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I'm gonna try to speak from the heart on this one. (How do they say it? "Keep it real")

Go big?
Recently, I have grown to have this desire to impress and inspire and I'm a bit addicted to getting the big collective "wow" (which happens once in a while)
You often think do I post this on Google+ … is it unique to what others or myself have posted? Answer… probably not.
But when I saw this picture it made me happy despite it's "standardness"…

Not to you
I knew it would get no "wow" from the audience.
There was no famous personality in it, no rockstar, no highflying stunt cars, no extravagant production, no breathtaking scenery, I didn't have to hike 2hrs in the desert carrying 40lbs, no emotional story to accompany it, I didn't have to wake up at 4am, heck i didn't have to travel more than 3-4 miles, it wasn't even in a unique location, the models were normal people, there's no dynamic or uniquely-captivating expression… it's just them, 2 random people that are best friends and want to get married… maybe it's a let down from the climax of some thrilling movie/event.
I'll take it though.

Sure… It's not unique… but it's solid… and if I can do this every time why shouldn't I be happy?
Sure I want to throw in the "wow" moments… but I believe I built my career not on wow… but on consistency.

I personally made a career out of photography not because I was doing something brand new or never before seen… but I worked hard to fine tune the details of the craft. To get respected results on a daily basis, to never screw up big and to always perform in the difficult situations (lighting, time allotment, weather, etc) to thrive in the really hard situations, even if success in those situations was simply "good"

Not to them
Even in their own set of images, I'll give to them, I'm willing to bet they'll pick a different picture for their announcement, one with tons more "THEM" in the picture (more personality)… If i were them I'd do the same.
Take a look perhaps you'd choose a different one too…

To me
But for me I just love the beauty of that light… it makes me happy.
It's not flashy… but I think it's solid.

On the subject of Consistency
I really believe in the strength of consistency.
To me, Consistency is care and concern for the client.

Showmanship and flash will get you the big gigs, the big bucks, the 15 minutes of fame perhaps.
And though consistency is hard to quantify and share on your "about me" it's the unseen hero… it's a heroic mindset that says a lot to you as a customer service provider. That you're a giver and not just a taker.
It tells your client that they're not taking a risk with their money… I guess they're paying for a peace of mind and confidence.

Analogy Time
You don't get into the baseball hall of fame because you hit the longest home run or even because you had one good season but because you were the person that performed consistently for a long long time at a slightly higher capacity than expected and always tried your hardest.
Consistency doesn't mean you are immune from failure… but that you can always bring it together in the end… your "good" is a little bit more "good" and it was that way for a longer time.

Keep going
I know I'm still a long way from my potential and I can certainly do better.
But getting better doesn't mean increasing just the speed of the short sprints but the overall pace of the whole dang marathon.

So maybe there is someone out there discouraged that they haven't out-performed some past success recently. They're sad their "best" today isn't better than their "best" from yesterday
I say perhaps they should just look at the underlying rythm and strength of what they're doing. Is their "good" better today than it was yesterday?

For what it is
I'm just throwing this out there… just saying what I'm thinking. Heck maybe no one cares… but so what… I'm trying.
Maybe you have another theory about consistency or valuing your work. Today… this is mine.

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6yrs later and I’ve never second shot a wedding

OK so here’s the thing… I’ve never assisted on a wedding. (Not that I can remember)

Heck I hadn’t even been to many weddings before I actually went and shot a wedding… and it went pretty well thank you very much ūüėČ

So I didn’t have a teacher or a mentor when I was getting into photography. Now I see so many people that intern and learn from established photographers and the rate they learn is astounding (compared to mine) and they have lives whereas I pretty much spent 24/7 on photography and it took me a while.

I’ve wondered what assisting on a shoot for an established photographer would be like.


Whitney Lewis Photography

I had that chance on Saturday… I helped at a reception for Whitney Lewis Photography, she wasn’t feeling well and wanted someone else to make sure the couple’s wedding was perfectly covered. She actually still stuck around and Thomas her husband was there as well. So there were 3 of us shooting.

That’s some huge props to her… she cared so much about her bride and the job that she did for her bride, (her image, her brand) that she went the extra mile. She didn’t make excuses. There’s a huge lesson to learn there for all you aspiring photographers.

