by Jeff Bushaw)



Starting the day in the office, Scott showed us some of the basics of a photo hosting website called SmugMug. He uses this as his primary hub to not only show his photos to his clients but as a side benefit the website also serves as an online portfolio as well as a way to “grab” those photos from one central point and pull them into other sites such as this blog.

The next thing we learned was keywording through Lightroom. This can be a small or a huge task depending on the photoshoot your working on. However big the task may be, the time spent doing quality keywording can pay off when it comes to internet searches and searches within your own sites. From a marketing standpoint, you of course always want traffic coming to your sites so you may bring in business. From a website standpoint, it is beneficial to navigate directly to the type of content you are looking for. Keywording is essential for these to work efficiently.

Scott then did some photo editing teaching inside of Lightroom. I am fairly familiar with the functions of the “Develop” module within Lightroom. However, Scott taught some very valuable lessons within this. My editing in the past could easily take 5-10 minutes per photo. For me this has always been unacceptable. Scott teaches that there are things you can do to turn many long steps into just a few quick steps. Therefore saving huge amounts of time. In addition, where in the past, I wanted to perfect every single photo, I now look for the very best photos and spend slightly more time on them and less time on the ones that simply were not the greatest. Making the decision on which ones to do with with is achieved through a rating system that is built into Lightroom and utilizing Scotts method of using that rating system.

(Photos by Jeff Bushaw)

That evening…Wedding time!

Its amazing how knowing certain things in life can help you in something seemingly unrelated. Im sure you all have heard about football coaches having their players take ballet lessons to strengthen their awareness and their abilities to use their bodies. The same thing happened to me today. We as photographers strive to enhance our abilities to see photos within the place we are located. In addition to this, we strive to “see the light” that is available or possible for that particular photo. Having done the learning we did today in Lightroom actually helped me to see even more than before. Through the rating system, we also learned the things that can make up a strongly rated photo. Through the editing system, we learned what a photo or photo situation can become, not just what appears to be.

Photographing this wedding was wonderful. We were lucky to have a beautiful couple, a wonderful family, a very nice location, and just a very good “visual” event to photograph.

Great Day

(Photo by Jeff Bushaw)

(Photos by Jeff Bushaw)

Hey this is Scott I’m back again


Well here we are again… where did we leave off?

Well we were fighting bad guys and saving orphans.

Ok Ok we were looking at pictures and hearing about the eventful day in which an eternal family was formed. (And saving defenseless kittens from savage wolves)

It went something like

Bobbie Jane met a boy


He took her into his arms


They sat there on the pier contemplating their future

 006_J7S1211 022_J7S1149

Sometimes doing dip kisses

He then took her to the Temple


Now he’s married to Bobbie Jane


And now you’re caught up…

So finally we can get down to business and talk about the PARTY

(A celebration of love if you will)


A time for…


This is me… I’m happy because I’m doing what I like to do. Shoot People…

(Shall I be more specific… I shoot people in the face… and if you don’t like that well then… Tough)


My name is Scott and I photographed a Reception and by “I Photographed a Reception” I mean that’s all I photographed.

Here’s my story:

This is Joel he’s a friend. He’s also a photographer. He’s also married!

He’s the groom. You could tell though couldn’t you. Without me saying you could tell… The coat, the flower, and yes of course the smile, the look on his face… you could tell couldn’t you.


This is Alicia, she agreed to marry Joel. Awww….


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This was from a year ago. I was working on getting the lighting working and decided to try a couple without lighting.

Sometimes if you pose them they just don’t get the vision that you’re just getting profiles and silhouettes but I think next twilight I’ll have to try to get them to look cool.

 106_J3S2399 113_J3S2434

 110_J3S2424 115_J3S2444

 129_J3S2400 118_J3S2380

 112_J3S2431 125_J3S2392

 116_J3S2455 157_J3S2451


 012_J7S8176 026_J7S8182

I love when i find good locations to photograph from above.

Remember we go through life seeing things at the 5’2″-6′ angle… change that up and you automatically add a unique quality to your pictures.

Dresses often look really good from this angle as well. These two didn’t need it but certain body types will appreciate it as well.

70mm f/2.8 if you’re wondering… I bet if I had my 50mm f/1.4 it would have a more dramatic effect but I would have had to work really hard to make sure his head was the same distance away as hers.

 865_J3S1609 866_J3S1613

A wedding recently at La Cailled in Sandy Utah. I took out the Jarvie Window for just a few minutes and got some pictures when they started dancing and pulled some people in for some close ups of course.




 868_J3S1617 875_J3S1646

 900_J3S1725 902_J3S1730

 869_J3S1625 898_J3S1716



Yesterday’s wedding was a blast. Which means there are a billion pictures, which means they’re going to take a while to get edited. Which means I should put up a teaser or two in short posts.

Which means I am putting up the first funny picture I found.

Carissa and a few of her brides maids were dancing and I had them dance towards me and they stuck out their arms and just did whatever and below is the result.

I thought it was fun.

This was 1/8th of a second 1/128 flash zoomed in a bit at f/4 and low ISO – I guess they call that drag the shutter (which by the way I think is a dumb label) But in any case it is what it is.

Anyway they kept on asking me to get pictures up soon for their facebook profiles so at least these 4 can have something until the crazy amounts of pictures have been sorted through.


 003_J7S5679 004_J7S5420




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Recent wedding in Portland and Bend, Oregon.

This girl had striking eyes… but she also looked like she was panicked all the time.

But even so I loved (thought it was funny) this wedding reception picture and thought i’d share.

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Since I post so much of wedding couples, i thought I’d take a moment an share some moments from the rest of the day. (Read a little more about my thoughts on the subject)