What did I learn from second shooting?

  • I learned that I should make sure I have someone I can call on to fill in when I’m in need.
  • I always thought being a second shooter would be fun… and I learned it was.
  • I thought being a second shooter would be easy… and I learned it was. (Comparatively)
  • It’s the fun of shooting without the stress of being responsible for more than earning your visit. Nice.
  • I learned I want to second shoot at more weddings… heck even assist.
  • I gave the images over and was done! After thousands of photoshoots it’s not like I needed them for myself… it was freeing.
  • Giving your pictures over to another photographer to edit is OK (and freeing) when you know they’ll do justice to the pictures. (In the post process)
  • I skimmed through pictures to have for myself… NOT one by one… SKIM… can you hear the excitement in my voice. I spent 5 minutes selecting a few good pictures! Not hours… minutes.
  • I picked 17 pictures I thought would fit into my portfolio and edited Just them.
  • I spent hours photographing but not even an hour on post process.
  • I got to experiment, not a ton since I was being counted on to get all the important stuff since Whitney wasn’t feeling well.
  • Now I know why my assistants and Interns get their pictures up on their blogs so fast.
  • I shouldn’t feel slow or jealous that assistants put their stuff up so fast because it’s soooo stinking easy/quick it’s ridiculous.
  • I can’t believe some people get paid to second shoot… first of all it makes the main photographers job Harder because they now have hundreds more pictures to edit, it’s soo easy.
  • I can understand why some people get paid to second shoot… because it is great insurance to make sure you cover everything and have more pictures to go through and in the end to make the bride happy with all they get.
  • Because I never ever had an assistant or 2nd shooter for easily the first few years of weddings I had to learn to deal with the pressure of getting Everything myself I can see how having someone else there could ease that pressure.
  • More people should go be a lackey and a second shooter just because… you learn stuff. I heard a WPPI talk that said it’s a great way to test out your new gear.

BTW, There’s a difference between assisting and second shooting… but that’s a discussion for another day.

When you should get payed to second shoot or assist.

  • Rule #1 – If as an assistant or second shooter you are there and are needing to be told what to do or are learning from the photographer you are working for… then you should not charge. (Or charge much much less)
  • If you were asked to help you should be paid… less so if #1 applies, but if you’re learning tons you might consider waiving it.
  • In fact in so many cases remember rule #1
  • You should be paid and maybe even more if you were asked to set aside that time. More so if it’s time you might have been using to be paid for something else.
  • If you volunteered yourself you probably shouldn’t expect much… if anything.
  • If the main photographer was being paid extra for you being there then you should expect to get paid.
  • If you are allowed to use these images for your own portfolio you should charge less.


Personally I’d be more apt to pay an assistant that doesn’t know anything about photography who’s just there to hold stuff than an assistant that has to be told less but is there to learn how to be a better photographer.

Yes… I’m saying I’d pay a smart HighSchool student more money to set aside his/her day and to lug around my bags and follow simple directions and hold stuff… than I would a photographer that has done several weddings but who’s primary interest in coming is to learn. Get my drift? Understand why?

RULES to the Assistant and Second Shooter

  • While at these weddings you might as well not have a name… and you better not have a business name. The other night I was Scott (not scott jarvie) I was Whitney Lewis Photography I worked for them. I didn’t represent myself, I wasn’t there to get in with the guests or vendors. But you shouldn’t ignore them either.
  • You shouldn’t expect that these pictures should even belong to you. Ask the photographer what they’d like… don’t pressure them. They’ll probably be nice if they trust you to represent them well… If you seem entitled they might cave to your pressure. But now you know what’s expected so you can’t claim ignorance.
  • If they allow you to post a blog or put pictures on facebook as a condition for you being there to shoot then do the following:
  • Don’t post the images before the main photographer (unless they are totally ok with it… and be ok with them saying no)
  • Specially don’t post the images if you are friends with the bride and groom or any of their guests on facebook.
  • Basic rule of thumb is the attention should go to the main photographer. The one that has to do the actual work for the wedding… and no you showing up with a camera and taking pictures is NOT the actual work. Well ok it’s like 10-20% of the work.
  • I even removed all my watermarks from my images for the ones I’m putting on here.
  • You better give credit where¬†credit¬†is due… even after the wedding is over you should still consider that you were there representing the photographer.
  • If you are able to use these images in your portfolio and you choose to do so… don’t use the scenes that you didn’t create. For example if the main photographer set something up (lighting, pose, mood, equipment) don’t put them in your portfolio claiming that you’re capable of that unless you know with asurity that you are capable and that it represents your own photography. This part is unfair to your future clients. If you choose to still use these images make it known… photography me but lighting, posing and the relationship between the client done by Such and Such photographer.
  • So if you do candids and detail shots or set up stuff yourself you have a little more leeway. But still… don’t claim that this was your wedding or even hint at it. Hiding a line somewhere in your blog post isn’t good enough.

OK and I have permission to show a few images from the reception Keep in mind that simply showing up and taking pictures is the easy part of wedding photography. So don’t be too impressed.

That being said I think I did a pretty good job.


I played a lot with my Radio trigger i-ttl Pocket wizards and remote firing and remote controlling the flashes.


I was very proud of myself for a different way of representing the line than I usually do or normally see… luckily the huge white wall allowed for it.

And I interacted just enough to get the guests to be fun and photogenic.

Hire Me

I learned…I want to shoot at weddings that I wouldn’t normally do, places that I wouldn’t normally shoot… so hire me for your next exciting wedding that has a cool theme.

It’s not a bad gig at all, the more exciting the event, the less possibility of it conflicting with a wedding of my own, and the more fun it is to be around you… the better the cost.

So if you have a fancy wedding coming up let me know. Less notice the better because if I don’t have to set aside the date then it’s cheaper for you.

And now you know I’ll take great pictures and represent You well.


Obviously I don’t have a ton of experience being an assistant or second shooter… and only a couple years of people assisting me and I’ve only had maybe 2-3 weddings where I organized to have a second shooter.

So I’m still learning and if you have good insight I might learn something new or change how I feel about something.

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

(Above is a picture from a wedding… done 5yrs ago)

Oh how times have changed.

Back in 2005 I did my first wedding. By september of 2005 I was doing the 3rd? wedding… i think. My prices were a bit lower (and by a bit I mean the geo metro vs. steam roller comparison) But you know I’m a bit better (queue similar comparison)

Now and then

It was funny to edit an egnagement shoot I took this week compared to re-selecting re-editing pictures from 5yrs ago. I end up with more useable and awesome pictures in a simple engagement shoot than a full day wedding.


(Above – from engagements Done this week August 2010)

The thing is I never had complaints… not even back then. They always seemed to be very happy with what they got. Most all of them are still great friends and follow the blogs and communicate on facebook. They know the deal they got back then, back when they were poor college student and 300-500$ for a wedding was a the extent of their budgets and I was the right man for the job.

What changed

Photographers will often cringe looking back at what they did so long ago… and try to convince people they’re not the same person.

  • What I’m doing is going back and saying maybe it’s not what I’m doing now but… a big part is the finished product…
  • I didn’t have the lighting set ups i do now… Flashes or Reflectors
  • I didn’t have bunch of ¬†$2k lenses i do now.
  • I didn’t have assistants.
  • I was using a D70 a kit lens 18-70 3.5-5.6
  • There was no bluring of the backgrounds and I think this was even before my big purchase of a 50mm f/1.8
  • Oh and did I mention the experience of 140+ weddings

But what can I do about it now??

Well I teach simple quick edits in lightroom to vastly improve pictures. There was no Lightroom when I did this wedding… the first Beta of lightroom even came out after this.

We can’t redo what we did 5yrs ago… but we can re-edit.

What do I have at my command now?

  • A calibrated Monitor 30″ to improve my ability to really see the picture.
  • I can focus on color quality of which the d70 vs d700 nikon has come a LONG way
  • Using an old 17″ screen back in those days compared to my 30″ now I can really tell which pictures are in focus!!
  • Lightroom can help me cheat back a bit of in-focusness into pictures.
  • D70 had lots of noise so tadah the noise reduction of LR3
  • I now know if the colors were butt ugly how split tones desaturations and even convert to B&W can help.
  • Did i mention I can do all these things and re-edit a full wedding in a fraction of the time it took back then.
  • Doesn’t hurt that I’m editing much mucho less pictures. Partly because I’m just choosing less and because I had less good pictures from weddings back then.

I know many are just skipping to the before and afters and skipping all this write up. But keep in mind these aren’t a before editing after editing… these are the finals that I gave them back in 05 probably editing on photoshop elements

Oh and keep in mind I’m re-editing JPGs

How do I feel about the past?

Ask me if I’m proud of what I did in 2005…. Do it… ask me?

Yes… yes I am. For what I had and the training I had, the equipment, the times of day I had to shoot. The situations… I rocked it! They certainly got their money worth. They were taking a big gamble on me and it turned out alright for them. All of them… I’ve always charged less than I could have. Which made the gamble and the investment a bit easier to bare.

Aint such a bad strategy to under charge and over deliver. After all I owe my career and lifestyle and dream job to the trust that these couples put in me. That and the 15hrs a day for 5yrs straight.

Should you pay for something like this now?

Would I hire someone for $300 for that level of work now? No way! The cameras are soooo much better… the color quality alone is crazy better. The amount of training available to people just 5yrs later… they better be tons better than that.

plus there has been 5yrs of a constant influx of better photographers and lots more good hobbiests. That that level doesn’t cut it for 2010 even for free. But for 2005 people were pretty happy with that stuff. And as we’ll see the framing and moments and stuff were still there. Not perfect but they were pretty snazy.

But dang that D70 had terrible colors (reminds me of the canon 50d bad) and that lens wasn’t sharp… but then again I was shooting at some high f-stops.

Imma gonna show some side by sides now… I’m about done¬†reminiscing.

Deciding why they were the way they were.

These pictures almost look like I had started shooting RAW but hadn’t figured out that RAWs absolutely have to be editing because it’s required… whereas JPGs are already edited by the camera software. So I don’t think I knew how to handle working in raw quite yet.

That being said I’m not even editing the RAWs since I can’t find them. But I do have the JPGs so It’ll be a bit different to edit them.

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

(Above … the original of the same picture at the beginning of the post)

ORDER: New edit, (sometimes BW), Original Edit from 2005 (at the end)

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

To go through all old pictures and present re-edits of the pictures go here

Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.Event Description: Jessica and Derek's Wedding Reception at the Heritage Gardens reception Center. Derek and Jessica got maried in the SLC LDS Temple earlier that day.

 0152005-09-03 (Stell - Wedding)-DSC_0777 2005-09-03 (Stell - Wedding)-DSC_0777

Some more edits after the break


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I’ve decided there are not enough hot cars at weddings.


They were at the luncheon for this one so they weren’t even in the wedding garb. But I still love it.
Just find a friend that has a nice car… a good enough friend to lend a nice car to you.

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About a month ago I started a “Fan Page” on facebook

People have been joining here are there, i’ve been posting some pictures from time to time.

I really like the format the possibility to let people know about specials I might do in the future.

And I really like the review feature… sometimes future clients like to hear from past clients to know what they thought of their experiences.
All they can see are the pictures so it’s nice to know that I’m a fun friendly guy as well.

If you’re on facebook give it a look and join and if you want write a review.

As you look for photographers it’s an overlooked thing but talking to past clientel can be extremely helpful.
Try to make sure it’s open and not canned (where they give you one name only)
Make sure that you feel like you could talk with anyone and have a truthful knowledge of what that photographer might be like.

Satisfaction 100%
I have never had an upset or dissatisfied client and they often vigorously recomend me but the world and even the state is a large place and we are not as interconnected as we believe.

Getting the word out
Therefore… To better help me in this area of informing potential clients…
I just started a Business Page on FaceBook 3 days ago
I welcome reviews of every type
I feel confident that anyone could message anyone of the registered fans and ask them what they think about me and my work.
Right now past clients and other fans are trickling in and joining more and more every day.

This page also will be another option to display my work and keep in touch with the admirers of my work

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In a search for more colorful photos,
and because I enjoyed their presence so much on the previous occasion,
we went out in search of some more bridal pictures.
(The lighting was horrid and yet we found a couple of nice spots and some fun pictures.)

_dsc5050.jpg _dsc5069.jpg _dsc5045.jpg

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A special thanks to Misty’s sister Autumn for being a great help and delightful company.